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Fun Toy Gifts For the Pickiest Kids on Your List

Kids need active toys. Instead of just concentrating on buying electronic screens for gifts, how about engaging their bodies and minds with toys and kits to help them be active?

"AirStorm Firetek Bow" from Zing Toys; $29.99.

Available at Wal-...

Kids Music Hits the Big Time

Children's music used to consist of nursery rhymes, "EIEIO" and "The Wheels on the Bus." Today, accomplished musicians, rockers and singers from the adult music world regularly lend their talents to tunes for youngsters.

Prices vary from retail...

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Though we'd welcome some wintry weather in California, it's beginning to hit the rest of the country. Cozy up to these snowy tales with some hot cocoa and your favorite young child.

"Blizzard" by John Rocco; Disney/Hyperion; 36 pages; $17.99.