Gardening Challenge

Test your knowledge of plants, flowers, and the best place for them in your garden.

Points available: 10


Which of these flowers has the nickname "heartsease"?

  • A) Lily
  • B) Tulip
  • C) Rose
  • D) Pansy

What common pie ingredient is the rose related to?

  • A) Blackberries
  • B) Rhubarb
  • C) Pumpkins
  • D) Cloves

Which side of the garden is the best place for tall or climbing plants?

  • A) South
  • B) West
  • C) East
  • D) North

Which family is the potato a member of?

  • A) Tomato
  • B) Pea
  • C) Carrot
  • D) Morning Glory

Which of these bulbs can have yellow flowers?

  • A) Cyclamen
  • B) Snowdrop
  • C) Daffodil
  • D) Bluebell

Where do pinks get their name?

  • A) The seeds make a "pink" noise when released
  • B) Most are pink in color
  • C) The petals have zig-zagged edges, as though cut with pinking shears
  • D) The leaves are tinged pink

Which of these shouldn't be planted in a dry, sunny area?

  • A) Rosemary
  • B) Artemisia
  • C) Lavender
  • D) Hydrangea

Which of these flowers comes in a type that smells like chocolate?

  • A) Rose
  • B) Geranium
  • C) Cosmos
  • D) Phlox

Which of these trees has white bark?

  • A) Maple
  • B) Ash
  • C) Cherry
  • D) Birch

Which of these always has green leaves?

  • A) Camellia
  • B) Holly
  • C) Smoke bush
  • D) Berberis