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Summer surge at US border stirs fears of another migrant crisis

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WASHINGTON -- An unexpected summer upsurge in the number of unaccompanied children and migrant families apprehended along the southwest border has raised concerns about the potential of another migrant crisis.

This latest surge is significant because migration numbers historically drop at the end of the summer as temperatures rise and desert ...Read more

Harry Reid to sue exercise equipment firm over eye injury

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WASHINGTON -- Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and his wife, Landra, are suing the manufacturer of the exercise band he was using that slipped or snapped during a workout, leading to the Nevada Democrat's eye injury.

According to court documents filed in Clark County, Nev., Reid alleges that the injury resulted from a faulty exercise ...Read more

Netanyahu cancels trip as violence continues in Jerusalem and West Bank

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JERUSALEM -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled a trip to Germany as violence continued Wednesday in Israel and the West Bank, with attacks and clashes that injured both Palestinians and Israelis and left one Palestinian dead.

In Kiryat Gat in southern Israel, a Palestinian stabbed a soldier on a bus, grabbed his rifle and ran ...Read more

Bill And Melinda Gates Defend Common Core Education Standards

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SEATTLE -- Working on reforming the U.S. education system is the hardest job they've ever tackled, Bill and Melinda Gates said Wednesday -- more difficult and complex, even, than trying to find a cure for malaria.

In the first major retrospective address on their educational philanthropy work in seven years, the couple that leads the Bill & ...Read more

Obama apologizes to head of Doctors Without Borders over Afghan hospital bombing

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WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama apologized Wednesday to the president of Doctors Without Borders over the deadly U.S. bombing of a field hospital in Afghanistan, a White House spokesman said Wednesday, a reversal from a day earlier when the White House said Obama was waiting to gather facts before apologizing.

It wasn't immediately clear ...Read more

Oregon shooter killed himself in front of students after he was hurt by police gunfire

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Christopher Harper-Mercer, the gunman who killed nine people last week in an attack at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, turned a gun on himself after he was wounded in a shootout with police officers, officials said Wednesday.

Douglas County District Attorney Rick Wesenberg said at a news conference that two plainclothes detectives responded...Read more

VW concealed info after diesel emission problems uncovered, EPA says

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WASHINGTON -- After California and federal officials discovered that Volkswagen diesel vehicles were spewing excess amounts of pollution, the company concealed that it had installed devices to trick emissions tests, according to a top Environmental Protection Agency official.

The so-called defeat devices, installed in about 482,000 VW vehicles ...Read more

Draft Biden PAC to air first ad urging vice president to run for White House

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WASHINGTON -- A political action committee formed to encourage Joe Biden to get into the presidential race is releasing its first national TV ad, calling on the vice president to seek the Democratic presidential nomination.

The 90-second ad by Draft Biden is titled "My Redemption," and focuses on what the super PAC says is "the strength of ...Read more

Bush, lagging in polls, spending big on ads

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WASHINGTON -- The presidential campaign ad wars are in full swing, particularly for Jeb Bush supporters, while Bush remains mired in single digits in most polls.

New data from NBC ad-tracking partner SMG Delta showed that this week, Right to Rise, the super PAC supporting Jeb Bush, is spending $1.9 million in Iowa, New Hampshire and South ...Read more

Guantanamo prosecutor: Accused 9/11 plotter's letter to Obama is 'inflammatory propaganda'

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MIAMI -- The war court prosecutor declared last month that alleged 9/11 plotter Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's letter to President Barack Obama is "inflammatory propaganda" -- and advised an Army judge that Guantanamo prison staff get to decide whether it reaches the White House.

The description is contained in a Sept. 4 filing by the chief war ...Read more

Floods, rain expose South Carolina's flawed dam safety program

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COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Recent heavy rains and floods across South Carolina that broke multiple dams and destroyed hundreds -- if not thousands -- of homes have turned a spotlight on the state's dam safety program.

South Carolina has for years had one of the nation's weakest dam safety programs, consistently ranking near the bottom of rankings in ...Read more

Suicide attempts and self harm increase in wake of weight-loss surgery, study shows

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In the three years after they go under the knife, patients who have bariatric surgery to aid in weight loss are more likely than they were before the operation to attempt suicide or end up in the hospital after doing harm to themselves, new research says.

As complications of weight-loss surgery go, the hazard was rare. A Canadian study that ...Read more

Young man in a hurry, Chaffetz now positioned for a longer game

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WASHINGTON -- Jason Chaffetz will bring a chameleon political background and unremitting ambition into Thursday's caucus of Republicans with his eyes on the prize -- just not this time.

The fourth-term congressman from central Utah is not only looking three weeks ahead. He's also thinking about 13 months from now, and also two years after that....Read more

Hillary Clinton's fierce gun-control advocacy marks sea of change for Democrats

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WASHINGTON -- A near epidemic of gun violence in the United States has prompted Hillary Clinton to embrace the cause of gun control with an aggressiveness not seen from a major Democratic presidential contender since her husband ran for the White House more than two decades ago.

One day after the mass shooting that left nine people dead at a ...Read more

Russian warships fire dozens of missiles at Syria targets

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BEIRUT -- Russian warships have fired dozens of missiles at militant forces in Syria, the Russian Defense Minister said Wednesday, marking an escalation in Moscow's eight-day air campaign in support of the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The naval strikes come amid reports of Russian jets providing cover for Syrian army forces ...Read more

Poll: Ben Carson leading Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in Ohio, Pennsylvania

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NEW YORK -- Hillary Clinton is still leading the Democratic primary in three key swing states -- Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania -- but a new poll suggests she may have more to worry about than whether Vice President Joe Biden enters the race: Neurosurgeon Ben Carson could potentially pose a threat to the entire Democratic field.

If the ...Read more

16 killed in suicide bombings in northeastern Nigeria mosque, store

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KANO, Nigeria -- At least 16 people died after two teenage suicide bombers blew themselves up in a mosque and a store in a housing estate in northeastern Nigeria on Wednesday, the head of the region's emergency services said.

The attack came around the same time as a battle at an army barracks in the Goniri area of Yobe state, also in the ...Read more

Little-understood Export-Import Bank becomes politically significant

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WASHINGTON -- No politician wants to be accused of jeopardizing jobs in his or her state.

That's the corner Maine GOP Rep. Bruce Poliquin found himself in this fall, when Democrats attacked him for being out of touch with his district on reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank.

Since the bank's charter was allowed to expire in June, General ...Read more

NATO members on eastern flank seek defense boost from alliance

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ROME -- NATO members from the Baltic states and Eastern Europe will use their annual ministerial meeting this week to seek greater support from the West to modernize their defenses against a resurgent Russia.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and other former Soviet bloc nations now in NATO will ask the alliance to boost defenses on their eastern ...Read more

Field Poll: Support for Clinton drops among California Democrats

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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- California Democrats are losing faith in Hillary Clinton, according to a new Field Poll that shows her support plummeting in the Golden State -- just as it has across the country -- while voters here think it would be a "good thing" for Vice President Joe Biden to enter the presidential race.

Clinton's 19-point decline since...Read more