Australian beachgoers rescue stranded baby whale

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QUEENSLAND, Australia (UPI) -- A group of beachgoers helped to rescue a stranded baby whale from a beach in Australia on Thursday afternoon.

Emma O'sullivan shared video of the rescue to Facebook as the baby humpback whale was pushed out to sea after becoming stranded on some nearby rocks.

"Wow what an afternoon! We saved a little baby whale ...Read more

Bikini-clad off-duty Swedish police officer arrests pickpocket

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STOCKHOLM, Sweden (UPI) -- An off-duty Swedish police officer arrested a pickpocket who approached her as she was sunbathing with a group of friends.

Mikaela Kellner, who has served as a police officer for 11 years, shared a photo of herself apprehending the man while wearing only a bikini at Ralambshovsparken in Stockholm.

She told The Local ...Read more

Truck loses boxes filled with iPhones on Chinese road

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HANGZHOU, China (UPI) -- A Chinese traffic camera captured a moment that could be a tech lover's dream -- boxes filled with iPhones falling out of a truck.

The video shows a truck traveling down a Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, road July 15 when the rear doors of its trailer swing open.

Several boxes filled with iPhones fall out onto the road ...Read more

Alligator found in Louisiana yacht club parking lot

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MANDEVILLE, La. (UPI) -- Police in Louisiana worked with wildlife officials to relocate an alligator that had been seen multiple times near a local harbor.

Mandeville Police shared photos of the gator that was discovered in the parking lot of the Pontchartrain Yacht Club.

"Police Officers assisted wildlife agents in capturing the alligator," ...Read more

International Cheese Awards features more than 5,000 cheeses

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NANTWICH, England (UPI) -- More than 5,000 different varieties of cheese were on display at the annual International Cheese Awards in Britain.

Footage from the Tuesday event in Nantwich, Cheshire, shows more than 250 judges making their way through a showroom featuring more than 5,000 cheeses competing in dozens of categories.

The judges ...Read more

Fishermen free tangled whale off the coast of Peru

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LIMA (UPI) -- A group of Peruvian fisherman were recorded on camera using their knives to free a whale tangled in a fishing net attached to buoy.

Nicolas Navarro Pazos said in a Facebook post he was out fishing in a small boat with Christhian Josue Navarro Fiestas, Cristian Vite De Alvarez, Alex Alfonso Puescas Ruiz and two other men July 21 ...Read more

Clever seal escapes from killer whale off Scottish coast

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LEVENWICK, Scotland (UPI) -- A visitor to the Scottish coast captured video of a quick-thinking seal pulling off an evasive maneuver to escape being made into a meal by a killer whale.

James Adamson posted a video to the Shetland Orca Sightings group on Facebook showing an orca in hot pursuit of a seal off the coast near Levenwick.

The killer ...Read more

Hundreds of horses swim between islands in 91st annual 'Pony Swim'

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CHINCOTEAGUE, Va. (UPI) -- More than 200 horses traveled through the water between two islands in Virginia as part of the 91st Annual Chincoteague Pony Swim.

United States Coastguard shared photos, as crew members helped create a safe path for the horses to swim between the Assateague and Chincoteague islands off the eastern coast of Virginia. ...Read more

Giant centipede makes daytime appearance in Cook Islands

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RAROTONGA, Cook Islands (UPI) -- Residents of the Cook Islands captured footage of an unsettling encounter with a particularly large creepy-crawly -- a giant centipede.

The video, filmed July 15, shows the enormous centipede crawling through the yard on its many legs while two people watch.

"Giant centipedes live all over our property in the ...Read more

Shark circles Australian kayaker

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EMU POINT, Australia (UPI) -- A man had a close encounter with a shark while kayaking in Australia as he waited to be rescued while it circled around his boat.

Ian Watkins shared GoPro footage which showed the shark's fin briefly poking out of the water as he said it came to "say gidday" during his kayaking trip.

"The footage isn't that good ...Read more

Bear filmed taking a ride on New Mexico garbage truck

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LOS ALAMOS, N.M. (UPI) -- A New Mexico volunteer firefighter washing his crew's truck captured video of a bear taking a ride on top of a moving garbage truck.

Caleb Johnson of La Cueva VFD Sandoval County District 5 said in a Facebook post he and some fellow volunteer firefighters were washing their engine July 21 in Los Alamos when a bear ...Read more

Florida man arrested when police confuse doughnut glaze for meth

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ORLANDO, Fla. (UPI) -- A Florida man, arrested when police found suspected crystal meth on his floorboard, was cleared weeks later when the substance was revealed as doughnut glaze.

The police report of the Dec. 11 incident in Orlando says an officer staking out a 7-Eleven store for suspected drug activity pulled over Daniel Rushing, 64, after ...Read more

Man creates Lego figure costume with human-like skin

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SAN DIEGO (UPI) -- A man created a "lifelike" interpretation of what Lego's miniature figures would look like with human-like skin.

YouTube channel Tested shared a video of Frank Ippolito wearing a life-sized silicon mask designed in the shape of a Lego figure head around San Diego Comic Con.

Ippolito said the character, which he named "...Read more

VIDEO: Bar burglar deftly crawls through hole in unlocked glass door

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SURFERS PARADISE, Australia (UPI) -- An unwitting burglar in Australia went through an unnecessary amount of effort to break into a local bar.

Howl At The Moon bar shared surveillance video of a man ramming a keg into the glass before spending multiple attempts trying to enter the open door through the small hole while balancing a cigarette in ...Read more

Smithsonian job posting seeks a craft beer historian

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- The Smithsonian is seeking applicants with a taste for both history and malted beverages to fill a brand new position: beer historian.

The National Museum of American History announced it is offering $64,650 a year plus benefits for someone with a passion for "research, documentation and collecting American brewing history" ...Read more

Laptop thieves unknowingly save dog from hot car

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CHICAGO (UPI) -- A group of men stole a laptop from a car in Chicago and unknowingly rescued a dog, who had been left inside the vehicle on a hot day.

The Irish Nobleman Pub shared surveillance video which showed the dog's owner leaving the animal in the car with the windows up and estimated that the temperature outside was above 80 degrees.

...Read more

Police: Driver used sharp-dressed dummy to cheat carpool lane

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FAIRFAX, Va. (UPI) -- A Virginia police department shared a photo of a smartly-dressed dummy allegedly used by a driver to skirt carpool lane rules.

The Fairfax County Police Department tweeted a pair of photos showing a wig-wearing mannequin dressed for a day at the office sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle.

The tweet said the driver ...Read more

VIDEO: Fireball that streaked over western states identified as Chinese space junk

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LOS ANGELES (UPI) -- A bright fireball that sparked UFO reports in western states including California, Nevada and Utah was revealed to be the remains of a Chinese rocket.

The fireball, which was caught on video in locations including Los Angeles, Sacramento, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, lasted for about 30 seconds after it first appeared just...Read more

Police: Spear-wielding joker threw batarang at patrol vehicle

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SEATTLE (UPI) -- Seattle police said a man toting an improvised spear was arrested after throwing a "batarang" -- a Batman-style throwing star -- at a police vehicle.

The Seattle Police Department said officers responded about 6:30 p.m. Monday to a report of a man swinging a homemade spear -- a knife tied to the end of a metal pole -- at...Read more

Woman fishing on California beach reels in two sharks

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SAN DIEGO (UPI) -- A woman participating in a fishing competition on a California beach ended up reeling in two different sharks with her rod.

The video, filmed at the Suis Generis Fishing Rodeo in San Diego, shows a female participant fishing from the beach.

The woman reels in a shark measuring just over 3 feet.

The video shows the woman ...Read more