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It's the Time of Year for Spooky Tales

Kids love slightly scary books. It helps them anticipate one of childhood's most popular holidays, Halloween. Here are a few books, for preschoolers through chapter book readers.

"Otis and the Scarecrow" by Loren Long; Philomel/Penguin; 38 ...

Vintage Stories Brought to Life in New Ways

New York Book Review is one company known for reissuing some of the past's best children's tales. Here's their latest batch of retro wonders, plus other vintage returns.

"Now Open the Box" by Dorothy Kunhardt; The New York Review Children's ...

Zesty Activity Books for Youngsters

These new activity books are fun alternatives to electronic screens and the start of more indoor time.

"Super Cute Kawaii Fun Book" by Peggy Brown and Nate Lovett; Adams Media; 128 pages and $13.99.

From "The Everything Girls" series comes ...

Get Moving with These Physical Tales

A smart way to entice children to get some exercise is by introducing movement-based activities that are fun and noncompetitive. These new books showcase yoga and dance so that youngsters will want to join in.

"Mama Yoga and the Story of ...