Summer Safety

School's out, the kids are home, and the family is ready to go on vacation. Do you know how to look after yourselves during the summer months? See how well you can guess the answers to these common summer safety questions.

Points available: 10


About how long should it take to eat at a picnic or barbecue to make sure the food is safe and sanitary?

  • A) As quickly as possible
  • B) Within one hour
  • C) Within two hours
  • D) There should be no rush

Which of these should you NOT do if you're trying to avoid driving fatigue?

  • A) Keep the air conditioner on
  • B) Wait until later in the day to drive
  • C) Stop every few hours
  • D) Use cruise control

Which of these should you NOT do to treat a burn?

  • A) Run cool water over it
  • B) Rub butter on it
  • C) Remove any clothing from around it
  • D) Call for medical attention if it is serious

Which of these is a good way to avoid motion sickness?

  • A) Only eat light food like crackers and fruit beforehand
  • B) Sit in the back seat
  • C) Keep your eyes closed
  • D) Distract yourself with a book or video game

If you need to refuel your car on a hot day with no wind, what should you do to avoid ground-level ozone?

  • A) Refuel after dark
  • B) Only fill up the tank halfway
  • C) Use the highest-priced gas
  • D) There is no way to avoid it

What is the most important thing you should do before surfing, water skiing, boating, or any other such activity?

  • A) Buy a life jacket
  • B) Don't eat for an hour beforehand
  • C) Bring a family member
  • D) Learn to swim

Where should you never use a charcoal grill?

  • A) In an enclosed area
  • B) In a forest
  • C) Near a car or truck
  • D) Near chidren

What is the safest surface for a playground?

  • A) Concrete
  • B) Asphalt
  • C) Wood chips
  • D) Packed dirt

When you find a tick, which of these is not necessary?

  • A) Remove the tick immediately
  • B) Put it in a plastic bag before you throw it away
  • C) Save the tick to show the doctor
  • D) Treat the bite with antiseptic

How should you remove a bee stinger?

  • A) Scrape it off sideways
  • B) Use tweezers
  • C) Pull it directly out vertically
  • D) Pull it out away from yourself