Captain Comics: 'Captain America: Civil War,' pits Iron Man against Captain America

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"Captain America: Civil War," premiering May 6, pits Iron Man against Captain America, two characters that the movies have established as having both philosophical and personal differences. But surely, you say, that wasn't true in the comics, where squared-jawed heroes are always best buds!

Annnnnnd: No. Iron Man and Captain America have been ...Read more

ELIGIBLE: A modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice

Curtis Sittenfeld
Random House
ISBN 978-1400068326
512 pages

Reviewed by Ron Charles, who is the editor of The Washington Post Book World. You can follow him on Twitter @RonCharles.

If you're concerned about zombies - ...Read more


L S Hilton
ISBN 978-0399184260
320 pages

Reviewed by Patrick Anderson, who reviews mysteries and thrillers for The Washington Post Book World.

L.S. Hilton's "Maestra" will be one of this year's most talked-about ...Read more


Ward Farnsworth
ISBN 978-1567925487
243 pages

Reviewed by Michael Dirda, who reviews each Thursday in The Washington Post Style and is the author, most recently, of "Browsings: A Year of Reading, Collecting, and ...Read more

NO DREAM IS TOO HIGH: Life Lessons From a Man Who Walked on the Moon

Buzz Aldrin with Ken Abraham
National Geographic
ISBN 978-1426216497
222 pages

Reviewed by Reeve Lindbergh, who has written a number of books for children and adults, including "Forward From Here: Leaving Middle Age and Other ...Read more

'The Science of Growth': What Facebook knew, but Friendster didn't

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"The Science of Growth: How Facebook Beat Friendster -- and How Nine Other Startups Left the Rest in the Dust" by Sean Ammirati; St. Martin's Press (256 pages, $27.99)

With more than 27 million entrepreneurs in the U.S. and $128 billion in global venture capital money raised in 2015, the demand for product management guidance is in full swing. ...Read more

Review: 'Extreme Prey' by John Sandford

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"Extreme Prey" by John Sandford; G.P. Putnam's Sons (406 pages, $29)

Detective Lucas Davenport has retired from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, but he isn't slowing down -- and neither does the action in this fast-paced thriller. The plot certainly is topical: During the presidential primaries, a candidate hears a rumor that ...Read more

AMERICAN CHARACTER: A History of the Epic Struggle Between Individual Liberty and the Common Good

Colin Woodard
ISBN 978-0525427896
308 pages

Reviewed by David M. Oshinsky

Five years ago, Colin Woodard caused a stir with his book "American Nations," a fascinating, if quirky, account of the different regional ...Read more


Shawn Vestal
ISBN 978-1101979891
320 pages

Reviewed by Jon Michaud

Near the start of Shawn Vestal's elegant debut novel, "Daredevils," Jason, a teenager raised in a Mormon family, sets off for church with his ...Read more


Graham Swift
ISBN 978-1101947524
177 pages

Reviewed by Ron Charles

Graham Swift's "Mothering Sunday" seems at first like a grab for some "Downton Abbey" love, but it's really a demonstration of what this Booker...Read more


na pages

Reviewed by Nancy Hightower

Following the success of "NOS4A2" (2013) and "Heart-Shaped Box" (2007) Joe Hill returns with "The Fireman" (Morrow, $28.99), a splendid, fast-paced apocalyptic tale - ...Read more


Anna Quindlen
Random House
ISBN 978-0812996081
257 pages

Reviewed by Bethanne Patrick

Mimi Miller, the narrator and protagonist of Anna Quindlen's stunning new novel, "Miller's Valley," knows her mother is someone ...Read more

GIRLS & SEX: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape

Peggy Orenstein
ISBN 978-0062209726
301 pages

Reviewed by Laura Stepp

At 16, Holly thought she knew the rules of sexual conduct. Sex in high school was something "only those skanky public school girls" did. ...Read more

MISSION FAILURE: America and the World in the Post-Cold War Era

Michael Mandelbaum
ISBN 978-0190469474
485 pages

Reviewed by Carlos Lozada

Twenty years ago, Michael Mandelbaum wrote an essay in Foreign Affairs with a memorable title: "Foreign Policy as Social Work." The ...Read more

OLD AGE: A Beginner's Guide

Michael Kinsley and Foreword by Michael Lewis
Tim Duggan_Crown
ISBN 978-1101903766
155 pages

Reviewed by Reeve Lindbergh

Among all the books published in recent years about old age and dying - and there have been plenty...Read more

ONE IN A BILLION: The Story of Nic Volker and the Dawn of Genomic Medicine

Mark Johnson and Kathleen Gallagher
Simon and Schuster
ISBN 978-1451661323
246 pages

Reviewed by Susan Okie

In the first six years of his life, Nic Volker, a Wisconsin boy born in 2004, beat the odds twice, in radically...Read more

THE BAD-ASS LIBRARIANS OF TIMBUKTU: And Their Race to Save the World's Most Precious Manuscripts

Joshua Hammer
Simon and Schuster
ISBN 978-1476777405
288 pages

Reviewed by Jeffrey Brown

In front of you, a mosque built of mud and clay that served as a center of learning in the Middle Ages. Here, scholars once ...Read more

THE SILK ROADS: A New History of the World

Peter Frankopan
ISBN 978-1101946329
645 pages

Reviewed by S. Frederick Starr

This absorbing but curiously misnamed book is more than the story of the "Silk Roads" and less than a "History of the World." Peter ...Read more

GHETTO: The Invention of a Place, the History of an Idea

Mitchell Duneier
Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN 978-0374161804
292 pages

Reviewed by Aram Goudsouzian

Imagine that it is 1969 and that you are watching Elvis Presley, in the midst of his comeback, crooning "In the ...Read more

'Sayonara Slam' intertwines baseball, WWII aftermath

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"Sayonara Slam" by Naomi Hirahara; Prospect Park Books (280 pages, $16)

In a genre in which unusual amateur sleuths are the norm, Mas Arai is in a class by himself. An 80-something gardener who was born in America but whose parents returned to Japan, Mas survived Hiroshima and can't understand the modern world in which he lives. He'd much ...Read more