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Death penalty expert representing Planned Parenthood shooting suspect

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Robert Lewis Dear Jr. appeared next to one of Colorado's top public defenders specializing in death penalty cases on Monday during his first court appearance after a shooting rampage at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic.

Dear, 57, repeatedly shut his eyes and drifted to one side or the other as if he ...Read more

More allegations that sheriff botched recovery of remains in 'Speed Freak Killers' case

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SAN JOSE, Calif.--Two prominent scientists have added to the chorus of criticism of the embattled San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office over its 2012 excavation of a Central Valley well that held victims of the "Speed Freak Killers," according to court documents, saying the recovery effort was flawed and failed to follow established standards. The...Read more

Why IMF giving the yuan reserve-currency status is a major victory for China

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The International Monetary Fund's decision to add the Chinese yuan to its basket of elite global currencies gives China a significant boost -- as well as increased pressures -- as it seeks to expand its international influence and rival the global economic order long dominated by the American dollar.

No one expects the Chinese currency to ...Read more

Ted Cruz excoriates Marco Rubio on foreign policy, links him to Hillary Clinton

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WASHINGTON -- Ted Cruz on Monday offered his strongest denunciation so far of Marco Rubio's foreign policy views, assailing his Republican presidential rival as a proponent of "military adventurism" that he said has benefited Islamic militant groups. He even tied the Floridian to Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton.

"Senator Rubio ...Read more

Dallas relief agency defies Texas' rejection of Syrian refugees

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HOUSTON -- A Dallas relief agency is defying Texas officials' threats of legal action and vowing to continue to resettle Syrian refugees.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott was among more than 30 state leaders who said they would bar Syrian refugees after the Paris terrorist attacks. He said the refugees were a security threat.

Federal officials say ...Read more

U.S.-Cuba talks on migration at impasse

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While thousands of Cubans thwarted in their journeys to the United States remained stuck in Central America, the United States and Cuba met in Washington Monday for regularly scheduled migration talks.

Going into the biannual talks, Cuba made it clear that it thought U.S. policies were a stimulus for Cubans who travel to other Latin American ...Read more

Concerns over Haiti presidential elections impasse widens

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Concerns over Haiti's disputed presidential elections widened Monday when Catholic bishops and a group of pastors re-enforced the position of an alliance of opposition presidential candidates demanding an inquiry into the vote.

The alliance of eight candidates led by second-place finisher Jude Celestin, and dubbed the G8, reiterated their ...Read more

Donald Trump declares his meeting with black pastors a success

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NEW YORK -- Following a Monday meeting with approximately 100 African-American pastors and religious leaders, Donald Trump emerged in the lobby of his signature Fifth Avenue property to declare it a success.

"There was great love in the room," said the billionaire, who was swarmed by reporters gathered at Trump Tower.

A day earlier, a formal ...Read more

Nation and world news briefs

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Cyber Monday sales on record pace, to crack $3 billion

This Cyber Monday could be the largest online sales day ever, according to early numbers from Adobe Systems Inc.

As of Monday morning, online sales totaled $490 million, 14 percent higher than the same period last year. Adobe expects sales to reach a record $3 billion for the first time ...Read more

Hundreds bid goodbye at funeral for slain Downey police officer

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LOS ANGELES --Several months ago, when Downey Police Officer Ricardo "Ricky" Galvez pulled over an older woman with an expired vehicle registration, they got to talking.

Her husband had just died and she just couldn't afford the registration, she told him with tears in her eyes. Galvez let her go with a warning. The next day, Galvez "showed his...Read more

Detroit on track after bankruptcy, report says

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DETROIT -- The city of Detroit is on track with its sweeping restructuring and reinvestment plan rolled out almost one year ago when the city exited the nation's largest municipal bankruptcy, according to a new commission report.

In a biannual report to Gov. Rick Snyder, the Detroit Financial Review Commission concluded that the city has been ...Read more

There's no such thing as a 'male brain' or 'female brain,' scientists say

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Do you have a male brain or a female brain? The answer, according to science, is no.

If you didn't expect this to be a yes-or-no question, you're not alone. Male brains do seem to be built differently than female brains. An analysis of more than 100 studies found that the volume of a man's brain is 8 percent to 13 percent greater than the ...Read more

Chicago cop posts $1.5 million bail in teen's shooting

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CHICAGO -- Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke posted $1.5 million bail on Monday, hours after a Cook County judge set the amount after viewing police dash-cam video of the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

"I'm not here to determine guilt or innocence," Judge Donald Panarese Jr. said in issuing his decision in the packed ...Read more

Robert Durst is sued for $100 million by first wife's family over her 1982 disappearance

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Relatives of embattled New York real estate scion Robert Durst's missing first wife filed a $100 million lawsuit against him Monday in New York, arguing he violated their right to bury her.

When Kathleen Durst, 29, initially disappeared from the couple's suburban New York home in 1982, her husband told investigators that he dropped her off at ...Read more

Conn. police attempting to locate owner of dog with mouth taped shut

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AVON, Conn. -- Avon police said Monday they are working with a Florida police department to locate the owner of a dog who caused a social media uproar when she posted a photo of the animal with its mouth taped shut on social media.

Just before 10 a.m. EST Friday, a woman named Katie Brown posted the photo with the caption, "This is what happens...Read more

How Obama learned from 'a mess' of a climate deal to forge a new agreement in Paris

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PARIS -- Hoping to salvage a faltering international climate deal near the end of his first year in office, President Barack Obama and his team roamed the halls of a convention center in Copenhagen "hunting for the Chinese," as his then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently put it. Securing a commitment -- any commitment -- from China, the...Read more

As Puerto Rico crisis worsens, Congress shows no rush to help

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WASHINGTON -- Puerto Rico's $70 billion debt crisis has already led to four hearings this year in the U.S. Congress, hours of testimony and no consensus over how to help the Caribbean commonwealth. Another hearing Tuesday is unlikely to change that.

As Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla's administration decides whether to default on $354 million of ...Read more

Israeli court convicts two teens in grisly 2014 killing of 16-year-old Palestinian

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JERUSALEM -- A Jerusalem court Monday found two Jewish teenagers guilty of murder and delayed its decision on a third defendant in the grisly slaying of a Palestinian teenager.

Mohammed Abu Khdeir, 16, was abducted in the early hours of July 2, 2014, while heading to the mosque for morning prayers in Shuafat, his village. The family alerted the...Read more

Obama would sign short-term spending bill to avoid shutdown

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WASHINGTON -- The White House is signaling it would not block a short-term spending bill to avert a government shutdown should lawmakers need to keep working on a massive spending measure after the Dec. 11 deadline.

That date is when an existing government-wide continuing resolution will expire. By 11:59 p.m. Eastern that day, Congress must ...Read more

Emails give behind-the-scenes glimpse of Clinton

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WASHINGTON -- She worries about being excluded from meetings.

She looks forward to a few days away from the office to catch up on sleep and her favorite TV shows, "The Good Wife" and "Parks and Recreation."

She's constantly in search of someone to explain the latest technology to her, whether it's how to use her new iPad or create a smiley ...Read more