Judge grants Amber Heard a domestic violence restraining order against Johnny Depp

LOS ANGELES -- Amber Heard was granted a restraining order against husband Johnny Depp on Friday, after appearing at the courthouse with a bruised face and alleging the "Alice in Wonderland" actor had physically abused her prior to her filing for divorce on Monday.

Though the judge granted Heard a temporary restraining order that requires Depp ...Read more

Justin Bieber and Skrillex sued over 'Sorry' song

Justin Bieber and his producer Skrillex have been sued over the prominent vocal hook that opens his smash hit "Sorry."

Casey Dienel, a singer/producer who records as White Hinterland, has filed suit against Bieber and Skrillex claiming that the duo used a prominent element of her single "Ring the Bell" without permission or compensation.

"As ...Read more

Thrilling return of overlooked classic 'The Fallen Idol'

For a brief but dazzling period, from 1947 through 1949, Carol Reed was the director of the moment in the English-speaking world. Two of the films of that era, "Odd Man Out" and "The Third Man," have been widely admired, but the third, 1948's "The Fallen Idol," has been more difficult to experience.

Now, thanks to the excellent work of reissue ...Read more

Mark Wolper finds courage to remake acclaimed 'Roots' miniseries

Three years ago, producer Mark Wolper sat down his 16-year-old son to show him his grandfather's greatest television accomplishment. David L. Wolper was the executive producer of the 1977 miniseries "Roots," one of the most watched and honored productions in TV history.

Despite the production's significance, the teenager had no interest in ...Read more

Movie review: 'Love & Friendship' is pure pleasure

Lady Susan Vernon, the dubious heroine of Jane Austen's 1790s-era novella "Lady Susan," is a very accomplished flirt: the sort, an acquaintance notes, who "does not confine herself to that sort of honest flirtation which satisfies most people, but aspires to the more delicious gratification of making a whole family miserable." She is, in short, ...Read more

A guide to spotting your 'Thrones' faves outside of Westeros

One of the great pleasures of "Game of Thrones" -- and there are many (as well as many frustrations) -- is that the show almost exclusively casts actors from across the pond (and beyond) who may be unfamiliar to many American viewers unless you watch British TV and films.

These aren't the Judi Denches, the Daniel Craigs, the Idris Elbas and the...Read more

What's opening in theaters next week


Opening Friday:

"Me Before You" (PG-13): Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin star in this adaptation of Jojo Mojes' novel about a woman who becomes the caretaker for a man left paralyzed by an accident. Bring Kleenex. Bring a box.

"Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping" (R): Andy Samberg stars as a popular singer in crisis-mode after his new ...Read more

The 'Nashville' series finale was as nutty as we could've hoped

"OK, you're crazy, and we're done."

That was Avery Barkley (Jonathan Jackson) ending his short-lived relationship with Layla Grant (Aubrey Peeples) on Wednesday night's series finale of "Nashville." But Barkley's line works equally well as a viewer's farewell to this prime-time soap, which after premiering in 2012 as a surprisingly credible ...Read more

Movie review: X-Men go back for more in 'Apocalypse'

We already knew the superhero v. superhero story is the comic book movie trend of summer 2016, but let's not forget that the X-Men films had long ago staked out this territory, with the long-standing rivalry between Professor X and Magneto. This time, there's a third party in their battle, an ancient Egyptian God nicknamed Apocalypse (and you ...Read more

Capsule reviews of feature films

THE ANGRY BIRDS. 2 stars. Well-made, funny, fast and furious and featuring a strong celebrity voice cast (Sean Penn, Maya Rudolph, Blake Shelton, Jason Sudekis), this computer animated 3-D adventure is nothing less or more than a 97-minute ad for the Angry Birds gaming franchise. An island of flightless birds is hoodwinked and almost decimated ...Read more

Original 'Roots' still fresh and shocking, decades later

"Roots" premiered on ABC in January 1977, just a few months after Alex Haley published the historical novel upon which it was based -- a phenomenon on the back of a phenomenon.

Now remade for the flat-screen generations by History, the new version will surely reap the benefits of 40 extra years of technological innovation and historical ...Read more

Around the Remote: "Roots", "Nat'l Memorial Day Concert", more

DON'T MISS: "Roots" -- Attempting to remake or "re-imagine" a pop-cultural landmark often leads to disaster. But this well-cast and handsomely crafted update of the 1977 miniseries about one American family's tumultuous journey through slavery earns our respect. The four-night, eight-hour event can be difficult to watch at times, but ultimately ...Read more

For actors, 'Roots' was a mind-blowing series

NEW YORK -- If you were anywhere near a television in January 1977, you were probably watching "Roots." The ABC miniseries was a surprise smash that attracted a record-setting audience and won nine Emmys. Members of the original cast recently gathered to discuss the influence of "Roots," which will be released on Blu-ray on June 7.

Q: ...Read more

'Roots': The time was right to 'reimagine' the slavery epic, and the 1977 producer's son and LeVar Burton signed on

Almost four decades after its premiere, "Roots" still stands as an elite landmark in TV history. The saga of author Alex Haley tracing his ancestral roots to a young African boy kidnapped and sold into slavery was a phenomenon when it aired on ABC in 1977, gripping a nation with its brutal but ultimately triumphant tale.

Even the power of later...Read more

Commentary: How 'Nashville,' Hayden Panettiere and, yes, 'Jane the Virgin' have changed the conversation about postpartum depression

When ABC announced its decision to cancel "Nashville," the news was briefly overshadowed by a tweet from one of the show's stars. Hayden Panettiere, who plays country starlet and new mother Juliette Barnes, posted a message stating that she was still suffering from the effects of postpartum depression and was taking time to focus on her health. ...Read more

Q&A with Oscar Isaac, a bad guy of biblical proportions in 'X-Men: Apocalypse'

If you were casting a supervillain in a comic-book movie, odds are Oscar Isaac wouldn't be the first person you'd think of. Until he broke out to worldwide fame last year in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" as ace pilot Poe Dameron -- a guy squarely on the light side of the Force -- Isaac was best known for his work in heady, small-scale fare like...Read more

Movie review: Art overcomes obstacles in 'The Idol'

Acclaimed Palestinian filmmaker Hany Abu-Assad won Academy Award nominations for his past two features, "Paradise Now" and "Omar," riveting thrillers about the political plight facing many living in the eternally troubled Mideast.

Now he heads in a more optimistic direction with "The Idol," a happy, uplifting biopic about Mohammad Assaf, an ...Read more

Crimes, rhymes in 'Cop Rock': ABC's heavily panned 1990 series of song, dance and police calls gets new life on DVD

Before the rise of Lucious and Cookie's "Empire," the giddiness of "Glee" and the wackiness of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," there was "Cop Rock."

The 1990 drama co-created by veteran producer Steven Bochco ("Hill Street Blues," "NYPD Blue"), which mashed gritty police drama with original musical numbers showcasing cops and criminals singing and ...Read more

A new 'Roots' for a new generation

No one believes that "Roots," a new interpretation of Alex Haley's blockbuster novel airing next week, will get the attention the 1977 version did. Then again, expectations weren't too high the first time around.

ABC, whose pride and joy at the time was "Happy Days," was so skeptical of the sprawling history lesson about American slavery that ...Read more

Movie review: Latest 'X-Men' is big in scale, tiny in originality

It's hard to know whether to welcome "X-Men: Apocalypse" with melancholic disappointment or testy annoyance.

Bryan Singer, a more than capable director, once again returns to the Marvel mutant saga he began in 2000. He launched the first two films in the series with a level of craftsmanship and intelligence that turned the comic-book genre into...Read more