Test your gardening knowledge.

Points available: 10


Which is not the correct meaning behind the flower?

  • A) Pansy - pride
  • B) Sunflowers - respect
  • C) Daffodil - fame
  • D) Buttercup - cheerfulness

Which of the following typically cannot cause hay fever allergies in humans?

  • A) Birch
  • B) Daisies
  • C) Goldenrod
  • D) Ragweed

Which is not a biennial plant?

  • A) Carrots
  • B) Parsley
  • C) Morning Glory
  • D) Evening Primrose

Which is not an annual plant?

  • A) Peas
  • B) Cauliflowers
  • C) Foxglove
  • D) Marigolds

Which is not a perennial plant?

  • A) Mint
  • B) Pine
  • C) Banana
  • D) Pansy

What is not a good idea if you wish to attract butterflies to your garden?

  • A) Planting native plants
  • B) Locate your garden in full shade
  • C) Avoid using insecticides
  • D) Plan to have at least one flowering plant in bloom all year

What plant is non-poisonous to humans?

  • A) Catnip
  • B) Potato
  • C) Azaleas
  • D) All of the above are poisonous

Other then soil, which of the following can be used as a growing medium for plants?

  • A) Cocoa bean shells
  • B) Rocks
  • C) Water
  • D) All of the above

Where does the modern-day art of bonsai come from?

  • A) Japan
  • B) China
  • C) Laos
  • D) Korea

What did an 1893 court decision (pertaining to tariff laws) have to do with tomatoes?

  • A) They were legally classified as a vegetable
  • B) They were legally classified as a fruit
  • C) It was determined that they could be exported to Mexico
  • D) It was determined they could be grown and sold commercially