TV and Movie Actors

Test your knowledge of TV and movie actors.

Points available: 10


Alan Alda starred in the TV series "MASH" and also in the movie "Same Time, Next Year." Who co-starred in the movie?

  • A) Suzanne Pleshette
  • B) Ellen Burstyn
  • C) Vera Miles
  • D) Eileen Brennan

Tom Selleck starred in the TV series "Magnum, P.I." What was his first starring role in a movie?

  • A) Lassiter
  • B) Three Men and a Baby
  • C) High Road to China
  • D) Quigley Down Under

Ted Danson starred in "Cheers" and which of the following movies?

  • A) Madigan
  • B) Missing
  • C) The Onion Field
  • D) Detective Story

Dick Van Dyke moved from his TV series to "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." Who was his co-star?

  • A) Sally Ann Howes
  • B) Hope Lange
  • C) Julie Andrews
  • D) Beverly Garland

Mary Tyler Moore went from her series to a starring role in "Ordinary People." Who was the director?

  • A) William Friedkin
  • B) Brian DePalma
  • C) Martin Ritt
  • D) Robert Redford

Michael Douglas went from "Streets of San Francisco" to the big screen. Which movie included him in the cast?

  • A) The Mountain
  • B) The Americanization of Emily
  • C) The China Syndrome
  • D) The Last Detail

James Garner scored big with "Maverick" before going into the movies. Who was his co-star in the series?

  • A) Will Hutchins
  • B) Jack Kelly
  • C) Clint Walker
  • D) Ty Hardin

Clint Eastwood started in the TV series "Rawhide." Who was the star of the series?

  • A) Guy Madison
  • B) Eric Fleming
  • C) Tris Coffin
  • D) Pat Conway

What role did Robert Culp play in "Trackdown"?

  • A) Gunfighter
  • B) Bounty Hunter
  • C) Texas Ranger
  • D) Sheriff

What role did Steve McQueen play in "Wanted, Dead or Alive"?

  • A) Sheriff
  • B) Gunfighter
  • C) Bounty Hunter
  • D) Texas Ranger