Mother shares photo of baby who looks like Gordon Ramsay

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- Gordon Ramsay responded to a mother who said her baby looks a lot like him, saying "I feel sorry for the baby!!!"

The celebrity chef acknowledged a post that poked fun at the idea he may be the father to the newborn, whose mother is Twitter user Claire Dempster.

"This is our baba - have you been in Wales for any reason ...Read more

Two-headed calf brings tourists to Indian village

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PRATAPPUR, India (UPI) -- A two-headed calf born this month in India is doing well and repeatedly bringing a flood of tourists to the town where it was born.

The calf, born May 7 in Pratappur, Rajashthan state, has two heads, four eyes and two tongues and its owner said it has been feeding well from its mother.

The farmer said the calf's heads...Read more

Electrician finds dead snake in malfunctioning PlayStation 4

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BRAGANCA PAULISTA, Brazil (UPI) -- An electrician in Brazil opened up a malfunctioning PlayStation 4 and made a shocking discovery -- a dead snake.

The electrician in Braganca Paulista said a customer reported the video game console "turned on and then off, and it released a strong smell."

The repair worker said he suspected an electrical ...Read more

Massive swarm covers Texas stop sign in full bee-beard

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CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (UPI) -- A stop sign in Texas became an unlikely temporary home to a massive swarm of bees that made it appear as if the sign was growing a massive beard.

The video, filmed Wednesday, shows the stop sign at the corner of Upper Broadway and Mesquite in Corpus Christi playing host to a giant swarm of bees.

The filmer, who ...Read more

Crowd cheers Australian man as he attempts to run up escalator

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SYDNEY (UPI) -- An Australian man attempted to show off his athleticism by running up an escalator in front of a cheering crowd at a Sydney train station.

Instagram user Johnny Liew shared the video of the man, who wore his hair in a mullet, running against the downward-moving escalator at Kings Cross train station.

Members of the crowd on the...Read more

Virginia woman wakes to bear fight on her back porch

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FRONT ROYAL, Va. (UPI) -- A Virginia woman who awoke to a ruckus on her back porch caught footage of the cause: two black bears having a less-than-civil disagreement on her back porch.

Danielle Hiserman of Front Royal posted a video to Facebook Wednesday showing the two bears on her back porch going through her belongings while growling and ...Read more

VIDEO: YouTube star wakeboards through Amsterdam canals while wearing a tuxedo

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AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (UPI) -- A YouTube creator known for his extreme sports stunts traveled by wakeboard throughout the canals of Amsterdam while dressed in formal wear.

Casey Neistat shared a video of himself traversing Amsterdam's canal systems while wearing a full tuxedo.

Neistat was propelled by a jet ski throughout the water channels ...Read more

Michigan strip club courts controversy with sign seeking 'Class of 2016' dancers

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HARRISON, Mich. (UPI) -- A Michigan strip club said a controversial sign offering jobs to the "class of 2016" was only meant to be a joke.

Miceli's Corner, a topless bar in Harrison, drew criticism from locals and online viewers of a viral Facebook post for a controversial message on its marquee: "Now Hiring Class of 2016."

Local woman Lisa ...Read more

Gargantuan gator caught after chasing joggers in Houston

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HOUSTON (UPI) -- Texas alligator catchers said a massive 12-foot gator captured after "chasing joggers" in Houston is estimated to be about 80 years old.

Texas Gator Control posted a photo to Facebook of the enormous 700-pound beast after it was tied up Tuesday night by trappers.

The alligator measured a total 12 feet, 4 inches long.

"It was ...Read more

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' lair listed on AirBNB

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NEW YORK (UPI) -- An AirBNB listing is offering fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the opportunity to spend a night in the reptilian crime fighters' secret lair.

The listing posted by the group's very own Leonardo allows up to six guests to rent the Turtles' three bedroom lair in Manhattan for just $10 a night.

"This high-tech dojo is ...Read more

Google Trends reveals Massachusetts residents have trouble spelling state's name

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- Google released search trends revealing the most searched spellings by state in honor of the Scripps National Spelling Bee and residents in Massachusetts showed difficulty spelling the name of their own state.

"Massachusetts" was the most searched word in the state on the chart tweeted by Google Trends, which showed the top ...Read more

Police: Man told loan office worker he needed cash 'to purchase meth'

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SPARTANBURG, S.C. (UPI) -- A man busted on drug charges in South Carolina allegedly told a loan office worker that he needed some money "to purchase meth."

A report from the Spartanburg Public Safety Department states Grady Carson, 58, attempted to secure a loan against his car Wednesday at a Carolina Title Loans office, which offers "fast cash...Read more

Endangered snake spotted on community college campus

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HOLYOKE, Mass. (UPI) -- An endangered snake was seen slithering on a road near a Massachusetts community college campus on Thursday.

Holyoke Community College shared photos of the black rat snake and warned students to be careful while driving in the area.

"Please be careful driving on Doyle Drive," they wrote. This black rat snake was ...Read more

Boston building crew uncovers 19th century shipwreck at seaport

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BOSTON (UPI) -- Building crews in Boston's Seaport district temporarily halted construction after uncovering a 19th century shipwreck.

The City of Boston Archaeology Program shared photos of the shipwreck and noted that construction in the area was approved as "there had never been something like this found before," and therefore it was not ...Read more

VIDEO: New York's human-hunting squirrels distract man for surprise attack

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NEW YORK (UPI) -- A man filming a squirrel while taking a stroll in New York inadvertently recreated a Jurassic Park scene when a second squirrel attacked while he was distracted.

David Markovich posted a video to YouTube showing the footage he filmed when a squirrel let him get close in a New York City park.

"Squirrels here," Markovich says ...Read more

VIDEO: Hawaii beach-goers rescue tiger shark with hooks in its mouth

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WAIMANALO, Hawaii (UPI) -- A Hawaiian beach visitor captured footage of his friends dragging a distressed shark to shore and removing hooks and fishing line from its mouth.

Brent Thomas captured video May 16 showing visitors to Sherwood Beach on Oahu dragging a tiger shark they discovered showing signs of distress in shallow waters.

The group ...Read more

VIDEO: Tony Hawk, Jaws Homoki attempt skateboard tricks in zero gravity

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LOS ANGELES (UPI) -- Pro skateboarders Tony Hawk and Aaron "Jaws" Homoki boarded a specially designed aircraft to try out skateboarding tricks in zero, martian, and lunar gravity.

The skateboarders, who teamed with Sony, 900 Films for the stunt, boarded a Zero Gravity Corporation plane -- similar to NASA's famed "vomit comet" -- that flew in ...Read more

Real-life version of Fred Flintstone's car found illegally parked in Florida

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KEY WEST, Fla. (UPI) -- The City of Key West, Fla., put out a call for help to find the owner of a most unusual illegally parked vehicle -- a replica of a car from The Flintstones.

The city said in a Facebook post that a Stone Age vehicle resembling that driven by Fred Flintstone and company in the classic cartoon series (and live-action films)...Read more

VIDEO: Racist Chinese commercial offends viewers

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BEIJING (UPI) -- A new detergent commercial from China has struck what many viewers are decrying as shockingly racist.

In the commercial for laundry detergent Qiaobi, a young, presumably Chinese woman is loading her washing machine, when a young black man splattered in paint whistles at her from across the room.

After she calls him over, the ...Read more

VIDEO: Cheetah runs with GoPro strapped to its back

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CINCINNATI (UPI) -- Zookeepers in Ohio fitted a cheetah with a GoPro camera to capture footage of the animal running at high speeds.

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden attached the camera to their resident cheetah Savannah and filmed her running around her enclosure in what they believe to be the first video of its kind.

"This amazing video...Read more