Ask Stacy for Aug, 1-2, 2015

DEAR STACY: I think JoAnna Garcia is great as Betty Grissom in "The Astronaut Wives Club." I used to watch her in "Reba." Can you give some background on her, whether she has a family, what else she's been up to since "Reba"? -- Pam M., Santa Clarita, California

DEAR PAM: JoAnna Garcia Swisher wed Cleveland Indians outfielder and first baseman ...Read more

Nicki Minaj and the Value of Celebrity Feuding

Whatever you think of Nicki Minaj's complaints about her "Anaconda" being snubbed in the Video of the Year category of this year's MTV Video Music Awards, you must agree the curvaceous rapper and Twittermeister deserves an award for drawing attention to herself and getting people talking.

She has a point, you know. What video this past year ...Read more

Ask Stacy for July 25-26, 2015

DEAR STACY: Can you tell me whatever happened in that case where Dustin Diamond, who played Screech on "Saved by the Bell," was accused of stabbing someone in a bar? -- SBTB Fan, St. Petersburg, Florida

DEAR SBTB FAN: Dustin Diamond was convicted in May of two misdemeanors, carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct, in the wake of a ...Read more

DiCaprio and Other Celebrity Do-Gooders Keep the Giving Going in Spite of the Haters

Last week, Leonardo DiCaprio's Foundation gave a collection of environmental organizations a combined $15 million in grants. Groups that benefited include Amazon Watch, Tree People, Save the Elephants and World Wildlife Fund. Last month, at the U.S. State Department's "Our Ocean" conference, DiCaprio announced $7 million from his Foundation in...Read more

The Hollywood Exclusive: Ask Stacy

DEAR STACY: I loved David Henrie on "Wizards of Waverly Place." What is he up to these days? Is he married? -- Valgrn8

DEAR VALGRN8: Henrie is supposed to play the young Ronald Reagan in a forthcoming independent feature, "Reagan: The Movie," including Reagan's lifeguard days, which inspired the 25-year-old actor to exclaim via Twitter. "Oh, ...Read more

'Seinfeld's' Peter Mehlman Gets Hollywood Nibbles, but He's Got Freud on His Mind

With his "It Won't Always Be This Great" novel drawing widespread acclaim, former "Seinfeld" writer Peter Mehlman acknowledges he's getting nibbles from Hollywood types interested in turning the darkly comedic tale into a movie. His feeling on that: "If that happens, fine, but the goal was to write a novel -- not to write a novel and have it ...Read more

Ask Stacy for July 11-12, 2015

DEAR STACY: Whatever became of Amy Locane who was so great in "Cry-Baby" with Johnny Depp? -- Carl S., Warren, Ohio

DEAR CARL: Amy Locane-Bovenizer was convicted of vehicular homicide in the wake of a June, 2010 accident that left a woman dead and her husband severely injured -- when her blood alcohol level was three times the limit. She was ...Read more

Donald Trump Not Immune from Foot-in-Mouth Fallout

The man who puts the rump in Trump just can't stop burnishing his outrageous statements. "Someone is doing the raping," Donald Trump explained to Don Lemon last week on "CNN Tonight," attempting to magically transform an irrelevant story about attacks on Central American immigrant women into evidence supporting his earlier inflammatory remarks...Read more

Ask Stacy for July 4-5, 2015

DEAR STACY: Curtis Stone is my favorite of the reality-show celebrity chefs. How about some background? -- Jana W., Santa Ana, Calif.

DEAR JANA: The Australian super-chef is married to actress Lindsay Price ("Beverly Hills, 90210"), and they have two sons, ages 4 and 10 months. He hails from Melbourne, where he began cooking with his ...Read more

Top Celebrities-Caught-Cheating Scandals

Have you noticed that the gossip mill has been full of celebrities-caught-cheating stories of late, of varying degrees of veracity? There's Patrick Schwarzenegger's purportedly cheating on Miley Cyrus and vice versa. Chris Martin's perhaps cheating on Jennifer Lawrence. Kourtney Kardashian baby daddy Scott Disick's flaunting his cheating ways --...Read more

Ask Stacy for June 26-27, 2015

DEAR STACY: What is Tracey Ullman up to? -- Leon D., Newark, New Jersey

DEAR LEON: It has been a time of upheaval for the comedy star, whose husband, producer Allan McKeown, died of prostate cancer at age 67 on Christmas Eve of 2013, and whose mother perished in a house fire in March. Earlier this year, she put her Los Angeles home up for sale ...Read more

Hollywood in Its Glory Alive Again in 'Starflacker'

Kirk Douglas and John Wayne, conspiring to make the most of a so-called "feud" between them in order to grab the attention of the press and public -- just as their "The War Wagon" movie was hitting theaters.

Doris Day, generously and graciously forgoing Hollywood glamor to help a press photographer get her photo session done early when the ...Read more

Ask Stacy for June 20-21, 2015

DEAR STACY: I like the actor who plays Chet in "UnREAL," Craig Bierko. I know I've seen him a lot of times before. Can you give some background? There is a cloud of secrecy as to his personal life, it seems. -- VBLana

DEAR VBLANA: The 50-year-old native of Rye Brook, New York, has been a fixture on the TV and film scene since breaking in on "...Read more

Summer Like a Star

Would you like to summer like a star? It's not too late to load up on those accoutrements that can have you enjoying the warm season, celebrity style. Have your credit cards handy!

You'll want to look the part, of course, so start with a movie star tan -- a fake one, that is! Molly Simms and Leighton Meester are among the many, many celebs ...Read more

Tina Huang, the Actress Behind 'Rizzoli & Isles' Kookie Susie Chang

Summer favorite "Rizzoli & Isles" is returning for its sixth season June 16 on TNT, and with it, gonzo Senior Criminalist Susie Chang. Fans of the show have come to expect the unexpected from Susie, played by Tina Huang. This season the spotlight will definitely shine on her from time to time.

Perhaps things will be heating up between Susie ...Read more

Ask Stacy for June 6-7, 2015

DEAR STACY: Whatever happened to Justin Guarini? -- Faith D., Anaheim, California

DEAR J.R.: A lot! Right now, the singer who rose to fame in the first season of "American Idol" is in the midst of a starring run in Stephen Sondheim's "Company" at the Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. He's mostly doing stage ...Read more

Bob Barker, Still Busy at 91, Sees Progress in Animal Rights Efforts

Bob Barker made history as America's longest-running television host, with his 35 years on "The Price is Right," 18 on "Truth or Consequences" and more. But the 91-year-old's most impactful legacy just might turn out to be his work in animal rights. Having set up endowments for the study of animal law at Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, Northwestern ...Read more

Ask Stacy for May 30-31, 2015

DEAR STACY: Did they ever find Estelle Getty's Emmy? -- C_M14

DEAR C_M14: Nope, the statuette that Getty finally won in 1988 for her supporting work on "The Golden Girls" (she was nominated seven times), is still on the Location Unknown list. In a sad story of sibling squabbling, her two sons couldn't decide which one of them would get it after...Read more

Chris and Heidi Powell Tackle Couples' Extreme Weight Loss

Season five of "Extreme Weight Loss" launches tonight, May 26, and this year there will be a couple of new variations on the popular theme of long-term weight loss journeys.

"This season we're dabbling with something that Heidi and I have been wanting to do for a long time and that's work with couples," reports trainer and lifestyle makeover ...Read more

Ask Stacy May 23-24, 2015

DEAR STACY: Please settle a trivial question. The actress who plays Ursula the Sea Witch on "Once Upon a Time" -- I believe she was on a show called "Summerland" years ago. Am I right? -- L.W., Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

DEAR L.W.: Yes, Merrin Dungey played Susannah, best friend of Lori Laughlin's character on the show about a clothing designer ...Read more

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