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Last of 11 educators in Atlanta schools cheating case sentenced

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ATLANTA -- As Judge Jerry Baxter sentenced the last of the 11 former Atlanta educators convicted of cheating on standardized tests, he expressed dismay that it will continue to cost the community as most of them appeal their convictions and prison sentences.

After 10 months of trial, nine have said they will appeal but don't have the money to ...Read more

1,400-page report on Washington school shooting can't nail down motive

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SEATTLE -- After 10 months investigating the mass shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High School, a multiagency team of more than 30 police detectives could not determine a definitive reason why Jaylen Fryberg killed four of his friends and himself.

"The motive of the shooting/murders is uncertain but the investigation by the Snohomish County ...Read more

Penalty phase begins in trial of supremacist who killed 3 at Jewish center

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OLATHE, Kan. -- The day after obtaining a guilty verdict on capital murder charges, prosecutors in Johnson County, Kan., presented only brief additional evidence Tuesday on why jurors should sentence F. Glenn Miller Jr. to death.

They called on an Overland Park police detective, who showed jurors fliers distributed last year advertising a high ...Read more

Most Americans have hearts that are aging too fast, CDC says

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Most Americans have hearts that are aging faster than they are, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday.

Based on risks associated with smoking, being overweight or having high blood pressure or diabetes, average American adults have hearts about 6.6 years older than their chronological age.

The CDC estimates that just 30 ...Read more

Nation and world news briefs

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DETROIT -- Famed street artist Shepard Fairey's own words were played in a Detroit courtroom Tuesday before a judge ruled the case against him will proceed to trial.

The Los Angeles-based artist was in Detroit to paint authorized murals in May and was asked by a reporter at that time if he was going to leave anything behind that wasn't ...Read more

Parents of woman killed on San Francisco pier file claim against sheriff, feds

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Across town from Pier 14 where Kate Steinle was shot and killed, her parents and brother stood on the steps of City Hall Tuesday morning and blamed not only the suspected shooter, but local and federal officials they believe could have -- and should have -- prevented her death.

"We're here not only for Kate, we're here for ...Read more

More than 300 children tested after Seattle hospital warned of infection risk

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SEATTLE -- More than 300 children have been tested for hepatitis and HIV infections in less than a week, after Seattle Children's officials warned 12,000 patients and families that surgical tools used at the hospital's Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center may not have been properly cleaned.

At least three of those children have posted what ...Read more

Obama opts for optics to show reality of climate change

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SEWARD, Alaska -- As President Barack Obama makes his biggest sustained public push yet on fighting climate change, he and top aides seem to be realizing that they need their own theatrics.

Six months ago, a leading Republican skeptic brought a snowball onto the Senate floor. On Tuesday, Obama saw that snowball, and raised the senator a melting...Read more

Office of Personnel Management awards credit monitoring contract after data breach

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WASHINGTON -- Millions of individuals affected by the June data breach at the Office of Personnel Management will receive three years of credit monitoring and identity theft insurance, the agency announced Tuesday.

The Office of Personnel Management and the Department of Defense have awarded a more than $130 million contract to Identity Theft ...Read more

CNN changes debate criteria, likely giving Fiorina a prime-time slot

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GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina will likely take the prime-time debate stage later this month at the Reagan Library, after CNN announced Tuesday it is altering its criteria to determine who makes the cut.

The cable network announced that any candidate who polls in the top 10 in an average of national polls between Aug. 7 and Sept. 10 ...Read more

Street artist Shepard Fairey's case to proceed to trial

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DETROIT -- Famed street artist Shepard Fairey's own words were played in a Detroit courtroom Tuesday before a judge ruled the case against him will proceed to trial.

The Los Angeles-based artist was in Detroit to paint authorized murals in May and was asked by a reporter at that time if he was going to leave anything behind that wasn't ...Read more

Killer of Kansas abortion doctor touts tax avoidance scheme on YouTube

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City-area man who murdered a Wichita, Kan., abortion doctor appears in an interview from prison on YouTube offering a way that he says Americans can avoid paying federal income taxes in order to defund Planned Parenthood.

Scott Roeder, who was sentenced to 50 years without parole for shooting George Tiller to ...Read more

Defense secretary to troops: If we close Guantanamo prison, we keep the base

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MIAMI -- Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter told troops Tuesday "it would be nice" to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay by moving roughly half the war-on-terror prisoners there to the United States. But, even if the prison is gone, he said, the Pentagon would keep the base.

Carter, on a question from a sailor at the base in southeast...Read more

13 University of S. Carolina fraternities suspended from recruitment

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COLUMBIA, S.C. -- The University of South Carolina suspended 13 fraternity chapters from recruiting new members this week after reports of alcohol violations.

The school's Fraternity Council halted rush, which started this week, for 13 chapters Monday after accusations the fraternities served alcohol in front of potential new members, according...Read more

UNC course on 9/11 criticized in conservative publications

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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- A University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill course about the 9/11 terrorist attacks has gained national attention after critics claimed the class is taught from the perspective of radical Islamists instead of victims' families.

In a post on the website, Alec Dent, who identified himself as a UNC student...Read more

Your heart is probably much older than you think, the CDC warns

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You may feel young at heart, but with apologies to Frank Sinatra, that's probably a fairy tale. A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the average American man has a heart that's 7.8 years "older" than his chronological age; for women, the comparable "heart age" is 5.4 years higher than her calendar age.

If the ...Read more

In China, long-delayed recognition for troops who fought in World War II

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BEIJING -- Even in his 97th year, Sun Yinbai cannot forget the severed limbs and mangled corpses of the U.S. airmen strewn across the remote, wind-whipped landing strip.

American B-29s had bombed a Japanese aircraft factory on Nov. 21, 1944, and were flying hundreds of miles to safety on the Chinese mainland. The small and treacherous airfield ...Read more

Wayne Dyer, self-help expert who wrote 'Your Erroneous Zones,' dies at 75

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When Wayne Dyer came out with his first self-help book in 1976, it was a dud, but he didn't give up. He bought thousands of copies himself and crisscrossed the country, stopping at every small-town newspaper and TV station that would talk to him about his reader-friendly approach to achieving happiness.

His book -- "Your Erroneous Zones" -- ...Read more

Jeb Bush punches back at Donald Trump's 'blah blah blah'

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MIAMI -- He said he would campaign for president "joyfully." But Jeb Bush has apparently realized that happy talk won't get him anywhere in the era of Donald Trump.

Bush took his gloves off Tuesday in Miami after his campaign released a new web video attacking Trump as a phony Republican. The video came on the heels of a Trump video Monday ...Read more

Alleged child abuser kills himself as marshals close in, authorities say

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LOS ANGELES -- A violin teacher facing high-profile accusations of sexually assaulting girls in Britain shot himself to death early Tuesday as U.S. marshals with a warrant closed in on his Los Angeles home, officials said.

Christopher Ling, a teacher from Manchester, England, faced extradition to his homeland to answer accusations that he ...Read more