Brain Teasers / Games

Card Cash

Someone offers you the following deal:

There is a deck of 100 initially blank cards. The dealer is allowed to write ANY positive integer, one per card, leaving none blank. You are then asked to turn over as many cards as you wish. If the last card you turn over is the highest in the deck, you win; otherwise, you lose.

Winning grants you $50, and losing costs you only the $10 you paid to play.

Would you accept this challenge?

Chain Links

You have four lengths of gold chain. One is made up of five links, two are made of four links, and one made of three links. These need to be made into one bracelet. The jeweler you have taken them to charges 50 cents to break a link and $1.00 to weld a link back together. You figure it would cost $6.00, but the jeweler finds a cheaper way. What is it and how much will it cost?

Truth and Lies

There are three persons in a room.

One of them always tells the truth, the others are "alternate liars": they tell the truth then lie, then truth etc, but you do not know if they will start by telling the truth or a lie...

You can ask three questions that MUST be answered by Yes or No.

Find the truth teller.

Swindler's Dice

A swindler once approached an honest man with a die. He handed him the die and told him about the bet. The die had six sides. If the man rolled a ONE, he wins, and gets back twice the amount of his bet. If not, the swindler would keep the bet.

" chances are only one out of six," retorted the man.

"True," grinned the swindler, "But I'll give you three tries to get a one."

The man considered. Three tries, with each try having a 1/6 chance of winning. So his chances of winning is 1/2. Why not give it a try?

Is the bet really fair? If not, what are the chances of the man winning?

Inspector Beethoven

Beethoven needs your help! Mozart has been killed at a party in a mansion and Beethoven has been called to the case. The rooms in the mansion are: The Library, The Dining Room, The Music Room, and The Study. Mozart was killed in the Music room. Schubert, Joplin, Hayden, and Gershwin are the suspects. Beethoven has figured out that the suspect that was in the Music Room at the time of the murder is the one who killed Mozart. Find out which suspect was in which room at the time of the murder to figure out the person who killed Mozart!

1. Schubert hated books.
2. Joplin was either eating or practicing piano.
3. Gershwin liked books, but wasn't in the Library.
4. There were two people in the Music Room.
5. Schubert was sick of being called "Sherbet" by Joplin, so he left the room Joplin was in.

Aye or Nay?

The five-person city council of Noyes Heights met recently to vote on five proposals. Each of the five council members cast an aye or a nay vote for each of the five proposals, with no absentions. Use the clues below to discover how each council member voted on each of the proposals.

1. Each proposal got a different number of aye votes (possibly zero).

2. All in all, there was one more aye vote than nay vote cast.

3. At no time did Quincy vote nay on two consecutive proposals.

4. Orlando, Penny and Sven voted the same way on the second proposal.

5. Rosina voted aye on the fourth proposal.

6. Quincy and Sven voted differently from each other on each of the first three proposals.

7. The third proposal received one more aye vote than the second proposal did.