More Classic Rock

Test your knowledge of classic rock.

Points available: 10


What rocker's real name is Gordon Sumner?

  • A) Bono
  • B) Sting
  • C) The Edge
  • D) Axl

What band had a live album callled "Live at Leeds"?

  • A) The Who
  • B) Led Zeppelin
  • C) Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • D) The Rolling Stones

What Beatles' song inspired Charles Manson?

  • A) Revolution #9
  • B) While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  • C) A Day in the Life
  • D) Helter Skelter

Which Pink Floyd song has the lyrics "We're just 2 lost souls living in a fish bowl"?

  • A) Welcome to the Machine
  • B) Dark Side of the Moon
  • C) Time
  • D) Wish You Were Here

Bruce Springsteen greets listeners from what city in New Jersey on his first album?

  • A) Asbury Park
  • B) Trenton
  • C) Morristown
  • D) Atlantic City

Keith Moon was drummer for what band?

  • A) The Kinks
  • B) The Yardbirds
  • C) The Beatles
  • D) The Who

Richard Starkey's stage name is:

  • A) Bono
  • B) Cat Stevens
  • C) Jethro Tull
  • D) Ringo Starr

Ian Anderson's signature instrument is:

  • A) Cello
  • B) Violin
  • C) Flute
  • D) Keyboards

Who is the lead singer for The Moody Blues?

  • A) Justin Hayward
  • B) Ian Anderson
  • C) Eric Burden
  • D) Michael Moody

What song by Santana was originally recorded by Fleetwood Mac?

  • A) Evil Ways
  • B) Black Magic Woman
  • C) Everything's Coming Our Way
  • D) Winning