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Ailing Algerian leader expected to win re-election

ALGIERS, Algeria -- Amid heavy security, Algerians went to the polls Thursday in a presidential election that the 77-year-old incumbent, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, was considered likely to win despite his obviously failing health.

The tumult of the "...

Condom shortage hits Cuba

MIAMI -- First, potatoes disappeared from Cuban markets. They are back, but police are struggling to keep throngs of frantic buyers in check. And now there are shortages of beer and condoms, with some shops charging up to $1.30 for each ...

Familiar heartbreak in Washington state

SEATTLE -- It's been 34 years since her brother vanished when Mount St. Helens blew.

In certain parts by the mountain, the cascading, pulverized rock was at unbelievable temperatures -- more than five times the boiling point of water.

Then there...