Brain Teasers / Games

Body Language

Answer the following with parts of the body. The first one is free!

1. A strong box (chest)
2. Heard in congress while voting
3. Baby cows
4. A shellfish
5. A unit used to measure distance
6. Scholars
7. Part of a shoe
8. What every builder must have
9. Something made by whips
10. What soldiers carry


Using real names to make common words, name the offspring: (the first one is free!)

1. Mr and Mrs Voyant - Clare (as in Clairvoyant)
2. Mr and Mrs Tress
3. Mr and Mrs Nasium
4. Mr and Mrs Tate
5. Mr and Mrs Anthemum
6. Mr and Mrs Mander
7. Mr and Mrs Mite
8. Mr and Mrs Time


A spoonerism is a pair of words that can have the initial sounds switched to form new words. For example, "loose morals" is a spoonerism for "moose laurels"(note that the pairs do not have to be spelled the same - only sound the same) From the definitions below can you figure out the following spoonerisms?

A quiz about a celebration....an irritating person that is never punctual

An irritated facial expression....The top of Mr. Avalon's head

A prideful diminutive insect....An ill-behaved sombrero

Hollandaise is one....Going from one side of the street to the other in a bad part of town