'70s & '80s TV

Test your knowledge of 70s and 80s T.V.

Points available: 10


Which actor was not in the show "Taxi"?

  • A) Christopher Lloyd
  • B) Danny DeVito
  • C) Tony Danza
  • D) Danny Bonaduce

On "WKRP in Cincinnati", who was the newsman?

  • A) Dr. Johnny Fever
  • B) Venus Flytrap
  • C) Les Nessman
  • D) Arthur "The Big Guy" Carlson

Who did Larry Hagman play on the show "Dallas"?

  • A) Tony Nelson
  • B) JR Ewing
  • C) Bobby Ewing
  • D) Jock

What show featured Joan Collins, Linda Evans, Pamela Sue Martin and Heather Locklear?

  • A) Dallas
  • B) Lonesome Dove
  • C) Magnum PI
  • D) Dynasty

What was the original name of the "$25,000 Pyramid" game show?

  • A) $25,000 Pyramid
  • B) $10,000 Pyramid
  • C) Egyptian Solitaire
  • D) High Rollers

What was the theme song from "The Wonder Years"?

  • A) "I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends"
  • B) "Just You 'n Me"
  • C) "The Wonder Years Theme"
  • D) "I Wonder"

What was odd about Corporal Klinger on "MASH"?

  • A) He didn't speak English
  • B) He wore women's clothing
  • C) He was always drunk
  • D) He was a doctor afraid to operate

On what show did the tape self-destruct?

  • A) Mannix
  • B) Mission Impossible
  • C) Columbo
  • D) McCloud

What was the name of Dennis Weaver's cowboy cop?

  • A) Mannix
  • B) McMillan
  • C) McCloud
  • D) Hec Ramsey

Which comedian got started on the satirical "Soap"?

  • A) Billy Crystal
  • B) Robin Williams
  • C) Sam Kinison
  • D) Jerry Seinfeld