Florida family shares saga of soot-covered squirrel in the house

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LAKELAND, Fla. (UPI) -- A Florida family shared video of the time a squirrel stuck in their chimney got into the house and ran amok while trying to escape.

Jayme Knowles of Lakeland posted a video showing him and family members removing a nest from the fireplace before determining there is a creature, which they initially suspected to be a crow...Read more

Cyprus artist paints Darth Vader portrait with coffee for Star Wars Day

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NICOSIA, Cyprus (UPI) -- An artist in Cyprus celebrated Star Wars Day by using a mug of coffee to paint a portrait of iconic antihero-turned-villain-turned-antihero Darth Vader.

Video of the painting session, posted to YouTube by Upcycle.Club, shows artist Maria A. Aristidou sketching some lines on her canvas before bringing out her paint -- a ...Read more

VIDEO: Australian couple capture massive huntsman spider in bedroom

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MANLY, Australia (UPI) -- An Australian couple struggling to remove a massive huntsman spider from their bedroom chronicled their attempt on video.

The video, posted to YouTube by user Manly Beach Running Club, features footage shot by Joe Ward as he and his wife, Emma, attempt to remove the large spider from the wall near their bed.

Ward says...Read more

Dog horrifies woman by eating butterfly

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A woman's attempt to capture a video of her dog and a butterfly together took a negative turn when the dog decided to turn the insect into a snack.

Video shared by Instagram user asiamarie___ shows her filming a close-up shot of a butterfly before calling her dog, Bentley, over to have a look as well.

The brief encounter ...Read more

Bangkok cafe offers up-close encounters with fennec foxes, meerkats

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BANGKOK (UPI) -- A Bangkok cafe is courting animal fans -- and controversy -- by offering customers the chance to play with fennec foxes, meerkats and other exotic animals.

The Little Zoo Cafe, which opened its doors late last year, allows customers to get up close and personal with cuddle-ready critters including owls, raccoons, fennec foxes ...Read more

Man finds 'big box of blood' on Wisconsin street

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MADISON, Wis. (UPI) -- A Wisconsin man made an unexpected discovery while driving down a local street when he spotted a box.

According to police, a 68-year-old man from Stoughton spotted the box in the middle of Zeirer Rd. with a marking reading: "HUMAN BLOOD."

The man placed the box in his car and then happened to see a Madison police ...Read more

VIDEO: Helmet cam records firefighters' kitten rescue from California blaze

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TURLOCK, Calif. (UPI) -- A California fire department shared helmet-camera footage of firefighters rescuing four kittens from a burning structure.

The Turlock Fire Department said in a Facebook post crews responded early Monday to a fire threatening a structure in the city and the firefighters were able to extinguish the flames before they ...Read more

Princeton professor posts resume of failures

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PRINCETON, N.J. (UPI) -- A Princeton University professor provided a unique take on the resume by sharing a document that compiled the failures he experienced throughout his career rather than the successes.

Johannes Haushofer shared his "CV of Failures" chronicling programs and academic positions he was not chosen for as well as grants and ...Read more

Website boasts realistic 'fake doctors notes' with money-back guarantee

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A website offering "fake doctors notes" to help customers get out of work, school or other duties is offering a 100-percent-refund guarantee.

The website, BestFakeDoctorsNotes.net, offers phony excuses purporting to be from healthcare providers including general practitioners, dentists, gynecologists, oncologists and other ...Read more

Herd of deer shooed away from downtown Winnipeg

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WINNIPEG, Manitoba (UPI) -- A small herd of deer found their way onto the streets of downtown Winnipeg on Monday afternoon before being sent away by local authorities.

The herd of six to 12 deer were seen roaming about several downtown areas, including the University of Winnipeg campus, at about 11:30 a.m. on Monday before four were captured by...Read more

Selfie stick shuts down Disney California Adventure rollercoaster

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ANAHEIM, Calif. (UPI) -- A roller coaster at Disney's California Adventure was shut down for more than an hour after a rider was seen carrying a selfie stick.

The Anaheim Disneyland's California Screamin' Rollercoaster was stopped in the middle of the tracks just before the drop when park staff noticed the selfie stick on the ride.

The ...Read more

Playful lemon shark gets some love from scuba diver

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JUPITER, Fla. (UPI) -- A Florida scuba diver captured video of another diver getting some "love" from a friendly 8-foot lemon shark named Blondie.

The "Shark Love" video, posted to YouTube by user Shark Addicts, shows the 200-pound shark allowing the scuba diver to rub her face affectionately for about a minute.

The filmer, scuba diver Mickey ...Read more

Australian police rescue adopted kangaroo after eagle abduction

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CUE, Australia (UPI) -- An Australian police officer was able to track down the station's resident Kangaroo after it was carried away by a large eagle.

Western Australia Police shared a photo of Cuejoe the kangaroo and his human "dad" Scott Mason after Mason rescued Cuejoe from a pair of large Wedge-tailed Eagles.

"Last Wednesday Cuejoe was in...Read more

Kitchen-invading penguin chased out of South African restaurant

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SIMON'S TOWN, South Africa (UPI) -- Kitchen staff at a South African restaurant were recorded on video ushering an adorable intruder -- an African penguin -- out of the eatery's kitchen.

A video posted to YouTube by Adriaan den Hartog shows laughing workers at the Boulders Beach Lodge and Restaurant in Simon's Town chasing after the tiny ...Read more

Door-climbing alligator appears to ring doorbell in South Carolina

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MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (UPI) -- Neighbors of a South Carolina home captured video of an alligator climbing on the front door as if it was attempting to ring the doorbell.

Danielle Barkley posted a video to Facebook showing the alligator climbing on the door of a Moncks Corner home Monday morning and appearing as if it was attempting to ring the ...Read more

VIDEO: North Carolina family wakes to find bear stealing candy in kitchen

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ASHEVILLE, N.C. (UPI) -- A North Carolina family said they awoke to strange noises and discovered a black bear eating a bag of Hershey's Kisses in their kitchen.

Ashley Snyder said she was home with her husband, Benjamin, and their young children when she awoke about 5 a.m. Friday to crinkling sounds coming from the kitchen of their Buncombe ...Read more

Man in small cart pulled by tiny dog at side of Chinese road

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BAODING, China (UPI) -- A motorist in China captured footage of a man using a most unusual form of slow-speed transportation -- a small cart pulled by a tiny dog.

The video, filmed April 2 in Baoding, Hebei Province, shows the motorist and his passenger both transfixed by the sight of the full-grown man riding in the small cart.

As the car ...Read more

Two-headed bearded dragon enjoys an insect snack

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BEIJING (UPI) -- A reptile seller in China shared an unusual video of a two-headed bearded dragon using both of its mouths to feed on some insects.

The video, posted to Facebook by Goodshop GS, shows the two-headed and six-legged bearded dragon snacking on some insects.

The reptile shop said the bearded dragon was born in China last year.

The...Read more

Amsterdam tourist catches 'surreal' mode of transport on camera

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AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (UPI) -- A visitor to Amsterdam captured video of some "surreal" local color -- a half-naked horseman dragging a similarly-garbed land surfer through a street.

The video, filmed April 23, shows a shirtless man riding a horse through a street in the Dutch capital.

A second man, clad only in small shorts and what appears ...Read more

VIDEO: Kangaroo shocks motorist with feet-first leap onto windshield

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ELPHINSTONE, Australia (UPI) -- An Australian motorist's dashboard camera captured his nighttime encounter with a car-hating kangaroo that jumped feet-first into his windshield.

The video, posted to YouTube by user Dellamotor, was filmed Sunday night in the man's Elphinstone, Victoria, driveway.

The video shows the vehicle traveling up the ...Read more