6-foot python removed from PGA tour golf course in Malaysia

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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (UPI) -- Professional golfers at an event in Malaysia experienced an unusual hazard when a 6-foot long python appeared on the course.

The PGA Tour's Twitter account shared a photo of the massive snake which found its way onto the course during the second round of the CIMB Classic at TPC Kuala Lumpur.

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Face-hugging octopus latches onto snorker's mask

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ATHENS, Greece (UPI) -- A Greek snorkler filming his underwater encounter with a small octopus recorded the moment the mollusk latched onto his face like a scene from Alien.

Nikolaos Kepesidis posted a video to YouTube showing him meeting the octopus underwater and coming in to take close-up footage when the octopus decides to go for a close-up...Read more

Seven female elk lead bull through Colorado strip mall

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ESTES PARK, Colo. (UPI) -- Shoppers at a Colorado strip mall were stunned to spot a group of unusual window-shoppers -- a bull elk and his seven female companions.

A video posted to Facebook by John Burns shows the bull bringing up the rear of the elk procession earlier this month at an outdoor shopping center in Estes Park.

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Bear spotted wandering around Oregon neighborhood

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EUGENE, Ore. (UPI) -- A large bear was seen wandering about an Oregon neighborhood early Thursday morning, according to local police.

The Eugene Police Department shared a photo of the 200-300 pound bear, which was first spotted in a residential area at around 12:27 a.m., but police were unable to locate it.

Oregon State Police later advised ...Read more

Cyclist films truck losing load of trash in the road

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CARDIFF, Wales (UPI) -- A man riding his bicycle in Wales recorded the moment a truck dumped trash all over the roadway and kept driving.

Joshua Mullane was filming his Monday ride through the Rumney area of Cardiff when the truck in front of him started losing portions of its load.

Mullane was left dodging items including mattresses and ...Read more

Pair of puppies suspected of setting off burglary alarm

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. (UPI) -- Police in California discovered a pair of suspected canine criminals at the site of a potential home burglary.

Santa Clara county sherriff's office shared a photo of two puppies who set off a burglary alarm at a local residence.

"Sheriff's Deputies responded to a burglary alarm," police said. [Deputies] located ...Read more

Pennsylvania man seeks record for world's largest Ouija board

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WINDBER, Pa. (UPI) -- A massive Ouija board constructed on top of a reportedly haunted hotel in Pennsylvania could be the world's largest.

Blair Murphy hopes to have his 44 foot-by-29 foot Ouija board, constructed atop his home in the Grand Midway Hotel, featured in the Guinness Book of World Records, according to CBS Philadelphia.

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Bears allow man to walk among them, but one hates the camera

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MIRAMICHI, New Brunswick (UPI) -- A brave Canadian promoted a safari park with an unusual video showing his friendly interaction with nine wild bears -- although one wasn't fond of his phone.

George Hachey posted a video to Facebook showing him feeding and interacting with nine black bears at New Brunswick's Little Big Bear Safari park last ...Read more

Divers film as great white shark breaks into their underwater cage in Mexico

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ENSENADA, Mexico (UPI) -- Members of a cage diving expedition off Mexico's Guadalupe Island captured footage of a great white shark breaking into a cage filled with divers.

Dive master Katie Yonker of Bluewater Travel said in a blog post the group was on its second day of observing sharks from two underwater cages last month when a female shark...Read more

Hong Kong 'Starbucks uncle' becomes viral hero for sipping coffee in a flooded cafe

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HONG KONG (UPI) -- An elderly man has become Hong Kong's latest hero and meme and thanks to a photo of him enjoying his newspaper and coffee at a flooded Starbucks.

The man, dubbed "Starbucks uncle" on social media, was photographed by Kristy Chan, 23, whose picture was shared on the popular TV Most page on Facebook. The man was reading a ...Read more

Friendly giraffe interrupts woman's selfie video in South Africa

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EAST LONDON, South Africa (UPI) -- A woman traveling through South Africa shared the moment her selfie was video-bombed by a wild and very friendly giraffe.

The video, recorded earlier this year, shows the woman pointing her video camera at her own face for a selfie shot.

"Life is great," the woman says.

A giraffe then ducks its head down to ...Read more

Kazakhstan man drives car covered in more than a dozen ducks

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KASKELEN, Kazakhstan (UPI) -- A fast-phoned traveler on a Kazakhstan road managed to capture video of an unusual sight -- a car with several live ducks strapped to its top and trunk.

The video, recorded Oct. 10, shows the perspective of a car passenger filming out the window as the vehicle passes a car with more than a dozen ducks loaded onto a...Read more

VIDEO: Ohio woman captures 'historic' footage of black bear mother and cubs

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CLEVELAND (UPI) -- An Ohio woman captured rare photographic evidence of a black bear and her cubs in the state, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

The ODNR told Fox 8 that footage of the female black bear and her cubs captured by Colleen Porfillio and her daughter Jenna was historic, as it was the first clear photographic ...Read more

Woodpecker adorably pecks away at animal control officer's neck

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LODZ, Poland (UPI) -- An animal control department in Poland shared video of an officer's encounter with a wily woodpecker that appeared to confuse the man for a tree.

The Lodz Animal Patrol posted a video to Facebook showing the woodpecker, dubbed Waclaw, climbing on an officer and pecking at the back of his neck.

The officer and his ...Read more

VIDEO: Virginia news anchors lose it when typo leads to 'Check your panties' gaffe

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RICHMOND, Va. (UPI) -- A Virginia news anchor is going viral on social media after a teleprompter typo led him to give a baffling instruction: "Check your panties."

Eric Philips, an anchor for WWBT-TV in Richmond, was delivering a report Wednesday morning on a rice cooker recall when he arrived at the word "pantries," which was missing an all-...Read more

Canadian man invents Nintendo cartridge harmonicas

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EDMONTON, Alberta (UPI) -- A Canadian man has created a harmonica inspired by classic Nintendo cartridges.

Brady Grumpelt has launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking funding for the 3D-printed instruments known as Blotendo Harmonicartridges.

"The Blotendo Harmonicartridge will let you surprise your friends with a fun and musical blast from the...Read more

Kangaroo catches pesky pigeon for a quick hug

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BUNBURY, Australia (UPI) -- A kangaroo being pestered by pigeons at an Australian park was recorded scooping one of the birds up for a quick goodbye hug.

The video, recorded earlier this year at the Bunbury Wildlife Park in Western Australia, shows a kangaroo lounging on the ground while numerous pigeons sift food from the sand around the ...Read more

VIDEO: Bald eagle rescued from Florida's Turnpike after crashing into Jeep

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ST. CLOUD, Fla. (UPI) -- A Florida Highway Patrol trooper's dashboard camera was rolling when he rescued a bald eagle that was injured when it crashed into a moving vehicle.

A video posted to Twitter by the FHP's Orlando office shows Trooper Julio Velez carefully approaching the eagle and apprehending it at the side of Florida's Turnpike near ...Read more

Chinese tourists return stolen toilet seat to Japanese hotel

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NAGOYA, Japan (UPI) -- A pair of Chinese tourists returned a stolen toilet seat to a Japanese hotel with an apology and explanation that they didn't realize it belonged to the facility.

A hotel in Nagoya contacted a travel agency after a toilet seat was reported missing from a room where two tourists from Zhejiang, China, stayed Monday.

The ...Read more

Rare owl recovering from broken wing at Canadian wildlife center

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia (UPI) -- A female Short-eared owl is recovering at a rehabilitation center in Canada after the rare patient suffered a broken wing.

The rare bird was taken to the British Columbia SPCA's Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center after she was found on the side of the road with two broken bones in her left wing.

"She's a ...Read more