Brain Teasers / Games

Find the Hidden Animals

In each sentence, an animal is concealed. The first sentence has dog concealed. Can you find the others?

1. What shall I do, Gertrude?
2. Asking nutty questions can be most annoying.
3. A gold key is not a common key.
4. Horace tries in school to be a very good boy.
5. People who drive too fast are likely to be arrested.
6. Did I ever tell you, Bill, I once found a dollar?
7. John came late to his arithmetic class.
8. I enjoy listening to music at night.

Bold Prussian

What is special about this sentence?

Show this bold Prussian that praises slaughter, slaughter brings rout.

Sport, Sword, Sage

Which same three letters can be added to the beginning of each of the following words to make 5 new words?:


Fourth Connection

In this teaser there are three words in a sentence that are all connected in some way by a fourth word. The connected words are in capitals, so all you have to do is think of the fourth word that connects them all. For example:
The school MASTER realized that the young BOY had a great deal of hidden TALENT.

The answer would be SCOUT as in Scout Master, Boy Scout and Talent Scout.

Now try and guess the connecting word in the following sentences.

1) He used to have such lovely long GOLDEN hair, but now his parting had SPREAD drastically and he had developed a rather prominent BALD patch.

2) Ever since he was a CHILD, who never liked to get WASHED, the boy always loved trying to solve TEASERS.

3) The robber burst into the FRUIT shop and demanded CASH whilst waving his GUN at the cashier.

Madadian Mail

Madadia is split, like other countries, into cities, towns and villages. Some are large and some are small. Postman Patel delivers the mail in the village of "Lardville".

Now Lardville is so small there is only one street with only ten houses, numbered from 1 to 10.

In a certain week, Patel did not deliver any mail at two houses in the village; at the other houses he delivered mail three times each. Each working day he delivered mail at exactly four houses.

The sums of the house numbers where he delivered mail were:
on Monday: 18
on Tuesday: 12
on Wednesday: 23
on Thursday: 19
on Friday: 32
op Saturday: 25
on Sunday: His day off

Can you work out which two houses received no mail this week?