Movie Ghosts

Test your knowledge of ghosts in movies.

Points available: 10


What is the name of the Ghost in the play "Hamlet"?

  • A) Hamlet
  • B) Horatio
  • C) Claudius
  • D) His name is never given

Who starred as the original Ghostbreaker in the 1940 movie "The Ghost Breakers"?

  • A) Bob Hope
  • B) Danny Kaye
  • C) Milton Berle
  • D) Abbott and Costello

In the 1984 movie "Ghostbusters" in what form does Gozer manifest?

  • A) The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man
  • B) A Twinkie
  • C) J. Edgar Hoover
  • D) A Giant Cockroach

Which of the following actors does not play a Ghost in the 1996 movie "The Frighteners"?

  • A) Jim Fyfe
  • B) John Astin
  • C) Gary Busey
  • D) Lee Emery

Who stars as the Ghost in the 1947 movie "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"?

  • A) George Sanders
  • B) Rex Harrison
  • C) Danny Kaye
  • D) Bing Crosby

What is not one of the names of one of the less friendlier Ghosts in the 1996 movie "Casper"?

  • A) Clyde
  • B) Fatso
  • C) Stinkie
  • D) Stretch

What is the name of the schoolteacher who crosses the path of the Ghost of the Headless Horseman in Washington Irving's classic tale, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"?

  • A) Rip Van Winkle
  • B) Roderick Usher
  • C) Brom Bones
  • D) Ichabod Crane

What is the name of Whoopi Goldberg's character in the 1990 movie "Ghost"?

  • A) Corrina Washington
  • B) Oda Mae Brown
  • C) Edwina 'Eddie' Franklin
  • D) Sister Mary Clarence

Which of the following actors or actresses never portrayed a ghost?

  • A) Jack Lemmon
  • B) Charles Laughton
  • C) Cary Grant
  • D) Bill Cosby

In what state is the haunted house in the movie "Amityville Horror" located?

  • A) New Hampshire
  • B) New York
  • C) New Jersey
  • D) Vermont