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Authorities arrest two men for allegedly trying to support terror groups overseas

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Federal agents and local authorities arrested two men Thursday night on suspicion of trying to support overseas terrorist organizations after conducting several searches in Orange County, Calif., according to law enforcement sources.

One man was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport, and the second man was arrested at an undisclosed ...Read more

Authorities continue to search for suspect in deaths of woman and teen son

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CLINTON, Mo.--Law enforcement agencies throughout mid-Missouri continued to search Thursday night for a suspect in the killings of a woman and her teenage son in Clinton.

James Barton Horn Jr. already had been suspected of keeping the woman captive in a wooden box until she escaped in April.

Officers looking for Horn spent most of the day ...Read more

Analysis: Subtle differences after indictment in Gray case could be sign of shift in thinking

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BALTIMORE -- The differences between indictments returned Thursday against six Baltimore Police officers in the death of Freddie Gray and the initial charges filed this month suggest prosecutors have refined their approach to the case, legal analysts say -- or, possibly, that a grand jury balked at the some of the counts they had sought.

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Permanent plaque is erected in honor of Michael Brown

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FERGUSON, Mo.--A plaque and a bronze dove dedicated to Michael Brown Jr. were installed Thursday in the sidewalk near where he was fatally shot here by police Aug. 9, taking the place of makeshift memorials of stuffed animals that were removed Wednesday.

The bronze plaque along Canfield Drive bears his birth date, the date he was killed and a ...Read more

10 seniors at Missouri high school arrested for tree-moving prank

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ST. LOUIS -- The senior prank has become enshrined in the pantheon of high school rituals, along with prom, homecoming and the commencement speech.

Every year, as graduation approaches, school administrators face a challenge: how to accommodate a healthy amount of teenage silliness in a way that minimizes property destruction.

Most of the time...Read more

Pentagon goes public with latest dust-up in South China Sea

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WASHINGTON -- The U.S. military has begun to carefully but publicly challenge Chinese island-building on disputed reefs and shoals in the South China Sea, creating fresh tension in a potential global tinderbox as both countries shift forces into the area.

In the latest incident, a Chinese military dispatcher demanded repeatedly that a U.S. Navy...Read more

In overweight teens, food ads appeal to mouth and brain

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When a sitcom's laugh track stops and the camera pans seductively up the height of a glistening bacon cheeseburger, the teen brain snaps to attention -- especially if that brain sits atop a body that carries excess fat, a new study says.

In teens with higher proportions of body fat, the brain's pleasure centers respond more robustly to fast-...Read more

Crews work to assess, control California oil spill

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SANTA BARBARA, Calif. -- Efforts to clean the crude-stained Santa Barbara coastline ramped up Thursday as scientists, government officials and workers tried to get a handle on the size, extent and environmental impact of Tuesday's oil spill.

Officials responding to the spill, which sent an estimated 21,000 gallons of oil into the water near ...Read more

Newtown, Conn., must pay $380,000 to officer with PTSD

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HARTFORD, Conn. -- A Connecticut state board has ruled that Newtown must pay Police Officer Thomas Bean, who hasn't worked since the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, long-term disability totaling just more than $380,000.

The State Board of Mediation and Arbitration ruled that the police contract requires the town to pay Bean 50 ...Read more

Grand jury indicts six Baltimore police officers in Freddie Gray's death

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Six Baltimore police officers have been indicted on substantially the same charges they already faced in connection with the death of Freddie Gray, who was fatally injured while being transported in a police van after being taken into custody.

Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced Thursday that a grand jury had indicted the ...Read more

3,400 years after her death, scientists track a girl's travels

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In 1921, archaeologists exploring an ancient burial mound near Egtved, a village in Denmark, unearthed the grave of a girl estimated to have been 16 to 18 years old when she died.

Not much remained of her body -- only some hair, teeth, nails, and bits of skin and brain -- but scholars could tell a lot about her. Dressed in fine woolen clothing,...Read more

What GOP candidates on the debate bubble can do to make the cut

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WASHINGTON -- Rick Santorum is unhappy with Fox News' decision to cap its upcoming presidential debate at the top 10 in the polls -- calling it "arbitrary" on Thursday. He probably doesn't like his odds, and for good reason.

Fox News and Facebook announced Wednesday that because of the large pool of White House prospects, they'll include only ...Read more

Clinton Foundation discloses speech fees

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The Clinton Foundation on Thursday disclosed nearly 100 instances in which it was paid directly for speeches delivered by Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton in the past dozen years.

In all, the fees from those engagements total between $12 million and $26 million that went into the foundation's coffers and had not been previously disclosed by ...Read more

Obama: 'I don't think we're losing' the fight against Islamic State

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WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama said he doesn't think the U.S. is faltering in its fight against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, dismissing recent losses as a setback in what he knew would be a long fight and seeking to put the onus on Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to better train his own military for the battle.

The fall...Read more

US should kill as many ISIS fighters as possible, Pataki says

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ALBANY, N.Y. -- George Pataki, the former three-term New York governor considering a run for president, said the U.S. should send troops to Iraq to confront Islamic State militants.

The 69-year-old has joined a chorus of Republican hopefuls calling for the U.S. to send soldiers to Iraq to attack the group, also known as ISIS, after it toppled ...Read more

Close shave for Florida woman after tree impales car during I-75 crash

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- A Florida woman whose car crashed along Interstate 75 Thursday escaped death when a tree penetrated the windows of her Honda Civic.

"She was literally about 2 inches away from having that tree go through the back of her head," said Davie Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Robert DiFerdinando.

The crash happened at 9:21 a.m. ...Read more

Amid thaw, Cuban television gets in questions at White House

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WASHINGTON -- The questions weren't unusual. That they were asked at all was historic.

In the White House briefing room Thursday the chief spokesman for President Barack Obama entertained a question from Cuban state television, the latest sign of the thaw in a relationship that's been frozen for more than half a century.

The Cuban reporter, ...Read more

Obama would 'relish' opportunity to visit Cuba, spokesman says

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U.S. and Cuban negotiators talked for a full day Thursday before deciding to continue the talks Friday, perhaps an indication the two sides are nearing the finish line on renewing diplomatic relations and opening embassies.

In its Twitter feed, Cuba's Foreign Ministry said that advances had been made, and almost a dozen journalists from major ...Read more

Justices show skepticism in Drew Peterson's bid for new trial

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OTTAWA, Ill.--Appellate court justices Thursday peppered attorneys for Drew Peterson with questions about why the former Bolingbrook police sergeant should be granted a new trial over claims that another attorney and a judge denied him a fair trial for the murder of his third wife.

Peterson attorneys Steve Greenberg and Harold Krent argued that...Read more

NSA spying powers on brink of lapsing

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WASHINGTON -- The National Security Agency's power to collect Americans' phone records is on the verge of at least temporarily expiring, as the House of Representatives left Thursday for a 10-day Memorial Day break without an agreement on the controversial issue with a sharply divided Senate.

The House last week overwhelmingly passed a bill ...Read more