Sherlock Holmes

Test your Sherlock Holmes knowledge.

Points available: 10


Why did Arthur Conan Doyle nearly refuse a knighting from Queen Victoria?

  • A) He believed his being knighted would demean the title.
  • B) He was afraid he was only being recognized for his Sherlock Holmes stories.
  • C) He was not a supporter of Queen Victoria.
  • D) He didn't want the extra attention.

What two words did Doyle write in his diary after finishing his last Sherlock Holmes story, "The Final Problem"?

  • A) "No good."
  • B) "At last."
  • C) "Killed Holmes."
  • D) "Must edit."

Who was the model for Holmes?

  • A) A college professor
  • B) A professional detective
  • C) A fellow author
  • D) Doyle himself

What was Doyle's profession before he quit to start writing the Holmes stories?

  • A) Veterinarian
  • B) Optometrist
  • C) Psychiatrist
  • D) Court transcriptionist

His brother-in-law, E.W. Hornung, created a famous literary criminal by the name of:

  • A) Arsene Lupin
  • B) Raoul d'Andresy
  • C) Jim Barnett
  • D) A.J. Raffles

One of Doyle's own exploits as a detective led to the British system of:

  • A) Appealing criminal cases
  • B) Ensuring all defendents were properly represented in court
  • C) Conducting thorough police searches
  • D) Conducting background checks

In what year was Doyle knighted?

  • A) 1895
  • B) 1897
  • C) 1900
  • D) 1902

Sherlock Holmes has the distinction of being:

  • A) The most portrayed fictional character in film
  • B) The first true detective in literature
  • C) The fictional character who has received the most "fan mail"
  • D) The first character to make the leap from book to film

Under the pseudonym A.C. Smith, Doyle played this sport for his home team:

  • A) Football
  • B) Rugby
  • C) Tennis
  • D) Golf

Which TV doctor is based directly on Sherlock Holmes?

  • A) Mark Sloan (Diagnosis: Murder)
  • B) Peter Benton (ER)
  • C) John Dorian (Scrubs)
  • D) Gregory House (House)