Man jailed four months over 'meth' that turned out to be salt

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MARYBOROUGH, Australia (UPI) -- An Australian man caught with suspected crystal meth spent four months in jail before investigators discovered the substance was Epsom salt.

Travis George, the Maryborough, Queensland, man's lawyer, said his client was jailed when police performing a routine check of his car discovered a substance they suspected ...Read more

Alaskan grizzly bear takes a swipe at GoPro camera

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JUNEAU, Alaska (UPI) -- A naturalist shooting video of a grizzly bear in Alaska captured footage of the perturbed bruin taking out a GoPro camera with an annoyed swipe of his paw.

The video, posted to YouTube by GoPro, shows one of a pair of passing bears spy the GoPro camera from the corner of his eye and take a surprised step back.

The bear ...Read more

Minor-league game delayed by dachshund's mad dash

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EL PASO, Texas (UPI) -- A search for "El Paso's Fastest Wiener" during a minor-league baseball game in Texas turned into a lengthy delay when a runaway dachshund decided to tour the field.

The El Paso Chihuahuas, a Triple-A team affiliated with the San Diego Padres, held an "El Paso's Fastest Wiener" dachshund race during Saturday's game, but ...Read more

Porcupine wards off hungry leopard in South Africa

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KRUGER NATIONAL PARK, South Africa (UPI) -- A safari tour group in South Africa's Kruger National Park captured footage of an unlucky leopard failing to find a meal in its confrontation with a plucky porcupine.

The video, shot during a safari tour earlier this month and posted to YouTube by Endless Summer Tours, features footage of a porcupine ...Read more

Australia offers tourists app-controlled 'GIGA Selfies'

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CANBERRA, Australia (UPI) -- Tourism Australia is seeking to attract selfie-loving Japanese visitors with "GIGA Selfies," cameras that take far-off photos of tourists via a smartphone app.

The "GIGA Selfie" events, announced via a video posted to YouTube, call on visitors to stand in designated spots to control far-off cameras that take short ...Read more

Ukrainian daredevil films metro train-riding stunt

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KIEV, Ukraine (UPI) -- A Ukrainian YouTuber who loves "to ride on the roof of a subway car" captured video of himself doing just that atop a metro train.

Pasha Bumchik posted a video to his YouTube channel that begins with a first-person view from his head-mounted action camera as he slides down stairway railings at a metro train station and ...Read more

Overturned truck covers interstate in heads of cabbage

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (UPI) -- A truck hauling a load of cabbage overturned Monday morning on a stretch of Interstate 490 in Rochester, N.Y., covering the road in heads of the vegetable.

The truck overturned Monday morning in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 490 between Clinton Avenue and Alexander Street, causing lanes of traffic to be closed on ...Read more

Hundreds of Philly bicyclists strip down for naked trek

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PHILADELPHIA (UPI) -- Hundreds of bicyclists of all ages and in various stages of undress took to the Philadelphia streets Sunday for the annual Philly Naked Bike Ride.

For the seventh summer, bicyclists stripped down to their birthday suits or creatively painted their bodies to promote fuel-conscious consumption, positive body image and ...Read more

VIDEO: Superman flies by drone to patrol London

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LONDON (UPI) -- A caped superhero of comic book lore was caught patrolling the streets of London recently.

Barry Craig of London taped a Superman action figure to his Phantom 3 drone and shot a short video of it flying around the streets of the capital city.

Users on Youtube questioned the legitimacy of the stunt, arguing that the figure ...Read more

Nearly $100K raised for Syrian father seen in viral photo cradling daughter

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BEIRUT, Lebanon (UPI) -- Heartbroken readers around the world have made a definitive statement after seeing a viral photo circulated on the Internet this week -- showing a Syrian father selling pens in the streets of Beirut while cradling his sleeping daughter.

And that statement so far has nearly six digits in it.

A Norwegian activist named ...Read more

Los Angeles man chronicles removal of 50,000 bees

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LOS ANGELES (UPI) -- A Los Angeles area man who discovered about 50,000 bees were living in his walls shared video online of how the insects were removed from his home.

"I looked out my window and one day I noticed a bunch of bees flying around," Larry Chen said in the video he posted to YouTube.

Chen said he called in an expert, Mike "The Bee...Read more

National Bow Tie Day celebrated on social media

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- Bow tie fans the world over took to social media Friday to celebrate their preferred style of neckwear for National Bow Tie Day.

The holiday, championed by website NationalBowTieDay.com, took social media by storm Friday, with famous bow tie fans including Bill Nye, Donald Duck and even NASA posting some of their finest bow ...Read more

Firefighters respond to cow with chair on its head

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BOUGHTON, England (UPI) -- Firefighters in Britain said two crews responded to a report of a cow with its head stuck in a garden chair.

Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue tweeted a picture showing the cow with its head trapped in a plastic lawn chair about 7:50 a.m. Thursday.

The tweet said crews from Mounts and Wellingborough responded to the ...Read more

Shotgun shells designed to take out 'drone threats'

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BOISE, Idaho (UPI) -- An Idaho ammunition company is marketing "Drone Munition" shotgun cartridges designed to blast unwanted drones out of the sky.

Ammunition company Snake River started shipping specially-made 12-gauge shotgun ammunition this month under the name Drone Munition.

"Prepare for the drone apocalypse," the website for the ...Read more

Rattlesnake selfie attempt lands man in hospital

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LAKE ELSINORE, Calif. (UPI) -- A California man has been released from the hospital after an impromptu photo shoot with a rattlesnake ended with a predictable disaster.

Alex Gomez of Lake Elsinore was hospitalized Monday after he picked up a rattlesnake discovered in his back yard and took photos with the snake hanging around his neck.

The ...Read more

Oregon police hunt the serial-defecating 'Portland Pooper'

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PORTLAND, Ore. (UPI) -- Police in Oregon said they are searching for a stink-peddling suspect branded the "Portland Pooper" by a business owner who caught him on camera.

The business owner, who requested anonymity, caught the man on surveillance camera after he was allegedly seen defecating near the business owner's office on multiple occasions...Read more

VIDEO: Drone user finds man sunbathing atop wind turbine

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PORTSMOUTH, R.I. (UPI) -- A man vacationing in Rhode Island decided to take a drone video of a wind turbine and discovered a man sunbathing on top.

Kevin, the man who uploaded the video to Vimeo, said he was visiting Rhode Island with his girlfriend when he decided to take a drone video of a wind turbine at the Portsmouth Abbey Monastery and ...Read more

'Screaming' marmot shocks mountain visitors

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WHISTLER, British Columbia (UPI) -- A visitor to British Columbia's Blackcomb Mountain captured video of a wild marmot letting loose with a bizarre "scream."

The "screaming" marmot, featured in a video uploaded to YouTube by Lone Goat Soap Co., starts the video by silently staring at the humans shooting the footage before projecting its high-...Read more

Japanese kids enter giant toilet to learn about poop

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OSAKA, Japan (UPI) -- Video from a toilet-themed exhibition at a Japanese museum shows schoolkids donning poop hats and sliding down an enormous commode.

The giant toilet, which was part of the Miraikan museum's "Toilet!? - Human Waste & Earth's Future" exhibit in Osaka, allowed children to learn about toilets and how they work by sliding into ...Read more

German cat snuggles, gently strokes snoring pig

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BERLIN (UPI) -- A German miniature pig owner shared video of one of her prized mini-hogs receiving a naptime snuggle and gentle stroking from the family cat.

The video, posted to YouTube by user Nicolle von Eberkopf, shows miniature pig Moritz taking a snore-filled snooze while his feline buddy cuddles him and strokes his face.

Nicolle said ...Read more