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Kids' feelings about marijuana at age 12 may predict future risk of drunken driving

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LOS ANGELES -- A new study of Los Angeles-area kids suggests a specific way to reduce the risk that they will drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs as teenagers -- challenge their positive beliefs about marijuana, and start doing it as early as sixth grade.

Why? Compared to 12-year-olds who had negative views of marijuana, 12-year-olds ...Read more

Ralph Nader: From consumer advocate to museum impresario

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WINSTED, Conn. -- This aging but charming town in western Connecticut has had one claim to fame for many years: It's the hometown of Ralph Nader.

And Nader, 81, who left for the Ivy League and gained fame 50 years ago exposing the unsafe practices of the auto industry, is returning the love.

The consumer advocate and former presidential ...Read more

A 1980s New York City battle explains Trump's candidacy

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In June 1986, Donald Trump was a second-tier developer in a city crawling with ambitious builders. He had a single skyscraper to his name, and was probably best known as the part owner of the New Jersey Generals in the flailing United States Football League, his taste for shiny finishes and his regular fulminations attesting to his own ...Read more

Analysis: Diminished by White House bid, can Scott Walker bounce back?

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MILWAUKEE -- After serving as his presidential launch pad, Scott Walker's home state is now providing a very hard landing.

Walker's standing in Wisconsin has sunk to new lows (37 percent approval) in a Marquette University Law School poll taken just after his sudden exit from the presidential stage.

The numbers paint a picture of a governor ...Read more

China slams a lid on news of violence from its western frontier

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BEIJING -- A gang armed with knives last month attacked security guards at a coal mine in Xinjiang, a volatile region in the northwest of China. By the time the attack was repelled, at least 40 people had been killed or injured, according to a report by Radio Free Asia, which quoted a local state security chief about the incident four days after...Read more

Oregon sheriff wrote, 'Gun control is NOT the answer,' and residents agree

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ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Carolyn Kellim's upper lip snarled to the left at the mention of gun control.

"I think that's the worst thing in the world that can happen," said Kellim, 86, who runs KC's Exchange gun shop out of her home.

The words "2nd Amendment" are pasted in a decal onto her front door and there's a Rifle Range Street nearby. In Roseburg...Read more

Race helped shaped the politics of Senate candidate Kamala Harris

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BERKELEY, Calif. -- California Attorney General Kamala Harris has never liked it when people try to wedge her into "this box or that box" of racial and ethnic groups.

So as an undergraduate at Howard University, Harris, now a candidate for U.S. Senate, appreciated that students at the historically black university in Washington could be "anyone...Read more

States attack the pay gap between women and men

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Aileen Rizo says she loves what she does. As a consultant for the Fresno County Office of Education in California, she teaches educators how to teach math. She has the experience, 20 years, and the education, two master's degrees.

But over lunch three years ago, her colleagues told each other their salaries. Rizo, 41, the only full-time woman ...Read more

Law student sues CIA over data on Salvadoran Army officer

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SEATTLE -- A University of Washington law school student has filed a federal Freedom of Information lawsuit alleging the CIA has illegally withheld information about an El Salvador Army officer suspected of human rights violations during that country's civil war.

Mina Manuchehri is a fellow at the UW's Center for Human Rights and a third-year ...Read more

Clinton to announce proposals to tighten restrictions on gun sales

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WASHINGTON -- With another mass shooting renewing debate over gun laws, Hillary Rodham Clinton will make a new push to tighten restrictions on gun sales, one that aims to sharpen a contrast with Republicans as well as her leading challenger for the Democratic nomination.

The move by the former secretary of state represents a calculated risk on ...Read more

Doctor accused of looting 30,000 artifacts is indicted on 21 counts

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A Mono County, Calif., doctor has been indicted on 21 felony counts related to the alleged looting of Native American artifacts from tribal and public lands including Death Valley National Park.

The case against Jonathan Bourne, 59, an anesthesiologist at Mammoth Hospital, stems from a yearlong investigation launched after photos of him digging...Read more

Short of solutions, Haiti's presidential candidates debate in Florida

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MIAMI -- Haiti's presidential debate opened with the three E's: economy, energy and education. But the four well-known Haitian journalists posing questions struggled to get precision from the eight candidates who took center stage Sunday afternoon at North Miami Senior High School's auditorium before a cynical and raucous crowd.

"Tell me, how ...Read more

After destruction in Bahamas, relief efforts commence as Joaquin threatens Bermuda

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MIAMI -- Having battered the central and southern islands of the Bahamas, Hurricane Joaquin continued to veer away from the East Coast on Sunday night and out toward the North Atlantic -- brushing by the British territory of Bermuda, and buffeting the island with wind and rain.

The storm had weakened after its destructive pass over the Bahamas....Read more

High school shooting plot foiled in Northern California, authorities say

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A day before a gunman in Oregon killed eight classmates and his college writing teacher, sheriff's detectives in Northern California's Tuolomne County foiled a plot by students to go on a shooting rampage at their high school near Yosemite National Park, authorities said.

The Summerville Union High School students, all male, had detailed plans ...Read more

US Coast Guard finds debris near Bahamas in search for lost ship

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In its search for the El Faro, a missing cargo ship with 33 people aboard that sailed into the path of Hurricane Joaquin last week, the U.S. Coast Guard reported finding a large field of debris about 100 miles northeast of Samana Cay in the southeastern Bahamas on Sunday.

The ship has been missing since its crew sent a distress signal on ...Read more

Doctors Without Borders closes Afghan hospital, says US may have committed war crime

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KABUL, Afghanistan -- The medical charity Doctors Without Borders closed its hospital in the Afghan province of Kunduz on Sunday, and charged that a suspected U.S. airstrike that killed 22 people there appeared to have been a war crime.

The closing was a blow to the embattled northern province where more than 400 people have been injured in the...Read more

'Embrace this pain,' pastor urges community after Oregon shootings

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ROSEBURG, Ore. -- People sniffled in the pews of New Hope Church here Sunday as Pastor David Ewert read the names of the nine people killed in this week's shooting at Umpqua Community College. Nine candles flickered at the Communion table near the pulpit.

"These candles are lit in memory of these nine individuals -- some of them your brothers ...Read more

Turkish defense radar locked on Russian fighter as it bombed Syrian town

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ISTANBUL -- A Russian warplane on a bombing run in Syria flew within five miles of the Turkish border and may have crossed into Turkey's airspace, Turkish and U.S. officials said Sunday.

The incident raises new concerns that Russia's armed intervention in Syria could spill over to neighboring countries, lead to an unintended military ...Read more

Iraq reopens Baghdad's Green Zone to public

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CAIRO -- Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Sunday reopened the heavily fortified Green Zone in the capital Baghdad to the public for the first time in 12 years, his office said.

The Green Zone, home to government buildings and several foreign embassies, was closed to the public after the US-led 2003 invasion of Iraq.

"The reopening of the ...Read more

Floods inundate wide area of South Carolina

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COLUMBIA, S.C. -- A slow-moving storm in South Carolina left parts of Charleston underwater and dumped a more than a foot of rain on parts of Columbia.

The rainfall submerged lowing-lying traffic intersections around Columbia.

Richland County declared a state of emergency Sunday, which allows the county to seek help from state emergency ...Read more