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Lifelong Health: Disorders, Poor Habits Can Obstruct Good Sleep

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What I would not do for a good night's sleep. For many years, I felt perpetually fatigued, and as I reached my 60s, I never felt refreshed upon wakening. After progressively developing a middle-age spread, it dawned on me one day that perhaps I have sleep apnea.

I saw my doctor and arranged to have my oxygen level measured during sleep. Called ...Read more

Lifelong Health: Medical Advances in the Past 50 Years Are Incredible, but the Future Promises More

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In 2016, it will 50 years since I graduated from medical school. We plan a big celebration, and well over 70 percent of our class will be there. As I look back on my long career, I hope that my contributions to the science and teaching of medicine will have made a small difference. My research interests focused on iron metabolism initially and ...Read more

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