Lynda Hirsch On Soaps for 02/13/2016

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A lot of folks think that on "General Hospital," Luke and Laura gave soaps staying power. Wrong. In 1976 Bill Hayes (Doug on "General Hospital") and Susan Seaforth (Julie on "General Hospital") graced the cover Time magazine. That may not seem like much in these times of social media, but back than the magazine was social media. There...Read more

Lynda Hirsch On Soaps for 02/06/2016

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The show's executive producer, Ken Corday, said last year that any character that died after September would stay dead. If the exec is true to his word, Cosgrove cannot return as Aiden. The actor and everyone on the set is being mum about whom Cosgrove will play. Andre did make a look-alike for Aiden -- so maybe that is his new role. Or maybe ...Read more

Lynda Hirsch On Soaps for 01/23/2016

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"Finally heard back from Cheeks this evening. The big obstacle has been Ted Harbert who really wants to move to low cost info/talk shows instead of DOOL after next season. Despite this (and Harbert's objection), NBC will agree to two more years of DOOL at $775K next season and $750K the following season, provided we go up from our current ...Read more

Lynda Hirsch On Soaps for 01/09/2016

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Learning that Brady needs the transplant ASAP, Maggie decides to give him the heart. Wait, we are not done yet. How will Eric, a former priest, deal with the fact that his drunk driving caused the death of his best friend? There is a chance that a fairly new drug protocol might save Eric's life. Now the issue becomes: Will the guilt-ridden ...Read more

Lynda Hirsch On Soaps for 01/02/2016

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It has been a busy month for Scott Elrod (formerly Joe on "The Young and the Restless"). His character was given a very unimpressive ticket to jail for trying to frame Cain for blackmailing Devon. The character was literally carted off to jail and off the show in about 10 minutes. In real life he learned he was expecting his first child. A few...Read more

Lynda Hirsch On Soaps for 12/26/2015

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A: You might want to brew a cup of coffee for this answer. When I was 4 years old, I wanted to watch "Concentration," hosted by Hugh Downs. If you Google him as the host, you will figure out about how old I am. (No, I am not telling. You need to do some work to find out that not-so-secret information.) My mother, a very smart businesswoman, ...Read more

Lynda Hirsch On Soaps for 12/19/2015

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"The Big Bang Theory" couple Sheldon and Amy finally made love, while the rest of the crew was watching "Star Wars."

The news featured stories about "Star Wars" fans with tickets waiting in line for 18 hours. (I must admit, as a teen I waited 23 hours to snag a ticket to a Beatles concert. I got the ticket and it was the thrill of my young ...Read more

Lynda Hirsch On Soaps for 11/28/2015

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The next year, he was hired to play Adam and Stuart (twin brothers) on "All My Children."

It was a role that garnered him 19 Daytime Emmy nominations for best actor, with five wins.

Like Stuart, Canary was the gentlest of souls. "I cannot understand Adam. Who does the things he does?" he commented over the years. He identified with the ...Read more

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