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The drought's hidden victim: California's native fish

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REDDING, Calif. -- Last summer, a narrow, rock-rimmed stretch of the Sacramento River near here turned into a mass graveyard for baby salmon.

Upstream releases of water from Shasta Dam were so warm that virtually an entire generation of endangered winter-run Chinook was wiped out. The eggs never hatched, or if they did, the emerging young soon ...Read more

Below the A-list and B-list 2016 hopefuls, there's the bizarre list

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WASHINGTON -- What do former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore, former Rhode Island Sen. Lincoln Chafee and a crawfish have in common?

All three are hoping to become president of the United States.

Beyond the Clintons, Bushes, Trumps and other well-traveled names of the 2016 presidential race, there are others. Some you may have heard of in passing, ...Read more

Chinese WWII pilot: From war hero, to outcast, to hero again

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CHONGQING, China -- By all accounts, Long Qiming was a Chinese hero during World War II. He piloted cargo planes over the Himalayas, helping to resupply China after Japan's military had cut off land routes into the country's interior.

Yet after WWII and the founding of the People's Republic of China, Long paid a harsh price for his decision to ...Read more

In WWII, few cities saw devastation like Chongqing

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CHONGQING, China -- When the air-raid alarms sounded, people hid in the shelters. They ran for the caves dug into the mountains. But there were never enough hiding places from the Japanese bombs, and not enough for Chen Guifang's parents.

On May 4, 1939, 7-year-old Chen was huddled inside a crowded cave in Chongqing -- China's wartime capital ...Read more

States pressed to increase efforts to reduce drownings

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WASHINGTON -- Accidental drowning is the second leading cause of death for U.S. children under age 5, after birth defects. For youngsters under 15, only traffic accidents are responsible for more deaths by injury. And while drowning rates have declined slightly since the turn of the century, African-Americans continue to die from drowning at ...Read more

Did Israel and Palestinian militants commit war crimes in Gaza?

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The devastation caused by 50 days of fighting between Israel and Palestinian militant groups in the Gaza Strip a year ago was staggering.

On the Palestinian side, more than 2,000 people were killed, many of them civilians. Entire city blocks were reduced to rubble, and much of the electricity and water infrastructure was incapacitated. Panicked...Read more

Kansas official says voter registrations without 'proof of citizenship' need to go

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- More than 30,000 incomplete voter registrations have piled up in Kansas -- most waiting for applicants to submit the now-required "proof of citizenship" documents.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach says he knows how to fix the problem. He wants a new rule that allows election officials to toss out uncompleted ...Read more

Walker gets blasted for comments on Canadian border

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MADISON, Wis. -- A day after presidential hopeful and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said considering building a wall along the border with Canada is a "legitimate issue," the notion got panned.

"Putting a wall up between us and Canada is sort of a ridiculous notion," said U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, who is also seeking the GOP presidential ...Read more

China unveils high-speed rail line to North Korean border

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BEIJING -- China opened a new high-speed rail line to the North Korean border Tuesday as Chinese officials inch ahead with plans to encourage trade with their erratic neighbor.

But some analysts see the new route more as a reflection of China's infrastructure-building programs and a demonstration of Beijing's "soft power" in the region rather ...Read more

Another 150 Clinton emails on US, foreign issues now deemed classified

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WASHINGTON -- Hillary Rodham Clinton sent or received at least an additional 150 emails through her private computer server while she served as secretary of State that were later determined to contain classified material, according to new records released late Monday by the State Department.

The emails that have been partially or entirely ...Read more

Steinle family to file claim against San Francisco sheriff, ICE and BLM in pier shooting

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SAN FRANCISCO -- The family of Kate Steinle plans to file a claim Tuesday against San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, the Bureau of Land Management and Immigration and Customs Enforcement to hold the them accountable for the woman's death in July on Pier 14.

The family -- Steinle's parents and brother -- will hold a news conference on the ...Read more

SpaceX's next launch delayed longer than expected

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LOS ANGELES -- SpaceX said its next launch will be delayed longer than expected after the June 28 accident that destroyed its unmanned ship carrying cargo to the International Space Station.

The Hawthorne, Calif.-based company is still "a couple months away from the next flight," Gwynne Shotwell, president of SpaceX, said Monday at a scientific...Read more

McConnell expects to cut budget deal, avert shutdown

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WASHINGTON -- Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Monday that funding the government is the top challenge facing him when he returns to the Capitol next week.

The Kentucky Republican said he would work with the White House to come up with budget levels to keep the government open past Sept. 30, conceding that President Barack Obama won'...Read more

Ex-Secret Service agent pleads guilty in Silk Road case

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A former U.S. Secret Service agent who was part of a team investigating illegal activity on the online drug market Silk Road has pleaded guilty to money laundering and obstruction of justice, prosecutors announced Monday.

Shaun W. Bridges, 32, of Laurel, Md., pleaded guilty Monday in federal court in San Francisco. He used his position a ...Read more

Supreme Court denies Kentucky clerk's emergency petition over issuing marriages licenses

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MOREHEAD, Ky. -- Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan on Monday evening denied Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis' emergency application to allow Davis not to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Davis now seems to be out of options.

If anyone asks Davis for a marriage license Tuesday -- and a number of couples are expected to, with news ...Read more

Hurricane specialist discusses difficulties with Erika forecast

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Did the National Hurricane Center flub Tropical Storm Erika's forecast?

James Franklin, the center's top hurricane specialist, said Monday the forecast errors were considerably larger than normal, particularly when the system was four and five days away from a possible hit on South Florida. But, he said, officials noted...Read more

Everglades National Park to restrict motorized boating

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Everglades National Park plans to restrict motorized boating on Florida Bay, designate additional land as wilderness and make the park more accessible to visitors as part of the first overhaul of its management plan in more than 30 years.

The plan, which is final but will be implemented gradually, will prohibit boaters ...Read more

Missouri high school students walk out over transgender dispute

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HILLSBORO, Mo. -- In the middle of last school year, Lila Perry came out as transgender. Before that, she had been living as a gay male.

But that's not who she really was. No longer was she going to pretend, Lila said.

So this year, she told teachers and administrators at Hillsboro High School, where she is a senior, that she would no longer ...Read more

4 young suspects in machete killing could be eligible for death penalty

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MIAMI -- A grand jury will be asked to issue an indictment for first-degree premeditated murder in the case of four ex-Homestead Job Corps students charged with the vicious machete killing of 17-year-old Jose Amaya Guardado.

An indictment means defendants Kaheem Arbelo, Desiray Strickland, Christian Colon and Jonathan Lucas will be eligible for...Read more

Guantanamo tested prisoners' blood, vaccinated some after shingles, chickenpox cases

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MIAMI -- The Guantanamo prison this summer suddenly offered voluntary HIV tests to its long-held war-on-terror captives, including former CIA prisoners kept in seclusion, after a detainee came down with shingles and gave chickenpox to a fellow captive in a communal prison block, the Miami Herald has learned.

None of those tested was found to be...Read more