Lynda Hirsch On Soaps for 10/16/2016

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"THE BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL":. Eric is brought home so that he can regain his health in the comfort of his own room while under the supervision of his personal physician and Ridge. Ivy attempts to prove way that she can easily substitute Steffy in Liam's life — by wearing the same outfit Steffy wore when she married Liam. Quinn is overwhelmed when...Read more

Lynda Hirsch On Soaps for 10/09/2016

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Character traits have shifted. Sonny left a sweet boy and returned an astute man. Andre is no longer a cartoonish villain. Theo, who is autistic, has not shown signs of the syndrome for almost a year. Dana Higley, the show's current head writer, has an autistic child, so she understands how significant it is that autism be accurately portrayed...Read more

Lynda Hirsch On Soaps for 10/02/2016

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Agnes Nixon, who died at 93 earlier this week, truly was the queen of the soaps. She served as head writer for "Another World," "All My Children," "Loving," "One Life to Live," "Search for Tomorrow" and "Guiding Light." And with one "Guiding Light" storyline, Nixon may have literally saved thousands of lives.

Nixon had lost a friend in real ...Read more

Lynda Hirsch On Soaps for 09/25/2016

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But not Diamont. He wanted a hamburger. A public-relations assistant was sent to get one. Not only was it hot; the hamburger stand was way at the other end of Universal Studios, where the event was held. It took the guy 45 minutes to bring the burger. It looked as if he sweated off 10 pounds during the assignment. Diamont unwrapped the burger....Read more

Lynda Hirsch On Soaps for 09/11/2016

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Originally called "one of the top 10 shows worth watching" by TV Guide, "The Bay" follows the affluent yet dysfunctional Bay City residents living in a town cursed by Red Garrett, an ominous senator who was murdered by his socialite granddaughter, Sara Garrett. Now living in his shadow, Sara, her youngest son, Pete, and those around them face ...Read more

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