New albums: Miguel; 'Nina Revisited'; 'Dope' soundtrack



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Proud to be iconoclastic, Miguel Jontel Pimentel explains himself on "What's Normal Anyway?", the seventh track on "Wildheart," the Los Angeles polymorphous and musically adventurous love man's third album. He describes himself as "too proper for the black kids, too black for the Mexicans, too square to be a hood. . ...Read more

Snoop Dogg music video sparks legal battle with India religious group

MUMBAI, India -- A music video featuring the rapper Snoop Dogg and an Iranian pop singer has become the subject of a legal battle in India, where members of the Parsi community say it should be banned because it demeans their Zoroastrian religion.

The 3 1/2-minute video for the song "King," released on YouTube last month, shows Snoop Dogg ...Read more

Video game: Head games elevate 'Her Story'

"Her Story" starts like a mystery.

"You think it's murder?" says a woman, speaking to an unseen detective. The video flickers, and then it hisses and clicks like an old VHS tape. Then it cuts out, and the battle of wits begins.

"Her Story" quickly unspools from there. The crime becomes secondary to the lives of the people behind the murder and...Read more

Movie review: 'Amy' is an absorbing look at tragic star

"I don't think I'll be famous," Amy Winehouse remarked in 2003. "I don't think I could handle it."

She was half-right, but more than she knew.

This month marks four years since Winehouse died from alcohol poisoning at the far-too-young age of 27.

"Amy," director Asif Kapadia's absorbing documentary about the Grammy-winning British singer-...Read more

Nothing magic about success of Penn & Teller

LAS VEGAS --When Penn & Teller began conjuring magic feats nearly 40 years ago, they were not very good. But they shared a common goal. And that has proved more successful than half of U.S. marriages.

"Our goal, financial and fame-wise, our goal was to play successfully 300-, 400-, 500-seat theaters for people that wanted to see our stuff," ...Read more

Denis Leary ready to rock FX once again

When it comes to his Hollywood triumphs, there are at least two sides for Denis Leary.

On one side are his young fans, who flocked to Leary thanks to his distinctive voice performance as the saber-toothed tiger Diego in the animated hit franchise "Ice Age."

On the other are hopefully not many kids but instead the multitude of adults who ...Read more

David Oyelowo looks for 'brave, meaningful work'

Six months before he floored audiences with his thrilling portrait of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in "Selma," David Oyelowo had another movie, "Nightingale," premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival. It's all Oyelowo, a one-man show about an Army veteran fighting a losing battle with the voices in his head.

HBO picked up the film after ...Read more

Big-budget sequels like 'Jurassic World' gobble up indies

Dinosaurs running amok are the focus of summer's biggest blockbuster, and the center of the movie industry. In director Colin Trevorrow's "Jurassic World," a corporate-backed theme park markets genetic copies of fossils, most notably the man-eating hybrid monster Indominus rex.

Similar recycled relics in movie form are the main attraction of ...Read more

'Faith in Our Fathers' star has faith in movie genre

Kevin Downes recalls talking 20 years ago to his "Faith of Our Fathers" co-star David A.R. White about how great it would be if Hollywood would finally embrace the kind of faith-based movies they wanted to make.

It took some time, but that has finally happened.

"Faith of Our Fathers" is the latest in a growing list of faith-based movies that ...Read more

R&B group the Internet widens its connection with the deeply personal 'Ego Death'

LOS ANGELES -- For Matt Martians, it started with the beats.

A producer and multi-instrumentalist, Martians is half of the Internet, the adventurous R&B group that began as an offshoot of the cheerfully anarchic Los Angeles hip-hop collective Odd Future. Since then, Martians and his creative partner, Syd tha Kyd, have soothed nerves jangled by ...Read more

'Terminator Genisys' debuts at No. 3, 'Magic Mike: XXL' at No. 4

LOS ANGELES -- Male strippers and the return of the Terminator were not enough to excite moviegoers, who instead flocked to leftovers such as "Jurassic World" and "Inside Out" during the Fourth of July weekend.

Warner Bros.' "Magic Mike XXL" and Paramount Pictures' "Terminator Genisys" fell short of tracking expectations, grossing an estimated ...Read more

Around the remote: Shark Week, 'Penny Dreadful' finale

DON'T MISS: Shark Week -- It's time once again to sink our teeth into television's longest-running summer event. Now in its 28th year, this fin-tastic celebration of the mysterious creatures of the deep will feature 19 hours of original programming -- the most ever. It all kicks off with "Shark Trek," a documentary that follows a marine ...Read more

TV picks for the week of July 5-11

Shark week! It's shark week! Yeah, there's other stuff on, too, but never mind that -- it's shark week! What? You don't like sharks? Well, here's what else caught my eye:

Sunday: "Shark Trek," 7 p.m., Discovery: But first, it's shark week! And it kicks off with this look at a marine biologist who tags great whites off of Cape Cod. The 19 hours ...Read more

Univision files for IPO as companies covet Latino market

Univision, the largest Spanish-language broadcaster in the U.S., is going public at a time when Wall Street is salivating over the growing clout of Latino consumers.

The New York media company filed for an initial public offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission without disclosing the number of shares it would offer or the price ...Read more

Appeals court sets back lawsuit over unpaid internships

A lawsuit challenging the legality of unpaid Hollywood internship programs has been dealt a major blow.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York on Thursday vacated a federal judge's 2013 ruling in favor of uncompensated workers on a Fox Searchlight Pictures film.

Eric Glatt and Alex Footman, two interns who worked on Fox Searchlight'...Read more

Wally Feresten's deft cue-card wrangling has kept the quips flowing smoothly for the last 25 years

NEW YORK -- As a kid, Wally Feresten longed to write for television. He just never imagined that he'd be doing it with a felt marker on 14-by-22-inch pieces of recycled cardboard.

For 25 years now, Feresten has been the cue card guy at "Saturday Night Live."

An unassuming, 49-year-old father of two with short white hair and glasses, he has ...Read more

Alan Rickman happy to bring 'A Little Chaos' into his life

LOS ANGELES -- Nearly 20 years ago, British actor Alan Rickman fulfilled a dream shared by many in his profession -- he directed a feature film. He helmed 1997's "The Winter Guest," a critically acclaimed drama starring the real-life mother and daughter Phyllida Law and Emma Thompson.

And then Harry Potter cursed his ambitions.

"I didn't know ...Read more

Trump's Miss USA pageant will air on Reelz channel

Donald Trump's troubled Miss USA pageant has found a new TV home on cable network Reelz.

Reelz, which is available in 70 million homes, is picking up the July 12 event after NBC and Univision dropped it in response to Trump's inflammatory comments about Mexican immigrants. Trump made the remarks during his June 16 announcement of his run for ...Read more

Joe Manganiello ready to make more 'Magic'

Joe Manganiello ordered the porterhouse steak for two, the waiter walked away, only to hear actor Kevin Nash snap his fingers to get his attention.

"Hey, wait, I haven't ordered yet," WWE Hall of Famer Nash said. The restaurant employee had assumed the men were splitting the entree but the double play was just for Manganiello.

"When you're ...Read more

Apple Music promises revolution, but traditional DJs are what set it apart

It's an old-fashioned concept remade for the mobile era: human DJs beaming out songs to people all over the world listening on their smartphones.

Real-time radio, of all things, is what truly distinguishes the newest and splashiest streaming service, Apple Music.

The nuts and bolts of the service, which launched Tuesday after a breathless ...Read more