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Rebels capture most Libyan government ministries

CAIRO -- Armed militiamen have seized control of most Libyan government ministries in the capital, Tripoli, the transitional government acknowledged early Monday, further deteriorating Libya's trappings of statehood.

Energy-rich Libya has slipped...

Ferguson police start wearing cameras

FERGUSON, Mo.--Police officers here began wearing body cameras over the weekend as marchers took to the streets in the most recent protest of a shooting three weeks earlier by a city officer that left an unarmed teenager dead.

Ferguson Police ...

Economic disaster looms for Atlantic City

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. -- The Atlantic City region is on the brink of a short-term economic disaster.

Thirty-six years ago, Atlantic City opened the first legal casinos in the United States outside Las Vegas.

Now, casino employment -- which for ...

Ukraine crisis may solve NATO's 'identity crisis'

WASHINGTON -- World leaders, diplomats and experts have often fretted about the future of NATO and whether the end of its mission in Afghanistan would also be the end of its relevance.

But as 60 leaders, including President Barack Obama, converge...