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What happened to the Young Guns?

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WASHINGTON -- When House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and fellow Republican Reps. Paul D. Ryan and Eric Cantor ganged up in 2007 as the new generation of conservative leadership, they did a great job putting the party's goals down on paper, the man who unseated Cantor said Friday.

"But my question to them is, do they mean it? Did they just do...Read more

Russian-made missile downed Malaysian plane last year, investigation concludes

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LONDON -- A Dutch-led investigation concluded Tuesday that a Russian-made Buk missile brought down Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine last year.

All 298 people aboard probably died almost instantly, the Dutch Safety Board said, in a finding likely to comfort victims' relatives, who feared that some of their loved ones might have ...Read more

Jerusalem violence marks sharp escalation of Palestinian attacks

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JERUSALEM -- At least three Israelis were killed and 22 others injured Tuesday in a chain of attacks that signaled a sharp escalation in the ongoing violence of recent weeks. Two Palestinian assailants were shot dead as well.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called an urgent meeting of his security Cabinet to discuss efforts to protect the ...Read more

Iranian Revolutionary Guard mourns a general killed in Syria

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TEHRAN, Iran -- Posters of the general with his thin gray beard and forceful gaze lined the streets as mourners gathered outside the base of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, a key pillar of the Islamic Republic.

Brig Gen. Hussein Hamedani, killed in Syria last week while advising pro-government forces there, was not an outsize public ...Read more

Man on a difficult mission to uncover Missouri Cold War missile site

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Not worth it.

This quixotic mission to dig up one of Missouri's entombed Minuteman II Cold War missile facilities is -- two months into the hard labor -- nothing but a muddied mess.

"If I knew then what I know now ... ," says Russ Nielsen.

He's 66. He's some 1,800 miles from his California home and his California wife of ...Read more

More data sought on birth control device Essure

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PHILADELPHIA -- Drastic as it may sound, sterilization is the second-most-popular birth control method among U.S. women, and more than 10 million have opted for it.

For many decades, that meant surgery to "tie the tubes." But in 2002, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration fast-tracked approval of a seeming breakthrough in sterilization: metal ...Read more

Surrounded by poverty, urban hospitals reach out

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BALTIMORE -- As a child, Bishop Douglas Miles heard the warnings about vans trolling East Baltimore streets, snatching up young African-Americans for medical experiments at nearby Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Whether there was any truth behind those stories -- Hopkins has always denied them -- hardly mattered. The mythology lived on and, combined ...Read more

Mysterious oak leaf itch mite leaves its tiny bite mark across lower Plains

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The mysterious bug bites first appeared a few weeks ago.

George Monks, a dermatologist in Tulsa, Okla., started hearing complaints about weird, itchy welts. The bites had strange, tiny blisters in the center, ruling out mosquitoes. Appearing on arms, necks and faces, they were in the wrong places to be from chiggers, which tend to attack around...Read more

Young adults with autism work on building social skills — and dating

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LOS ANGELES -- Standing in front of a conference room table on the UCLA campus, Albert Miranda fixes a wide smile on his face and stares at Elina Veytsman, giving her the once-over. Elina fidgets, growing increasingly unnerved.

The students around the table giggle as the tension rises. Then Elizabeth Laugeson steps in.

"OK, time out," she says...Read more

4 things to watch for in the first Democratic debate

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LAS VEGAS -- Hillary Clinton takes the debate stage for the first time in this campaign Tuesday night to face four rivals looking for something -- anything -- to knock down her lead in the race for the Democratic nomination for president.

Clinton must use the debate to explain her rationale for her second candidacy for the White House or risk ...Read more

Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown targets next priorities as he caps decisions on bills

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Capping a year dominated by uncommonly personal and emotional debates in the Capitol, California Gov. Jerry Brown ended his work on legislation Sunday by banning the use of "Redskin" for school mascots, refusing to bar Confederate names on public buildings and declining new access to experimental drugs for the gravely ill. ...Read more

Hillary Clinton urges Las Vegas workers to say no to Donald Trump

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LAS VEGAS -- Hillary Rodham Clinton made a brief appearance Monday with picketers here at the Trump International Hotel, supporting a powerful local union while criticizing Donald Trump's rhetoric about immigrants.

"You have to say no to efforts that prevent you from organizing, to prevent you from having the kind of working conditions you ...Read more

Two firefighters dead after building collapse in Kansas City

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two firefighters were killed and two hurt after a burning building collapsed on them Monday night, Kansas City fire officials said.

Firefighters were dispatched to a building in the 2600 block of Independence Avenue about 7:30 p.m. and found the structure heavily damaged by smoke and flames, said Kansas City Fire Department ...Read more

Drifters accused of killing yoga teacher and tourist may face death penalty

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A trio of drifters who are accused of robbing and killing a tourist in San Francisco and a hiker out for a stroll with his dog in a neighboring county could be sentenced to death if convicted on all charges, prosecutors said Monday.

In a frantic manhunt that was boosted by hundreds of tips, Portland, Ore., police last week arrested Morrison ...Read more

UC Berkeley defends handling of sex harassment claims against professor

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BERKELEY, Calif. -- As fury grows over reports that astronomer Geoff Marcy sexually harassed female students for years, the University of California, Berkeley, Monday defended how it has handled complaints against the professor.

The claims surfaced late last week when BuzzFeed published a story on a confidential university investigation that ...Read more

Immigration bill would bring relief to Venezuelans

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WASHINGTON -- Thousands of Venezuelans who fled to the United States before 2013 could become permanent legal residents under legislation proposed by several Florida members of Congress.

Many Venezuelans cannot return to their homeland because of fear of persecution by a dictatorial government, the bill's sponsors say.

The bipartisan bill ...Read more

US delivers weapons to Kurdish, Arab forces in northern Syria

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SULAYMANIYAH, Iraq -- In a major boost for forces fighting Islamic State extremists in Syria but likely to stir controversy with NATO ally Turkey, the United States began airdropping pallets of weapons and ammunition to its Syrian Kurdish militia and allied Arab forces in northern Syria.

"They started dropping the arms in Rojava early this ...Read more

New Hampshire forum has candidates touting bipartisanship

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WASHINGTON -- They came for the Bernie and Donald show. They left at least thinking about Martin and Lindsey.

"He was put in the category of, 'This guy we'll ignore,' " Richard Pennington of Peterborough, N.H., said of former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley. But after seeing him Monday at the No Labels "Problem Solver Convention," Pennington, a ...Read more

Black councilman is tased by police in city where Sandra Bland was arrested

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HOUSTON -- A 26-year-old African-American City Council member was tased and arrested in Prairie View, Texas, prompting the mayor to convene a special City Council meeting with the police chief in the same college town where Sandra Bland's arrest and jail-cell death ignited national controversy.

The meeting was called Monday after council ...Read more

Sanders wins second congressional endorsement

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Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont scored his second congressional endorsement Monday, winning over Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., co-chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Ellison's support comes less than one week after Rep. Raul M. Grijalva, D-Ariz., the caucus' other co-chair, endorsed Sanders for president. Sanders founded the caucus ...Read more