Brain Teasers / Games


Make CARP (fish) evolve into GOAT (mammal) by changing one letter at a time. Each change must produce a valid word in the English language. But there is a catch. The evolution must go through NEWT (amphibian) and CROW (bird). No word can be used more than once.

CARP ---- NEWT ---- CROW ---- GOAT

Roaming Gnome

There is a 7-letter word that has, as one of its definitions, a 6-letter word. Now, switch the positions of the third and sixth letters of the original word, making a new word (an anagram). One of its definitions is now that same 6-letter word, except that it is split into two words (for example, "inward" can be split into "in ward").

What are the two words? What are the definitions?

American Presidents

Which president from Group B can be added to Group A? Why?

Group A: William Harrison, Zachary Taylor, James Garfield, John Kennedy

Group B: Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, Warren Harding, Franklin Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter

Bones in the Storage Room

What does this rebus represent?

The late Dan DeLion: "It's nice that someone mows the cemetery grass"
The recently deceased Mary O'Nette: "It's enjoyable just lying around"
The dearly departed Otto MacAnic: "I'm happy not having to share a room"
The just interred Anna Robic: "I appreciated the beautiful eulogy"

Word Fusion

Each statement describes two words that when fused together create a new unrelated word (not a compound word). The clues do not necessarily indicate in which order the two words are attached. Example: This is the oldness of a tablet (pill + age = pillage).

1) This is a sleep relative.
2) This is a masculine painting.
3) This is when a snake stops moving.
4) This is body waste from a fruit.


What does this rebus describe?

Coffee @ 120 degrees
Wine @ 40 degrees