Breast-Feeding Key to Managing Motherhood and Hectic Career For 'DWTS' Pro Edita Sliwinska

"Dancing With the Stars" pro and ballroom dance great Edyta Sliwinska is thinking of adding book authorship to her professional repertoire. She's been managing to keep up her career -- not to mention her great physical shape -- while being a fully engaged mother to her and husband Alec Mazo's 2-year-old son, Michael.

"I know I'm not a writer,...Read more

Ask Stacy for April 23-24, 2016

DEAR STACY: What has Mackenzie Phillips been doing lately? It seems she pretty much dropped out of sight after her bombshell revelation of incest with her father. -- Lauren G., San Luis Obispo, California

DEAR LAUREN: Not so. Phillips has done TV shows (including "Criminal Minds" and "Hot in Cleveland") and other acting work since her ...Read more

'Charmichael Show' Actress Tiffany Haddish Wants to Find Her Foster Care Social Worker

It must be getting hard for Coleeta Lewis not to notice Tiffany Haddish by now. Haddish plays saucy Nekeisha in the "The Charmichael Show," comic Jerrod Charmichael's critcally admired sitcom. The NBC offering became a bona fide hit last summer when it debuted and it's even bigger now, following the ratings rocking "Little Big Shots."

So ...Read more

Patty Duke Deserved More Attention Than She Got in Recent Years

The death of baby boomer icon Patty Duke last week at age 69 has left many of us with a sense of personal loss. The last time we spoke, in 2013, she had just completed a guesting on "Glee" in which she and Meredith Baxter played a lesbian couple. She loved the experience for several reasons -- as a supporter of the gay community, as one who ...Read more

Ask Stacy for April 2-3, 2016

DEAR STACY: Every time I sit down to watch TV, there is Jennifer Lopez in yet another commercial. Any idea how much she's making from all that? -- Scoooter

DEAR SCOOOTER: Billboard pegged her cash flow at an astonishing $40 million-plus a couple years back, including $17.5 million from "American Idol," $13.3 million from Coty fragrances, $6 ...Read more

'The Good Wife's' Nicole Roderick Looks to the Future

The countdown is on for the ending of "The Good Wife," which wraps up its seven-season run this year. With just a couple of episodes left to shoot, the cast and crew of the Julianna Margulies starrer are feeling the pangs of goodbye.

"Michelle King was on set the other day, and we were looking at her with puppy dog eyes," reports the show's ...Read more

Ask Stacy

DEAR STACY: I thought "Little Big Shots" was adorable. What is the future of this show? Also, I would like to know if Steve Harvey is married. -- PaulaW87

DEAR PAULAW87: NBC has ordered eight hour-long installments of the show produced by Harvey and Ellen Degeneres (who reportedly dreamed up the idea). If its first week ratings hold up at all,...Read more

Gaga Performance Inspires In Profound Ways

The Lady Gaga-Diane Warren song "Til It Happens to You" may not have won an Oscar, but it has undoubtedly proven its worth in a profound way. Gaga's powerful Academy Awards performance, dedicated to victims of sexual abuse, has inspired courage and healing. Actress Jaime King is the most prominent example.

On Sunday, Feb. 28, King divulged in a...Read more

The Hollywood Exclusive: Ask Stacy

DEAR STACY: Can you tell me what everyone's favorite "Brady Bunch" mom, Florence Henderson, is up to lately? -- Janet H., Thousand Oaks, CA

DEAR JANET: Well, for one thing, the 82 year old is getting good sex from multiple "friends with benefits," as she has said herself -- TMI, Florence! The actress, whose second husband passed away in 2002 (...Read more

Test Your Academy Awards Knowledge: Hollywood Oscar Quiz

The wait is almost over for Hollywood's biggest night of the year! With the 88th Academy Awards coming up this Sunday, Feb. 28, it's time to test your Oscar expertise. Here's our Oscar quiz, with a little gossip, a little trivia and a few blushworthy moments mixed in:

1. In this year of the OscarsSoWhite Twitter hashtag controversy, African-...Read more

Ask Stacy for Feb 20-21, 2016

DEAR STACY: Can you give some background on Rob James-Collier and also, what is he doing now that "Downton Abbey" is over? -- Ellen B., Chandler, Arizona

DEAR ELLEN: The actor known to countless "Downton" fans as scheming under butler Thomas Barrow is 39 years old, 6'2" and has a 5-year-old son, Milo, with longtime partner Lauren Chandiram. He ...Read more

For Josie Bissett, 'Pregnant at 17' was More Than Just a Film

For Josie Bissett, Lifetime's Feb. 20-premiering "Pregnant at 17" was like making several movies in one -- an emotional drama in which she plays a woman who discovers her husband's infidelity; a psychological thriller in which her character becomes obsessed with finding out all about her husband's young lover (Zoe De Grand Maison) and begins ...Read more

Ask Stacy for February 13-14, 2016

DEAR STACY: Wasn't there supposed to be a film biography of Hillary Rodham Clinton on the way? What happened? -- JLMdn

DEAR JLMdn: There was more talk than action. Both NBC and CNN scrapped plans to make documentaries about the Democratic presidential hopeful in 2013 after the Republican National Committee voted to bar both networks from their ...Read more

Celebrity Valentines Go Big

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, the time is ripe for reviewing memorable gestures of love from the celebrity realm. After all, you may wish to adopt some of these to spring on your sweetie yourself.

For instance, there's the rent-a-major-sports-facility for your sweetheart gambit -- guaranteed to be unforgettable. Just ask ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Feb. 6-7, 2016

DEAR STACY: Please give an update on Nicollette Sheridan's film/TV plans. - Lisa14

DEAR LISA14: There's not much to say at the moment, as the one-time "Desperate Housewives" sexpot has no projects in the pipeline, and her latest two Hallmark Channel movies were in 2013 and 2011. The avid horsewoman keeps busy with various activities, but her ...Read more

One Woman, One Very Special Memoir

"One Woman, Four Decades, Eight Wishes" is no ordinary Hollywood memoir. Prepare to be re-energized by a spirit both indomitable and wise.

Marilyn Murray Willison went from the peak of success as a glamorous globetrotting journalist to the valley of despair, alone and facing a sudden inability to walk, thousands of miles away from friends and...Read more

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