How Can Political Opponents Get Along in Hollywood? Shh!

Who will perform at Donald Trump's inaugural festivities? Despite the most divisive presidential election in memory, chances are there will be some genuine A-listers there. Garth Brooks made it clear last week that he would consider it a politics-free, patriotic honor to play such a gig if he was asked. (Brooks never endorsed a candidate.) ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Dec. 3-4, 2016

DEAR STACY: It looks like that "Access Hollywood" tape hurt Billy Bush's career more than it did Donald Trump's (wink). Seriously, does the ex-"Today Show" guy have any work on the horizon? -- Just Curious

DEAR JUST CURIOUS: It was reported immediately following the election that the conservative Breitbart website was trying to recruit Bush for...Read more

Ask Stacy for Nov. 26-27, 2016

DEAR STACY: We watched the old "Star Trek" episode, "Metamorphosis" and it got us to wondering whatever became of Elinor Donahue, who played the female lead. Is she still with us? -- KS179

DEAR KS179: The popular actress, 79 -- who is also remembered for a plethora of roles including Betty Anderson on "Father Knows Best," Miss Ellie the ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Nov. 19-20, 2016

DEAR STACY: Can you give some background on the actor who plays Mayhem in the Allstate commercials? I'd like to see him in more things. -- Charlotte G., Cedar Rapids, Iowa

DEAR CHARLOTTE: You're talking about New York City native Dean Winters, whose resume includes numerous film and TV roles in addition to his long-running "Mayhem" insurance ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Nov. 12-13, 2016

DEAR STACY: Curious to know whether my friend is right, that Jessica Alba played the young teenage daughter on a "Flipper" remake years ago. -- Barbara G., Winnetka, Illinois

DEAR BARBARA: Yes. Alba started out in show business early on as the star of "Camp Nowhere," "The Secret World of Alex Mac" and the 1995 version of dolphin-centric "...Read more

Ask Stacy for Nov. 5-6, 2016

DEAR STACY: Kate McKinnon is outstanding as Hillary Clinton on "Saturday Night Live," along with her other work on the show. What else does she have coming up? -- Ira L., New Haven, Connecticut

DEAR IRA: Dec. 9 will see the release of "Office Christmas Party," in which Jennifer Aniston plays a CEO who threatens to shut down a branch of the ...Read more

Busy Times for 'Major Crimes' Phillip P. Keene

While "Major Crimes" fans have been waiting out answers from the midseason cliffhanger, the show's charming Buzz Watson -- Phillip P. Keene -- has been busy indeed.

He and James Duff have been off on a trip celebrating their third wedding anniversary. (Duff, creator of "The Closer" as well as "Major Crimes," has been his partner since 1993.) ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Oct. 22-23, 2016

DEAR STACY: Remembering Arsenio Hall on "Celebrity Apprentice" and how great it was for his career, I was wondering whether he's weighed in on candidate Donald Trump? -- Harriet R., St. Paul, Minnesota

DEAR HARRIET: According to his Twitter feed, Hall is a "Republicrat" who is so dismayed by the choice of Presidential candidates this year, he ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Oct. 15-16, 2016

DEAR STACY: I would like to know whether Zachary Quinto is married? -- GWS

DEAR GWS: Since 2013, the actor has been in a relationship with artist and model Miles McMillan, with whom he lives in New York. Last summer, after he was spotted wearing a ring on his left hand, the "Star Trek Beyond" and "Snowden" actor was asked by E! News whether he ...Read more

A More Confident, Relaxed J. August Richards in 'Notorious'

J. August Richards made his first big series splash back in 1999 on "Angel" as the street-savvy vampire hunter Charles Gunn. There've been dozens of roles since then, ranging from Marvel superhero Deathlok ("Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."), to fashion-forward gay dad Ford ("Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce") -- to his star turns on "Conviction" and "...Read more

Looking Ahead With Scott Bakula, 'NCIS: New Orleans'

Scott Bakula is making the best of his "NCIS: New Orleans" being bumped to the 10 p.m. Tuesday night timeslot behind Michael Weatherly's new "Bull" drama. "Those are the cards you get, you've got to go with them," notes the ever-engaging nice guy star.

There are positives. "Bull" got off to a strong start last week, providing a good lead-in for...Read more

Red-Carpet Readiness -- Sometimes the Price Is Too High

With the 68th annual prime-time Emmy Awards taking us into the start of high season for show business's ongoing awardspalooza, notables and not-so-knowns all over town have been losing weight and getting in shape like mad to be red-carpet ready -- sometimes, unfortunately, in madly unhealthy ways.

Modern medicine offers options, including ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Sept. 17-18, 2016

DEAR STACY: I would like to know whether Bob Harper of "The Biggest Loser" fame has ever come out as gay. - IHB

DEAR IHB: Yes. Harper came out publicly in 2013, in the Thanksgiving episode of the show. One of the contestants, Bobby Saleem, was struggling with whether to come out to his family, and Harper decided to help by going public himself....Read more

Ask Stacy for Sept. 10-11, 2016

DEAR STACY: I became a fan of Jamie Oliver because of his amazing "Food Revolution" show a few years ago. Will he be back on television any time soon? -- ScottMcD, Santa Monica, California

DEAR SCOTT: The busy Brit is on television now. He continues to grind out telly fare back in the U.K. However, on this side of the Atlantic, the easiest way ...Read more

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