Anime Quiz

Test your knowledge of Anime.

Points available: 10


What was the first (and so far only) anime film to win an Academy Award?

  • A) Princess Mononoke
  • B) Spirited Away
  • C) Ghost in the Shell
  • D) Akira

Which of the following anime doesn't have a trading card game based on it?

  • A) Pokemon
  • B) Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • C) Naruto
  • D) Zatch Bell

Which of the following is not an anime?

  • A) Speed Racer
  • B) Astro Boy
  • C) Kimba the White Lion
  • D) Johnny Quest

What show features (in the American version) a blonde teen named Serena and a talking cat named Luna?

  • A) Sailor Moon
  • B) Pokemon
  • C) Digimon
  • D) One Piece

What live-action movie has a series of anime shorts created to fill in extra plot points?

  • A) Lord of the Rings
  • B) Spiderman
  • C) X-Men
  • D) The Matrix

What comedian had a role in the English-language version of the recent film 'Howl's Moving Castle'?

  • A) Billy Crystal
  • B) Robin Williams
  • C) Jim Carrey
  • D) Steve Martin

Where do 'big eyes' in anime come from?

  • A) A desire to make the characters look more American.
  • B) An attempt at copying the old American style of animation.
  • C) To make the characters look cuter.
  • D) To take up more of the face so animating expressions is easier.

Which of the following is NOT a reason for odd-colored hair in anime?

  • A) It was used on comic book covers to get a buyer's attention.
  • B) It was originally used to indicate 'weird' or 'alien' characters.
  • C) It's a statement on Japanese kids wanting to dye their hair.
  • D) It helps distinguish similar-looking characters.

What cable channel shows a large block of anime programs in the evening?

  • A) Comedy Central
  • B) Cartoon Network
  • C) Nickelodeon
  • D) Disney

The word for an anime fan - 'otaku' - comes from the Japanese word for:

  • A) A fanatic
  • B) A childish person
  • C) An artistic person
  • D) A person who never leaves the house