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Rare reaction puts 8-year-old on waiting list for 2nd heart transplant

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SEATTLE -- An 8-year-old Spanaway, Wash., girl has been hospitalized since December with a failing heart, waiting for a second transplant that could save her life.

Doctors at Seattle Children's say Aiyana Lucas is battling a rare reaction that has caused the arteries of her first donor heart to narrow dangerously, far sooner than expected.

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Health care law supporters encounter resistance from federal judge

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WASHINGTON -- A federal judge Thursday took seriously a politically ballyhooed lawsuit filed by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives challenging the Obama administration's implementation of the health care law.

In an 80-minute hearing, U.S. District Judge Rosemary M. Collyer resisted Justice Department claims that the House lacks ...Read more

Playing it safe on bikes, skateboards and in-line skates

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LAKE CITY, Minn. -- Learning to ride a bicycle is a part of most childhoods in the U.S. More than 70 percent of children between the ages of 5 and 14 ride bicycles, and 55 percent of those children don't always wear a helmet, according to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. Today in-line skating and skateboarding have also ...Read more

EPA sets up centers to test thousands of chemicals we come in contact with daily

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PITTSBURGH -- They are present in soil, water and air, and exist in products used daily at home, at work and in our vehicles. So it's no surprise that many end up in our bodies.

And yet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency remains largely unaware of the toxic impact of more than 80,000 commercially used man-made chemicals on our blood, ...Read more

Receding floodwaters bring relief and health hazards

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AUSTIN, Texas -- Receding floodwaters can bring relief, but they can also bring diseases, venomous snakes and other public health hazards, authorities said Wednesday.

Health threats include illness from contaminated water, fleeing wildlife and mosquito-borne diseases, such as West Nile Virus.

One of the biggest threats is posed by fecal ...Read more

Study finds autism rates probably haven't changed even as cases have climbed

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In the largest study of its kind, a Swedish group has determined that actual autism rates probably have not changed in recent years, even though diagnoses of autism cases continue to climb.

The research, led by Sebastian Lundstrom and colleagues at the University of Gothenburg, found that about 1 percent of those in an ongoing study of twins ...Read more

Asthma, allergies and the new hope of immunotherapy

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CHICAGO -- When Lori Feeney's 7-year-old daughter, Allison, suffered a minor asthma attack while playing soccer, the mother knew her attempts at managing her daughter's seasonal allergies weren't working. In fact, she didn't even know her daughter had asthma.

Since the girl was 2, Feeney had been trying to manage her daughter's seemingly ...Read more

Dog bite study shows familiarity with dog may breed false sense of security

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PHOENIX -- Prior studies have shown that most dog bite injuries result from family dogs. A new study conducted by Mayo Clinic and Phoenix Children's Hospital shed some further light on the nature of these injuries.

The recently published study, in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery, demonstrated that more than 50 percent of the dog-bite ...Read more

Social media can help families cope, mourn

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CHICAGO -- For some parents, news of a child's life-threatening illness means first you cry, then you turn to social media.

The recent public death of Emily Beazley, the 12-year-old girl from Chicago's Mount Greenwood neighborhood who courageously fought cancer, has cast a spotlight on pediatric cancer -- and also what it means to cope and ...Read more

As weather warms, doctors warn of danger of kids' falls from windows

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SEATTLE -- Four young children have been treated at Harborview Medical Center here in the past month after falling from windows, prompting health officials to warn parents about the under-recognized danger.

"The most common scenario we see here is a kid who is being what most parents would consider well-supervised," said Dr. Brian Johnston, ...Read more

Livers donated after cardiac death safe to use in liver cancer patients

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Patients with liver cancer can be cured with a liver transplant. But because of the shortage of donated organs, these patients often die waiting for a liver. That's because most transplant centers predominantly use livers from donors who die from brain death.

But in the largest study of its kind, transplant physicians at ...Read more

Don't put too much of a good thing into that healthy diet

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Nutritionists are continually spouting the benefits of foods like tomatoes, avocados and fish, but overdoing it on these healthy foods actually can be harmful.

"Even nutritious food can be too much of a good thing if you eat it in too large a quantity or too often," said Elisa Zied, New York-based dietitian, nutritionist and author of "Younger ...Read more

Noshing through the aisles of a 'natural' products expo

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ANAHEIM, CALIF. -- After tasting our way, along with 70,000 other people, through aisles and aisles -- more than 2,700 companies had booths -- at the massive Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim recently, we were stuffed and we were enlightened.

If you wanted the "perfect" product, you might mix turmeric, chocolate, chia and more chia and some...Read more

Drink this in: Science has decided coffee is good for you

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For centuries, coffee has caused a stir over health impacts, good or bad, with many people resigned to accept it as a guilty pleasure.

But in a full turnabout since the 1980s, science now extols its virtues as a generally healthful drink and kick-start for adults, with cautions for pregnant women and those with caffeine sensitivity and sleeping...Read more

Window onto ailments: First database of brain-cell types released

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SEATTLE, Three years ago, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen doubled down on brain research, luring some of the nation's top experts to Seattle and pledging an additional $300 million to study the world's most complex organ at a level of detail never before possible.

Now, the Allen Institute for Brain Science is releasing initial results from that...Read more

Don't blame behavior on 'disease,' psychiatrist says

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Modern psychology can do more harm than good, asserts retired psychiatrist Anthony Daniels (pen name: Theodore Dalrymple) in his book, "Admirable Evasions: How Psychology Undermines Morality."

Instead of taking responsibility for ourselves, "checklist psychiatry" allows us to blame any pattern of behavior on a "disease," said Daniels, 65.

When...Read more

FDA will consider patient experiences in their medical-device reviews

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For decades, the Food and Drug Administration and the medical device industry have puzzled over how to factor the experiences of patients when making regulatory decisions. This month, they got some answers.

The Medical Device Innovation Consortium, a collaboration of the device industry, the FDA and the National Institutes of Health, released a...Read more

Exercise helps the body, but the brain may benefit the most

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Exercise tones the legs, builds bigger biceps and strengthens the heart. But of all the body parts that benefit from a good workout, the brain may be the big winner.

Physical fitness directly affects our mind and plays a crucial role in the way the brain develops and functions. Moreover, exercise is linked to brain changes throughout all stages...Read more

Take a bow: Mother, violinist daughter share a genetic disorder and a dream

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CHICAGO -- Rebecca Binkley was still setting up the video camera in the aisle of the seventh floor theater at Roosevelt University when Krissy Cooper took the stage holding her violin.

Finally, the mother and daughter were in the moment they had strived toward for decades, through hundreds of hospital visits and heartbreaking pep talks as each ...Read more

Medical scopes linked to superbug remain a risk

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SILVER SPRING, Md. -- Patients across the nation continue to face considerable risk from medical scopes linked to deadly bacterial outbreaks due to basic design flaws and a lack of easy fixes, a federal panel was warned Thursday.

Testimony from physicians and researchers came as the Food and Drug Administration and Olympus Corp., a leading ...Read more