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Googlebunnies are creatures that come in two types (spooky and flitty) and two genders (male and female). The spooky males and flitty females always tell the truth; flitty males and spooky females always lie.

You come across 3 Googlebunnies. Determine the type and gender of each based on their statements:

A: Ask B what my type is - he will give a truthful answer. C is flitty.

B: A and I are both males. C is a female.

C: A and B are both females. B is spooky.

Which country or nation has a value of 5?

Find the Fake Coin

There are 12 gold coins. One of the coins is fake. It is known that a fake coin weighs either slightly less or slightly more than a real coin. Using a balance scale, how can you find the fake coin, and determine if it weighs less or more than a real coin, in only three weighings?

Animal Adventures

Five young ladies (Liz, Marge, Sam, Ella and Jenny) went on five different hiking adventures. Each walked a distance of 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 kilometers (random order). Each were able to take an extraordinary wildlife photograph in different locations (forest, meadow, mountain, river side and bushes) of different animals (rabbit, bird, deer, fox and bear cubs). From the clues below determine where and of what each girl took a photograph of, and the distance each travelled.

1. Liz walked twice as far as the girl who saw the deer. The girl who got a shot of the fox travelled one kilometer less than Jenny. The girl in the bushes was not the one who walked 5 kilometers. The girl on the riverside walked either one kilometer more or less than the one who was in the bushes.

2. The girl who was quick enough to capture the rabbit on film walked farther than Marge, but not as far as the one who got the bear cubs. The girl who hiked up the mountain walked farther than at least one other girl, but not the farthest. Either Ella or Sam walked more than one kilometer farther than the other. Sam did not get a picture of the bird. The mountain climber walked either one kilometer more or less than Marge.

3. The meadow explorer was not the one to take a picture of the bird. The bear cubs and the fox were not captured in the forest. Ella hiked farther than the mountain climber. The girl in the meadow walked one kilometer more or less than the mountain climber.

4. The girl on the riverside walked two kilometers more than the one who saw the fox. The deer photographer did not hike as far as Ella, nor as far as the meadow explorer. At least one traveller walked farther than Jenny. The girl in the bushes walked either one kilometer more or less than the rabbit photographer.

Tri Ad

Each of the clues below is for a word that begins with "tri". The clues do not refer to the words themselves, but rather to the word that must be added to "tri". eg. "A description of three goods to encourage sales" would be "triad".

1. Where you would find three peas
2. Passing through three intermediate places on the way to your destination
3. To fish with three hooks and bait
4. To hurl three things at once
5. A small container for three liquids

Huge Water Tale

The following not only describes a book, but it's an anagram for the title. What is it?

Huge water tale stuns. End had you tense.

Nine Dishes on the Menu

A particular inn always offers the same nine dishes on its dinner menu: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I. Five foreigners arrive. Nobody tells them which dish corresponds to each letter and so they each select one letter without knowing what they will eat. The innkeeper arrives with the five dishes ordered and puts them in the center of the table so that they can decide who eats what. This goes on for two more nights. The foreigners, who are professors of logic, were able to deduce by the dishes they ordered which letter represents what dish. What could have been the dishes ordered each of the three nights? Note: Each dish was ordered at least once.