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Summer, Beach or Poolside Books

Summertime is near! These novels for young readers and teens take place under the sea, on an island, in a treehouse and on a frivolous vacation.

"Deep Blue" by Jennifer Donnelly; Disney-Hyperion; 352 pages; $17.99.

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Spring Sports Star Stupendously

Many, many children play baseball and soccer in the springtime. These new books will tickle youngsters who love to kick, run, throw and catch.

"Goal!" by Sean Taylor; photography by Caio Vilela; Henry Holt and Co.; 40 pages; $17.99.

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Books About War for Young Readers

The consequences, sacrifice and dedication of military members are worthy of mention and praise, even among children. These books paint an age-appropriate depiction of war and how it affects those involved and those left at home.

"A Less than ...