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Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly beans were the first jelly beans in outer space when President Reagan sent them on the 1983 flight of the space shuttle Challenger.

Three astronauts had four jelly beans left among them one night - a black, a yellow, a green and a red. No astronaut ate more than one jelly bean and the red bean was definitely eaten. According to the following statements, determine which astronaut ate which jelly bean.

1. If the second astronaut did not eat the yellow or green jelly bean, then the first astronaut ate the red bean.

2. The second astronaut ate the yellow jelly bean, unless the first astronaut ate the red jelly bean.

3. If the third astronaut did not eat the black or yellow jelly bean then the second astronaut ate the red bean.

4. If the third astronaut ate the yellow jelly bean then the first astronaut did not eat the red jelly bean.

Change a Letter

By changing the third letter of each of the words below, can you make another valid word. You have to change each word such that the third letters will reveal a ten letter word when read downwards. Therefore, what now reads KRZSAPROKD will be a real word. What ten letter word is formed?


Jacks and Aces

A man has 3 cards face down on a table. One is a jack and two are aces. He knows the order but you do not. You can ask him one yes or no question, but when you do you have to point to one of the cards. If you point to an ace, he will tell the truth, if you point to the jack, he will randomly say yes or no. You have to find one of the aces.

No Big Deal

After you have dealt about half of the 52 cards for a bridge game (with four players), the phone rings. You put down the undealt cards to answer the phone. When you return, none of the cards has been touched, and no one can remember where the last card was dealt. Without counting the cards in any hand, or the number of cards yet to be dealt, how can you finish dealing rapidly and accurately, giving each player exactly the same cards they would have received if you hadn't been interrupted?

Step in Step

A man and a boy who are walking together step out with their right feet. The boy walks three paces while the man walks two. When will they both put their left feet forward together?


Googlebunnies are creatures that come in two types (spooky and flitty) and two genders (male and female). The spooky males and flitty females always tell the truth; flitty males and spooky females always lie.

You come across 3 Googlebunnies. Determine the type and gender of each based on their statements:

A: Ask B what my type is - he will give a truthful answer. C is flitty.

B: A and I are both males. C is a female.

C: A and B are both females. B is spooky.

Which country or nation has a value of 5?