• History of Fitness

    (37.8% overall average score)

    Where does our love of sports and fitness come from? Take our quiz to see how much you know about exercise, sports, and more throughout history.

  • Winter Health Myths

    (42.4% overall average score)

    Do you know how to keep yourself healthy during cold weather? Or do you only think you do? Check your knowledge and see what fall and winter health...

  • Ergonomics Quiz

    (61.6% overall average score)

    Do you know how to stay healthy and comfortable at the office? Take this interactive quiz to see what you know about your office space and you.

  • Sleep True/False

    (71.2% overall average score)

    Do you need to make up lost sleep? Is pulling an all-nighter okay? Uncover the facts and fiction behind your sleep patterns.

  • Improving Sleep

    (55.4% overall average score)

    Here are some questions on simple ways to improve sleep patterns. Do you know your stuff, or will you need some extra help?

  • Summer Safety

    (53.8% overall average score)

    School's out, the kids are home, and the family is ready to go on vacation. Do you know how to look after yourselves during the summer months? ...

  • Summer Heat Safety

    (64.9% overall average score)

    Nobody likes a sunburn, but that's not the only thing you should be looking out for this summer. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are other ...

  • Emergency Preparations

    (63.3% overall average score)

    Do you know how to prepare for emergencies? Take the quiz below and find out. All the answers are on our site, so be sure to study before you ...

  • Dieting Statistics

    (31.7% overall average score)

    Body image is everything these days. But before you decide to start shedding pounds, check out these statistics. Use this information to make ...

  • Diet Myths

    (55.1% overall average score)

    Here are some common "facts" about food and dieting - but not all of them are real facts. Decide whether each statement is true or false.

  • Vitamins and Minerals

    (43.7% overall average score)

    Vitamins and minerals are important to everyone's health. Do you know which ones help with what? For each condition or purpose below, choose ...

  • Diet & Exercise

    (53.8% overall average score)

    To see more information on the questions below, visit the Diet and Exercise special section.

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