Brain Teasers / Games

Six Clues

What are the answers to all these clues and what do those answers have in common?

1. An amber tinted paste used on a wienerwurst.
2. A purple fruit
3. Besides the number of days, the months of May and August have this in common.
4. A finely feathered and polychromatic avian friend.
5. A 7 letter word for a pigment like crimson.
6. A bleached and neutral hue.

Holiday Songs

Below are six statements which, if reworded, are actually the titles of six popular holiday songs. Can you decipher them? (For extra points, try the bonus!)

1. Sir Lancelot with laryngitis.
2. Frozen precipitation commences.
3. Oh, member of the round table with missing areas.
4. I envisioned a trio of marine vessels.
5. Do you perceive the same longitudinal pressure that stimulates my auditory sense organs?
6. Leave and do a broadcast on an elevated peak.

Bonus: The apartment of 2 psychiatrists.

The Lobster Mystery

A young woman went into a seafood restaurant, where she saw live lobsters in a tank. Rather than let other restaurant patrons eat them, she decided to buy them all and set them free in a lake near where she lived. However, her good intentions had unfortunate results. What happened?

Scrambled Names

The names of four famous people have been scrambled. They are: an explorer, a Hollywood actor/actress, a sports figure, and a world leader (though not necessarily in that order). Who are they?

1) Find, name large land.
2) No, I marry ol' men.
3) Only a Brit.
4) Server itch.

Special Paragraph

What is significant about this paragraph:

'I once found two tiny ferrets, bruised with dirt over them. I decided to help the poor mites by rinsing them off using some tinctured liquid. They soon seemed brighter. Within two weeks I set them free, into the wild. They seemed very delighted with this. I enjoyed it very much.'