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Edward Snowden emerges as a film star

Depending on your point of view (or maybe on whether you're Neil Patrick Harris), Edward Snowden's actions could be read very differently: The former NSA contractor is either, in the end, a dangerous traitor or a laudable hero.

It's that split ...

USA's 'Dig' intriguing blend of history, mystery

Jason Isaacs made one big mistake during the filming ofDig, USA's new conspiracy thriller.

The actor did too much research for his own good.

When Isaacs signed up to star in the 10-episode drama, which premieres Thursday, he was psyched about ...

Netflix sparks question: What is a movie?

It was recently announced that former Chicago improviser Tina Fey's new TV show, "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," would not air on NBC like her colossal hit "30 Rock," but would be available for streaming on Netflix. Then it was announced that Netflix...