Ask Stacy for June 25-26, 2016

DEAR STACY: I was surprised to see Lita Ford on "Chopped." What else has she been up to? -- Benjyxyz

DEAR BENJIXYZ: The woman who rose to fame as lead guitarist for The Runaways has been busy performing and recording again since 2009, when she released the album "Wicked Wonderland" -- after almost 15 years of putting her career on the back ...Read more

Ask Stacy for June 18-19, 2016

DEAR STACY: What is Simon Baker of "The Mentalist" doing lately? -- Maura P., Las Vegas, Nevada

DEAR MAURA: The Aussie star recently finished directing his first feature film, "Breath," based on Tim Winton's best-selling novel that's set in mid-70s Australia. He plays the adventurer who pushes two teenage boys to take risks in the tale that ...Read more

Ask Stacy for June 4-5, 2016

DEAR STACY: I can't wait for Ryan Murphy's movie about the feud between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, with Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon starring. When is it expected? Any other news about cast and such? -- Margie_W

DEAR MARGIE_W: The eight-episode "Feud" miniseries (part of a planned anthology ala "American Horror Story") is due sometime ...Read more

Movie Dad Dooley Takes His 60-Year Career Onstage

The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young, said Henry Ford. Mounting a one-man show certainly requires a young mind -- which is why, even though he's had 88 birthdays, actor Paul Dooley remains on the sunny side of the youth divide.

Dooley, whose accomplishments range from playing some 30 movie dads (for onscreen offspring the ...Read more

Ask Stacy for May 28-29, 2016

DEAR STACY: What's new with Brenda Song? Is she still dating Miley Cyrus' brother? -- Jamie W., Allentown, Pennsylvania

DEAR JAMIE: Brenda is in the cast of "Pure Genius," an upcoming CBS medical drama set in Silicon Valley, starring Dermot Mulroney and Augustus Pew -- from "Parenthood" creator Jason Katims. Stay tuned for when it will be ...Read more

'Eastside Heartbeats' Marks Return to Music of a Sixties Fave

"Eastside Heartbeats: A New Rock 'N' Roll Musical" has been playing to packed houses in its back-by-popular-demand run in East Los Angeles' CASA 0101 Theater. Judging by the response to the show, it's likely to make its way out to the bigger world -- not unlike the Chicano band at the heart of the story, a 1965 collective of young guys in ...Read more

Ask Stacy for May 7-8, 2016

DEAR STACY: Any truth to the story that Sylvester Stallone and Carl Weathers will get back into the ring as their younger characters, Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed, in the sequel to "Creed"? A friend told me this and I find it very hard to believe. - Jay B., Ontario, California

DEAR JAY: Stallone was talking about doing just that back in ...Read more

Breast-Feeding Key to Managing Motherhood and Hectic Career For 'DWTS' Pro Edita Sliwinska

"Dancing With the Stars" pro and ballroom dance great Edyta Sliwinska is thinking of adding book authorship to her professional repertoire. She's been managing to keep up her career -- not to mention her great physical shape -- while being a fully engaged mother to her and husband Alec Mazo's 2-year-old son, Michael.

"I know I'm not a writer,...Read more

Ask Stacy for April 23-24, 2016

DEAR STACY: What has Mackenzie Phillips been doing lately? It seems she pretty much dropped out of sight after her bombshell revelation of incest with her father. -- Lauren G., San Luis Obispo, California

DEAR LAUREN: Not so. Phillips has done TV shows (including "Criminal Minds" and "Hot in Cleveland") and other acting work since her ...Read more

'Charmichael Show' Actress Tiffany Haddish Wants to Find Her Foster Care Social Worker

It must be getting hard for Coleeta Lewis not to notice Tiffany Haddish by now. Haddish plays saucy Nekeisha in the "The Charmichael Show," comic Jerrod Charmichael's critcally admired sitcom. The NBC offering became a bona fide hit last summer when it debuted and it's even bigger now, following the ratings rocking "Little Big Shots."

So ...Read more

Patty Duke Deserved More Attention Than She Got in Recent Years

The death of baby boomer icon Patty Duke last week at age 69 has left many of us with a sense of personal loss. The last time we spoke, in 2013, she had just completed a guesting on "Glee" in which she and Meredith Baxter played a lesbian couple. She loved the experience for several reasons -- as a supporter of the gay community, as one who ...Read more

Ask Stacy for April 2-3, 2016

DEAR STACY: Every time I sit down to watch TV, there is Jennifer Lopez in yet another commercial. Any idea how much she's making from all that? -- Scoooter

DEAR SCOOOTER: Billboard pegged her cash flow at an astonishing $40 million-plus a couple years back, including $17.5 million from "American Idol," $13.3 million from Coty fragrances, $6 ...Read more

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