The Wizard of Oz

Do you know the differences between the classic books and the classic movie? Test your knowledge of both with the quiz below.

Points available: 10


Who was the credited director for the film "The Wizard of Oz"?

  • A) Victor Fleming
  • B) Richard Thorpe
  • C) George Cukor
  • D) King Vidor

Which character was not at all affected in the poppies sequence?

  • A) Tin Man
  • B) Toto
  • C) Lion
  • D) Scarecrow

In what year was the original book by L. Frank Baum written?

  • A) 1890
  • B) 1900
  • C) 1910
  • D) 1915

How did the producers chance the color of the "horse of a different color"?

  • A) Spray paint
  • B) Water-based makeup
  • C) Jell-O crystals
  • D) Hand-colored in post-production

What was the real name of the dog who played Toto?

  • A) Terry
  • B) Trixie
  • C) Tommy
  • D) Tammy

Which song was added at the last minute?

  • A) "Over the Rainbow"
  • B) "If I Were King"
  • C) The Lollipop Guild segment of "Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead"
  • D) The second half of "Merry Old Land of Oz"

In the original book, what did the Wizard make the Scarecrow's new brain out of?

  • A) A real brain preserved for science
  • B) Bran, pins, and needles
  • C) Horse hair and gears
  • D) Beans, shoelaces, and candy

Which of these cast members was the last to pass away?

  • A) Margaret Hamilton
  • B) Jack Haley
  • C) Bert Lahr
  • D) Ray Bolger

According to the original book, how old is Dorothy?

  • A) Seven
  • B) Eleven
  • C) Fifteen
  • D) It is never mentioned

What were Dorothy's slippers made of in the original book?

  • A) Rubies
  • B) Gold
  • C) Silver
  • D) Glass