John Pyper-Ferguson Sets Sail on 'The Last Ship'

"Heads are going to roll this season," reports "The Last Ship's" John Pyper-Ferguson. According to him, in season two of TNT's hit post-apocalyptic series, launching June 21, "Not everyone makes it. It's good for the drama that there's only a certain level of safety -- for anyone."

Pyper-Ferguson, a.k.a. fan favorite Tex Nolan, tells us that ...Read more

Ask Stacy for April 18-19, 2015

DEAR STACY: Are there still Muscular Dystrophy telethons? It seems that after Jerry Lewis was (unforgivably) pushed aside, they had one big event and then they were done. -- Teresa W., Redondo Beach, CA

DEAR TERESA: After Lewis' run with his famous MDA Labor Day Telethon -- from 1966 to 2010 -- there began the MDA Show of Strength. It was ...Read more

Last Call for 'Late Show' With David Letterman Bud Tom Dreesen

Comedian Tom Dreesen is feeling bittersweet about his last "Late Show" visit with old pal David Letterman, which is coming up Thursday (4/16). "We've known each other since 1975, and we were two young comics at the Comedy Store," he says, referring to the famed L.A. nightery. Jay Leno was there, he remembers, and Robin Williams and Michael ...Read more

Ask Stacy for April 11-12, 2015

DEAR STACY: After seeing "Cinderella," my friend insists that Lily James' waist was made that small by computer tricks. I don't think so. Who is right? -- JuanitaS14

DEAR JUANITAS14: Both James and director Kenneth Branagh deny any claim of post-production alteration. The 25-year-old British actress' waist has been reported as 17" and as 22" --...Read more

Words of Wisdom From Betty White

Betty White will be adding to her vast array of awards April 26, when the 93-year-old national treasure will be granted Lifetime Achievement honors at the Daytime Emmys. She already has seven Emmy statuettes and a place in the TV Academy's Hall of Fame, so the "Hot in Cleveland" star has plenty of practice at gracious acceptance speeches.

She's...Read more

Ask Stacy for April 4-5, 2015

DEAR STACY: What's up with William Petersen? -- E.A., Huntington, West Virginia

DEAR E.A.: The former "CSI" star has been set to return to TV, joining the WGN America series, "Manhattan" in its second season. He will play the new ranking military officer at Los Alamos in the drama set against the backdrop of the U.S.' push to build the first ...Read more

Actress-Playwright Regina Taylor: Times of Change and Drama

Esteemed actress-playwright Regina Taylor believes, "There are enormous, astronomical changes underway at this moment. We can't trust the ground that we stand on, can't trust that something here today will be here tomorrow. There are technological changes, economic changes, social changes -- race, gender, sexuality."

These massive shifts led ...Read more

Ask Stacy for March 28-29, 2015

DEAR STACY: I watched Diane Sawyer's "Sound of Music" special on "20/20" and enjoyed it immensely. However, it left me wondering about Eleanor Parker, who was not mentioned. She was perfect in her performance as the baroness. -- VM1200, Spokane, Washington

DEAR VM1200: Parker died of pneumonia at age 91 in December of 2013. She retired from her...Read more

Sorry celebrities shoot (their mouths off) first, regret later

Have you heard? After a string of outrageous outbursts -- including awards show meltdowns in which he stormed the stages and insisted that 1) Gretchen Wilson, 2) Taylor Swift, 3) Justice and Simian, and 4) Beck were unworthy winners -- Kanye West is being deemed unworthy himself. A Kanye non-fan in the UK named Neil Lonsdale has an online ...Read more

Ask Stacy for March 21-22, 2015

DEAR STACY: Is Lisa Weil of "How to Get Away With Murder" the same actress who used to play Paris on "Gilmore Girls"? I say yes, but my sister disagrees. Also, can you give some background on her? -- Hayley F., Huntington, West Virginia

DEAR HAYLEY: That's Liza Weil, and yes, she played Paris Geller on "Gilmore Girls" (a role written ...Read more

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