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Black to Play

Editor's Note: We apologize for any technical difficulties you may experience with getting the puzzle images to display properly. This is a site-wide problem and we are working hard to fix it. Stay tuned! We continue our theme of attacking the g-pawn in the castled position with a dandy of a finish from the game Field-Tenner, New York, 1933. Will seeing how the last two puzzles turned out help you solve this one? Let me know!

Black to Play

We are continuing with Vukovic’s study of attacking the g2 or g7 focal point. Last time out, we looked at White attacking Black. Now, Black gets a go at White. The focal point is g2, and you can see that the knight already attacks it, while potential attackers are the queen and bishop and maybe even the rook. The key, again, is sequencing the right series of moves. You want to be as forcing as possible. This is from a game, Coria-Capablanca, Buenos Aires, 1914.

White to Play

ArcaMax Editor's Note: Today's chess puzzle is a correction from yesterday's puzzle, which included the wrong solution. Years ago, V.Vukovic wrote a classic called “The Art of Attack in Chess.” He addressed the main themes of how to mate a king. He organized it well. Several of his lessons involved “focal points.” This week we are going to look at how he presented attacking a focal point. Our focal point for the week will be the square directly in front of the kingside castled king: either g2 or g7, depending on who is attacking whom. Here’s our first example.