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Need pricey drugs from an Obamacare plan? You'll shoulder more of the cost

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Substantially more health plans on the federal insurance marketplaces require consumers next year to pay a hefty portion of the cost of the most expensive drugs, changes that analysts say are intended to deter persistently ill patients from choosing their policies.

The class of medicines known as specialty drugs often treat chronic illnesses ...Read more

Poll finds Obamacare has widespread support

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WASHINGTON -- Despite sharp partisan differences over the Affordable Care Act, Democrats and Republicans, including voters who backed President-elect Donald Trump, strongly support most of the law's key provisions, a new national poll indicates.

And although most Trump voters still favor repealing the law, often called Obamacare, an increasing ...Read more

Trump choice for HHS secretary could repeal free birth control without act of Congress

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump's choice to lead the Department of Health and Human Services would be able to repeal one of President Barack Obama's most controversial initiatives: free birth control for women under the Affordable Care Act.

If confirmed, Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., a legislator with a 100 percent anti-abortion voting record, would be ...Read more

How to rake and decorate without killing your back

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It's the season for outdoor chores. Raking leaves, preparing for winter and setting up Christmas decorations might sounds like a back strain for some.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates roughly 38,000 Americans suffered injuries related to leaf-raking in 2012.

Here are some tips from Kaliq Chang, a physician at Atlantic ...Read more

How Tom Price would dismantle Obamacare

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WASHINGTON -- With President-elect Donald Trump slated to nominate Georgia Republican Rep. Tom Price as his secretary of Health and Human Services, the incoming president shows he is serious about following up his campaign promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

As chairman of the House Budget Committee, Price has been one of the most ...Read more

Obamacare repeal plan set in motion

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WASHINGTON -- House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Tuesday that Republicans' plan for repealing the 2010 health care law is moving forward with the anticipated use of an expedited budget process early next year.

The move would mimic a plan Republicans used to try to gut the law in 2015 but that President Barack Obama vetoed. Though ...Read more

GOP eyes lightning strike on Obamacare to kick off Trump era

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WASHINGTON -- Congressional Republicans are considering a lightning-strike rollback of Obamacare early next year to kick off the Donald Trump era, but first they have to agree on a plan limited enough to hold their caucus together.

Republicans won't have much room for error to successfully repeal Obamacare, a top campaign promise of Trump and ...Read more

Pence expanded health coverage as governor, now threatens to take it away

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Chris Cunningham was so thrilled with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act, she readily accepted his invitation to an event celebrating its first anniversary in January.

Gaining Medicaid ended her eight years without health coverage and paid for her treatment of a thyroid problem, her lung disease and ...Read more

Maisonneuve fracture that isn't treated can result in long-term ankle instability

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Dear Mayo Clinic: What happens when a Maisonneuve fracture involving the tearing of all of the ligaments is not surgically repaired? What are the long-term effects of not treating the injury?

A: For this kind of complex ankle and leg injury, surgery often is necessary to stabilize the ankle joint and allow for proper healing. If a Maisonneuve ...Read more

Home remedies: gas, belching and bloating

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Bloating, burping and passing gas are natural and are usually caused by swallowed air or the breakdown of food through digestion. You may experience gas and gas pains only occasionally or repeatedly in a single day. When gas and gas pains interfere with your daily activities, there may be something wrong. Find out how to reduce or avoid gas and ...Read more

Testing for the breast cancer gene

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Dear Mayo Clinic: At my last mammogram, I asked my doctor if I could be tested for the breast cancer gene. She didn't think it was necessary even though I have an aunt who had breast cancer. How do doctors decide who should be tested? Why shouldn't all women be tested?

A: Genetic testing for the gene mutations associated with breast cancer, ...Read more

What is an incarcerated hernia?

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An inguinal hernia occurs when tissue, such as part of the intestine, protrudes through a weak spot in the abdominal muscles. The resulting bulge can be painful, especially when you cough, bend over or lift a heavy object. An inguinal hernia isn't necessarily dangerous. It doesn't improve on its own, however, and can lead to life-threatening ...Read more

Obamacare champions make last-ditch appeal to the under-35 crowd

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NEW YORK -- Two months before President-elect Donald Trump begins his attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration and its allies are making an aggressive final push to sign-up some of the program's most reluctant customers -- young people.

Healthy and new to the workforce, the "young invincibles" -- people aged 25 to 34 ...Read more

Rolling out Obamacare was chaotic, but a repeal could be much worse

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WASHINGTON -- In the summer of 2013, as state and federal officials readied new insurance marketplaces created through the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans started getting disquieting notices from their insurers.

Health plans were being canceled because they didn't comply with the law, often called Obamacare.

Some 4 million people ...Read more

Uncertain fate of health law giving health industry heartburn

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Six years into building its business around the Affordable Care Act, the nation's $3 trillion health care industry may be losing that political playbook.

Industry leaders, like many voters, were stunned by the election of Donald Trump and unprepared for Republicans' plans to "repeal and replace" Obamacare.

In addition, Trump's vague and ...Read more

Republicans find repealing Obamacare is easier said than done

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WASHINGTON -- Key Republicans in Congress are cautioning that replacing Obamacare will be a difficult and lengthy process that won't happen in the first days of President-elect Donald Trump's administration.

Repeal is the simple part, said Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican and key player in the health debate. ...Read more

Women's wellness: vaginal yeast infections

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A vaginal yeast infection is a fungal infection that causes irritation, discharge and intense itchiness of the vagina and the vulva -- the tissues at the vaginal opening. It's a type of vaginitis, or inflammation of the vagina. Vaginal yeast infection (also called vaginal candidiasis) affects up to three out of four women at some point in their ...Read more

More than 300,000 signed up for Obamacare after Trump was elected

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WASHINGTON -- Sign-ups for health insurance plans through the Affordable Care Act continued to surge this month amid anxiety about the future of the law under President-elect Donald Trump, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The flood of people signing up since enrollment began Nov. 1 surpassed 1 million on Saturday, ...Read more

3 tips to keep burnout at bay

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The pace of life today is crazy. Many people juggle multiple responsibilities -- work, home life, caregiving and relationships. How many times have you felt like the demands, expectations and time pressure are exhausting and relentless?

Humans aren't programmed to go through life without rest, solitude or downtime. With everything going on, it'...Read more

Some panic but others are indifferent about losing Obamacare

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The 20 million Americans who have gained health coverage under the Affordable Care Act don't yet know exactly how the presidency of Donald Trump will change their lives -- and reactions to that uncertainty range from anxiety to apathy.

"My phone is ringing off the hook," said Billy Bradford, an insurance broker in Montgomery, Ala. "People are ...Read more

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