Brain Teasers / Games


Each of the following sentences contains clues to a set of three words that are anagrams of each other (each sentence describes a different set).

1) The jail keeper counseled the prisoners not to stray beyond the barricade.

2) Due to the warning, Mary had to change her plans to arrive at a future time.

3) The crippled man had eggs and toast for his breakfast.

4) Paul was not excited about making large bundles of black rope.

Country Club

Which country in Group B can be added to Group A? Why? It has nothing to do with their spelling or pronunciation.

Group A: Australia, Denmark, Egypt, Venezuela
Group B: Bulgaria, Japan, Peru, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Zaire

Anagram Riddle

An anagram riddle to tease you;
Three five-letter words, each gets one clue.
A guillotine's use,
An act to get deuce,
And what you are reading now in view.

What are the words?

Words with GH

Five words that contain GH as a letter-pair have had all of their other letters removed and placed into a pool. Put those letters back in their proper places. What are the words?

GH---, -GH---, ---GH-, ----GH, ---GH--

Pool: A, A, E, I, M, O, O, O, R, R, S, S, S, T, T, T, T, U, U, W

Ling o'Tree

Each of the following clues describes two words. One of the words is a type of tree. The other word is that tree with one of the following changes: a letter added anywhere (pine spine), a letter deleted anywhere (larch arch), a letter changed anywhere (birch birth). There is no rearrangement of the other letters. No tree is used more than once.

1) This is an older tree.
2) This is a well-known tree.
3) This is a feeble tree.
4) This is a man tree.
5) This tree is related to an ox.
6) This tree makes hasty decisions.
7) This tree is used to steer a ship.
8) This tree is a soothing lotion.
9) This is tree hair.
10) This is something a tree uses when sleeping.
11) This is a cloth made from a tree.
12) This is the erratic left-right movement of a tree.