Brain Teasers / Games

Motherly Love

Black as night I can be,
Until my Mother sits on me;
Then clear as ice I become
In the rough, thank you Mum.

What am I?


Each of the following sentences contains clues to a set of three words that are spelled the same, except for one letter (each sentence describes a different set). Example: malt, melt, molt.

1) Billy discovered a cylindrical chest buried beneath the knoll.

2) The only evidence found by the detective was some adhesive in the chimney passage.

3) The bashful bovine rested on the small bed.

4) The latest fad was for people to desire the ingestion of a tall wading bird.

One Letter of Separation

1a) to wriggle 1b) a member of the British gentry 1c) a small forcible stream of liquid

2a) this color is a blend of red and yellow darkened by black
2b) the top of the head
2c) to cover with water

3a) more recent
3b) rubbish
3c) a written communication

4a) free from color
4b) a high-pitched plaintive cry
4c) although

Working 9 to 5

Jennifer reported to work, and has been at her task for almost eight hours. She has been looking forward to the big softball game tonight, and is worried about how well she will play after a grueling day on the job. Change WORK to PLAY by changing one letter at a time. The change must go through TASK and GAME. Each step must produce a valid word in the English language. No word can be used more than once. (It will take more than one step to get to the next word!)

WORK ---- TASK ---- GAME ---- PLAY


The following 15 words can be divided into 5 groups of 3 words. The words in each trio will share a similar characteristic. What are the groupings? Why?

astern, bony, con, deal, land, lien, nit, pending, pinion, range, slander, steroid, tile, vary, venue