Lynda Hirsch On Soaps for 10/03/2015

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This is also great news for Kristoff St. John (Neil). For months the actor has been talking to an empty bed that is surrounded by safari-style netting. St. John is a terrific actor, so he can pull it off. Lot of acting is reaction, and acting to a clump of gauze does not allow for much reaction.

Morgan should pop up on your TV screen in the ...Read more

Lynda Hirsch -- Soaps Gossip

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It was a tough break for "The Young and Restless" star Daniel Goddard, who plays Cane Ashby. Goddard broke his elbow during a fight scene. No one is saying who was involved in the scene. We are betting it was Joe. Not only has Joe slept with Cane's wife Lilly, he is playing Uncle Daddy to the couple's twins.

Goddard is awaiting surgery, and the...Read more

Lynda Hirsch On Soaps

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"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Neither Thomas nor Brooke is happy about Ridge and Caroline's elopement. After warning Caroline that Ridge may have secrets, Brooke urges Ridge to tell Caroline that he had a vasectomy. Ridge is stunned when his doctor says Ridge is infertile. Zende becomes upset and calls out Thomas when he learns that Thomas ...Read more

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