Brain Teasers / Games

The Breakfast Challenge

You are enjoying your breakfast after having put some salt on your scrambled eggs when your nerdy brother presents you with an ice cube floating in a glass of water and a short length of string. He challenges you to remove the ice cube from the glass using the string without tying any knots. What strategy do you use to remove the ice cube from the water glass?


You awake inside a small transparent capsule sitting on the surface of Venus. From a small speaker you hear a voice that says, "We will leave you here either for a day or a year. If you choose to stay a day, we will give you $1 million. If you choose to stay a year, we will give you $2 million. Either way, you will have sufficient food and water. We will make sure the temperature is a constant 70 degrees Fahrenheit. We will also supply cable TV."

What is your choice? (Don't let money decide your answer).

Money in Water

You drop two coins into a muddy river by mistake. You saw one falling in, a 1 euro coin. You know the other one had to be either a 1 euro coin, or a 2 euro coin.

After searching and pulling out one, and discovering its a 1 euro coin, what is the chance that the other is also a 1 euro coin?