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State Department audit faults Clinton on email security

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WASHINGTON -- The State Department's internal watchdog has concluded that Hillary Clinton clearly broke its rules when using a private email server as secretary of state, saying the practice created a security risk and violated transparency and disclosure policies.

The highly critical report, sent to Capitol Hill on Wednesday, is certain to ...Read more

Obama races to cement the big Pacific Rim trade deal that all his potential successors oppose

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HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam -- President Barack Obama is racing against the clock to cement a massive Pacific Rim trade deal that all of his potential successors oppose, with his administration eyeing a looming fight on Capitol Hill while starting to implement as much of the complicated pact as it can.

The effort begins in Vietnam, where Obama ...Read more

Workers: Defense bill would undermine labor protections

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WASHINGTON -- The Senate's defense policy bill would undermine a presidential executive order that requires federal contractors to disclose any labor law violations, a provision that prompted federal contract workers to make the rounds in Senate offices Wednesday.

The workers are focusing on Senate Armed Services Committee members, asking the ...Read more

Jailed Ukrainian pilot returns home in swap for Russians

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MINSK, Belarus -- Jailed Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko was sent back to her homeland from Russia in a prisoner swap as diplomacy to end the separatist conflict on the two nations' border gathers pace.

After being pardoned by Russian President Vladimir Putin, she arrived by plane Wednesday afternoon in the capital, Kiev, greeted by her mother...Read more

Analysis: Trump's natural Senate buddy? Corker says not so fast

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WASHINGTON -- On the surface, it has strong potential to become a lasting political marriage: Donald Trump and Bob Corker, two rich and loquacious real estate developers who are both relatively new to national prominence and look to benefit from the other's success.

And yet their first date did not go all that swimmingly -- yet another ...Read more

Top Senate Democrat: You want to be president? Show us your tax forms

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WASHINGTON -- In a clear shot at Donald Trump, the top Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee wants to force presidential nominees to release their tax returns.

And if candidates like Trump decline to do so? He wants the Internal Revenue Service and federal election officials to do it for them.

"Tax returns deliver honest answers to key ...Read more

Illinois's lost year about to become two as budget cliff nears

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CHICAGO -- Illinois lawmakers have been busy in the last week of the regular legislative session. They moved to establish a youth-only turkey hunting season, set standards on where podiatrists can perform amputations and allowed for the adoption of retired police dogs.

Yet the Land of Lincoln remains the only state in the nation without a ...Read more

Panama Papers law firm quits its Nevada customers

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WASHINGTON -- The company at the heart of the Panama Papers scandal has resigned abruptly as the representative of 1,024 companies it administered in the state of Nevada.

The resignation by the Nevada affiliate of Mossack Fonseca came more than a month after a report by McClatchy that showed how the firm helped Brazilians, Russians and others ...Read more

Abe protests to Obama over death of woman near Okinawa base

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TOKYO -- Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Wednesday made a direct protest to President Barack Obama after the arrest of a U.S. citizen working at a military base on Okinawa in connection with the death of a Japanese woman.

Standing next to Obama, Abe told reporters after a meeting on the sidelines of the Group of Seven leaders' summit in ...Read more

Suicide attacker kills 10 civilians in Kabul

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KABUL -- At least 10 people were killed by a suicide attacker who targeted a vehicle carrying provincial court staff near the Afghan capital Wednesday, an official said.

The attacker was waiting for the bus in the Kabul suburb of Shahrak-e Dawodkhan, Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish said.

"When the bus came near, he blew up himself," ...Read more

New study: Sierra Nevada forests shifting to higher elevations as temperatures warm

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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- In another sign of the warming climate, key species of trees in California's Sierra Nevada mountain range -- including lodge pole pine, red fir and western white pine -- are shifting to higher elevations in search of cooler temperatures, a broad new study by state biologists has found.

From south of Lake Tahoe to the ...Read more

Having a parent behind bars costs children, states

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WASHINGTON -- Jamaill never knew his mother. When he was 1, his father was incarcerated, and Jamaill got to know him largely through letters and phone calls. Twice a year, he would trek from Brooklyn to an upstate New York prison to visit -- a trip that involved a plane ride, a long drive and an overnight stay in a motel.

Now, the 10th-grader's...Read more

Tribune News Service politics quiz

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1. What percentage of delegates does Bernie Sanders need in the remaining Democratic primaries to catch Hillary Clinton?

A. 50 percent

B. 150 percent

C. 68 percent

D. It is now mathematically impossible for him to win the nomination.

2. Hillary Clinton has recently criticized Donald Trump for rooting for:

A. The 2007 housing crisis.

B. ...Read more

Officials tried deporting Russian who shot himself in Seattle standoff; Russia won't take him

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SEATTLE -- Alik Aleksandrovich Lebedev is a wanted man whom nobody really wants.

He's not welcome in America, where he's been convicted of and served prison time for burglary, car theft and attempting to solicit sex from a 14-year-old boy, a conviction that requires him to register as a sex offender.

He's currently in the King County Jail, ...Read more

The Hiroshima bombing: What you need to know about the nuclear attack

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HIROSHIMA, Japan -- On Friday, President Barack Obama will go to Hiroshima, Japan, becoming the only sitting U.S. president to visit the first city targeted in a nuclear attack. Although the exact details of Obama's trip have yet to be revealed, Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes said last week that the president would visit the ...Read more

Majority of Texans and Floridians want Medicaid expansion, survey shows

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HOUSTON -- Americans who live in the two biggest states that haven't expanded Medicaid have more complaints about health care costs and quality, according to a new survey released by the Texas Medical Center Health Policy Institute in Houston. They'd also like their states to expand Medicaid.

The survey, conducted by marketing research firm ...Read more

Teacher abuse payouts top $300 million as LA Unified misses warning signs

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LOS ANGELES -- In the court hearing, one young man after another claimed that former Franklin High football coach Jaime Jimenez befriended them during summer practice before ninth grade, then sexually abused them.

But it's not the allegations against Jimenez that are at the center of a lawsuit filed this month against the Los Angeles Unified ...Read more

Portland schools tried to change how they teach climate change — and ignited a firestorm

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This winter, a small group of advocates, teachers, parents and students began meeting each week at a church in Portland, Ore., to figure out how their schools could do a better job of preparing the next generation to fight climate change.

Together, they wrote a resolution that, with some changes, was unanimously adopted by the Portland Public ...Read more

Former Secret Service agent Clint Hill, 84, carries burden of JFK assassination

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Clint Hill is still a haunted man.

At various times throughout the day, every day, the 84-year-old is taken back to Nov. 22, 1963.

It might be when he looks at the clock. It's noontime. That's when it happened.

It might be a loud, sudden sound. I thought at first it was a firecracker.

It could be even be a song. Oh, that was playing on the ...Read more

Trump wins Washington state primary

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Republican Donald Trump dominated Washington's presidential primary Tuesday night, taking more than 75 percent of the vote in initial counts of about 450,000 GOP ballots.

Among Democrats, Hillary Clinton was the favorite in initial returns, taking 54 percent to rival Bernie Sanders' 46 percent, with about 630,000 Democratic votes counted. That ...Read more