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Video games are making everyone a Hollywood player

In the latest video game sensation, the player encounters an attractive stranger at a bar and must make a difficult choice: flirt or network.

The goal: climb the Hollywood food chain and transform from a starving no-name to a rich-and-famous A-...

Fall films worth looking forward to

At long last, what seemed like an endless summer is over -- at the movies, anyway.

It's time to put aside all that comic book reading that we call "research," sweep the word "sequel" aside and get serious about movies, because "serious movie ...

Author took time to decide ending of 'If I Stay'

Mia, the main character in Gayle Forman's book "If I Stay," has to make a major decision between fighting for life or giving up after an accident leaves her in a coma.

You'll have to read the book -- or see the new feature film opening Friday -- ...