Former Pa. governor: A hot dog is a sandwich

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HARRISBURG, Pa. (UPI) -- Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has become the latest high-profile personality to weigh in on the debate over whether a hot dog qualifies as a sandwich.

Rendell was asked by an interviewer to weigh in on the subject, which has recently become a topic of heated Internet debate, and he came out in favor of giving ...Read more

Rotund bulldog struggles to climb into folding chair

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A portly bulldog's big dreams of sitting in a folding chair made him a viral star when his struggles were caught on camera.

The video, shared on YouTube by user Random Bananas, shows the chubby canine making multiple attempts to mount the chair, and then having further struggles trying to get into a comfortable position.

...Read more

South Carolina house fire shoots aerosol at fire engine

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HOMELAND PARK, S.C. (UPI) -- A South Carolina firefighter shared dashboard camera footage of an aerosol can being flung from a house fire and striking his fire truck.

Jeremy Robionson, a firefighter with the Flat Rock-Bowen Fire Department, posted a video to YouTube featuring footage captured by a fire truck dashcam at a June 2 house fire in ...Read more

'Drunk' badger stole beers from beach-goers in Poland

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REWAL, Poland (UPI) -- A Polish animal shelter said a beer-stealing badger was "partying" a bit too hard on a beach and passed out drunk for an entire day.

The Dzika Ostoja animal shelter said in a Facebook post the female badger, dubbed Wandzia, was found on a beach in the town of Rewal surrounded by seven empty beer bottles that ...Read more

Doggie daycare's pampered pooch pool party is pure summer joy

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MAYBEE, Mich. (UPI) -- A Michigan doggie daycare that bills itself as "cage free" is going viral with a video of a pooch pool party in a bone-shaped pool.

The Lucky Puppy doggie daycare in Maybee shared a video on YouTube showing more than a dozen of the facility's guests swimming, playing and lounging by a 20-foot-by-40-foot in-ground pool ...Read more

Northern Ireland teen's soccer trick shot through 'O' in store sign

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LURGAN, Northern Ireland (UPI) -- A Northern Ireland teenager managed to kick a soccer ball through a letter in a supermarket sign in a video going viral on social media.

Eoghan O'Hagan was with his cousin, Diarmuid O'Hagan, and friend Eoin McCluskey when the group decided to film Eoghan's attempt to kick his soccer ball through the "O" in the ...Read more

Saudi sheep purportedly born with 'Muhammad' written on its body

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JIZAN, Saudi Arabia (UPI) -- A Saudi farmer who claims his "miracle" sheep was born with the name Muhammad on its body in Arabic says he was offered $400,000 for the animal.

Mohammed bin Yehya Al Addawi, a farmer in the village of Jizan, said his black-and-white sheep was born with the Muslim prophet's name written on its body in Arabic ...Read more

Mysterious 'Pied Piper of Los Angeles County' jams out on recorder at red lights

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PASADENA, Calif. (UPI) -- Los Angeles-area motorists stopped at traffic lights have captured video footage of a sunglasses-clad man jamming out to rock 'n' roll classics on a recorder.

Redditors said the man has become a frequent sight giving performances while stopped at red lights around Los Angeles County, but no video footage of the ...Read more

Nearly 15-foot Burmese python killed after prowling Missouri neighborhood

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WARRENTON, Mo. (UPI) -- A snake blamed for the disappearances of small animals in rural Missouri was shot by a resident and identified as a Burmese python measuring more than 14 feet long.

Residents of the rural Warren County neighborhood said they spotted the massive snake recently, about the same time two dogs and three chickens went missing ...Read more

Texas family finds scissors in store-bought cake

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ARLINGTON, Texas (UPI) -- A Texas woman said disaster was narrowly averted when a birthday party guest noticed a pair of scissors in the store-bought cake before her mother put her face into it.

Yoly Nava of Arlington said her brother purchased the $59.99 cake from the El Rancho Market in Arlington for the weekend surprise party for their ...Read more

VIDEO: Florida man arrested for 'joyride' across jail lawn

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BROOKSVILLE, Fla. (UPI) -- A man who refused to correct his substandard parking job at a Florida jail ended up as an inmate when he decided to take his SUV for a "joyride" across the lawn.

The Hernando County Sheriff's Office said in a news release accompanying a YouTube video of the incident that Michael Lee Roberts, 31, was defiant Monday ...Read more

VIDEO: Missing North Carolina dog found snuggling toddler

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RALEIGH, N.C. (UPI) -- A North Carolina mother who went searching for her missing dog shared a video of the precious place she found the pup -- snuggled up with her toddler daughter.

Kristin Leigh Rhynehart posted a video to YouTube showing her dog, Raven, snuggled up under the covers in the crib with her toddler daughter, Addison.

"That ...Read more

Giant speed camera blocks a whole lane of Saudi road

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RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (UPI) -- A video taken by a perplexed motorist in Saudi Arabia shows how authorities blocked part of a road by placing a giant speed camera in the middle of the right lane.

The video, which went viral on YouTube, shows a large speed camera apparatus -- known as a "Saher" in Saudi Arabia -- blocking the right lane of a road ...Read more

VIDEO: 'Awesome' pet store parrot belts 'Lego Movie' theme

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NAPLES, Fla. (UPI) -- A Florida pet store shared video of a musically talented parrot belting out her rendition of "Everything is Awesome" from The Lego Movie.

The Birds on Safari pet shop in Naples posted a video to YouTube of a parrot named Princess Yellow Feather singing her rendition of the Tegan and Sarah hit from last year's blockbuster ...Read more

English man refuses to be sentenced in Wales due to thick accents

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SWANSEA, Wales (UPI) -- A convicted drug dealer from England refused to travel to Wales for his sentencing because he can't understand the local accent.

Dwaine Campbell, 25, pleaded guilty to heroin possession with intent to supply after he was arrested in Aberystwyth, Wales, with 51 packages of heroin and he spent seven days in custody before ...Read more

VIDEO: World's oldest panda turns 37 with specially-made cake

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HONG KONG (UPI) -- A Hong Kong zoo's giant panda celebrated her 37th birthday by being dubbed the oldest-ever panda in captivity and eating a specially-made cake.

Jia Jia, a resident at Ocean Park in Hong Kong, celebrated her 37th birthday at the zoo Tuesday and was awarded Guinness World Records for being the oldest panda living in captivity ...Read more

VIDEO: Bear beats the heat with a dip in California family's pool

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MONROVIA, Calif. (UPI) -- A California woman snapped pictures of an uninvited pool guest that just couldn't bear the heat without an afternoon dip.

Miriam Childers of Monrovia said she was at home with her kids Monday afternoon when she looked out her kitchen window and saw a bear escaping the mid-80s heat with a cool dip in her family's pool. ...Read more

ATM-filling workers forget bag of $141,000 on a lawn

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MAHWAH, N.J. (UPI) -- New Jersey authorities are searching for a man who walked off with $141,000 accidentally left on a lawn by workers refilling ATMs.

Mahwah police said surveillance video from Monday morning shows the bag of $10 and $20 bills being left on the lawn of a client by employees of ATMForUs.com before they drove away in a vehicle....Read more

Kazakhstan drift racer takes enthusiastic 5-year-old for a ride

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ASTANA, Kazakhstan (UPI) -- A drift racer in Kazakhstan made his 5-year-old son into a viral star by taking him for a high-speed spin and filming his reaction with a dashboard camera.

Anton Avdeyev posted a video to YouTube showing his 5-year-old son, Timofey, screaming with joy -- or possibly fear -- while taking a high-speed drift around the ...Read more

VIDEO: Bouquet-seeking wedding guest drops baby

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WELLINGTON, New Zealand (UPI) -- A young wedding guest desperate to catch the bride's bouquet was caught on camera dropping a baby to dive for the flowers.

The video, filmed at a wedding in New Zealand and uploaded to YouTube by LivTheGinjaNinja, features a young girl holding the baby among a group of women waiting to catch the bouquet.

The ...Read more