Gene and Gina Discuss the "Modern Delicate Flower Way of Life"

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WASHINGTON -- I consider myself a feminist. In fact, I would proudly wear one of those "This is what a feminist looks like" T-shirts, except:

(1) I'm afraid it would deliver the unintended, unfortunate message that feminists are old, fat and slovenly.

(2) Women, being smart and savvy, no doubt understand that roughly 75 percent of all men ...Read more

You Havent Entered Senior Territory Until Your Dog Has Called You an Idiot

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WASHINGTON -- I was in the kitchen staring suspiciously at two jars of peanut butter when my dog, Murphy, walked to the front door and sat facing it. She was telling me she had to pee. So I let her into the front yard and then went back to the kitchen, where the peanut butter awaited.

What had made me suspicious was that the Skippy jar and the ...Read more

Poetry Slammed

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WASHINGTON -- I give you here more corny jokes / Retold by me in rhyme. / If these do not amuse you folks, / Not all that sorry, I'm. / So I ask that you just take a seat / And kindly quitcherbitchin'. / Or, if you cannot stanza heat, / Then just vacate the kitchen.

The Fisherman and the Voice

A man of simple mind went out to fish

And ...Read more

Getcha Gotcha Here!

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WASHINGTON -- As you know, political candidates have been complaining lately that we in the media are conducting so-called "gotcha" interviews, in which we ask unexpected, beside-the-point, ambush-type questions designed to throw them off balance, or at least off script. They claim these are "dirty tricks."

Of course they are. But I am very ...Read more

Jonesing on Jesting: Sometimes Gene Can't Help Himself

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WASHINGTON -- To be a good columnist, one must recognize one's weaknesses, particularly any tendency to return too often to subjects with which the columnist -- but not necessarily the reader -- is fascinated. For the columnist, this is like confronting an addiction: You have to exhibit self-control. My problem is that events keep occurring to ...Read more

No Guts, No Glory

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WASHINGTON -- The Brian Williams and Bill O'Reilly war-story-inflation brouhahas took me by surprise -- mostly because, in my experience, journalists seldom discuss their close calls, let alone exaggerate them. There's a reason, and it is not modesty. Believe me, I know.

On a few occasions, I faced danger while reporting. You're getting them ...Read more

Future Intense: Gene's Friend is a Different Kind of Urban Planner

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WASHINGTON -- In the scientific debate over Nature vs. Nurture, Im Neither. Or, rather, neither in particular. Ive always assumed peoples personalities are initially determined by their genes and then further shaped by their environments in roughly even proportions. Lately, Ive been steering more toward the gene theory, though, because of ...Read more

How to Build an Article Accelerator

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WASHINGTON -- Because I live and work in Washington, D.C., I have a ringside seat at the world capital of The Persuasive Arts, or, as I like to call it, The Opinions Racket. The following story is completely true, if deliberately short on specifics.

I have a good friend whom I will cleverly call "Terry," though that is not his or her name. ...Read more

Meet Meathead

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WASHINGTON -- This is a true conversation that once happened on a car trip through the country:

Wife: Look at the lambs!

Me: Where?

Wife: There.

Me: Those arent lambs. Those are baby sheep.

Wife: Lambs are baby sheep.

Me: I thought lambs were baby cows.

Wife: Baby cows are calves.

Me: Are you sure? Well, then what are veals?

Wife: (...Read more

An Old Cuss

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WASHINGTON -- The world of journalism was most recently rocked -- it gets rocked more often than an insomniac baby -- when the publisher of the York (Pa.) Daily Record issued an edict banning cursing in the newsroom.

The use of foul language has been a treasured newsroom custom since the days of hot lead, rewrite men and sob sisters. Its how ...Read more

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