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Gabriele Amorth, Roman Catholic priest known as the Vatican's exorcist, dies at 91

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He used to call himself the Vatican's exorcist, and that was a pretty apt description.

Officially, Father Gabriele Amorth performed exorcisms for the Rome Diocese. He reveled in the role and was never shy about talking about what is one of the Roman Catholic Church's most ancient, and controversial, religious rites.

"Exorcism is God's true ...Read more

Campaigns differ on whether debate moderator should challenge lies

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WASHINGTON -- Campaign managers for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton disagreed Sunday on whether the moderator of Monday night's debate, NBC's Lester Holt, should challenge false assertions by the candidates.

NBC took flak after Matt Lauer, co-anchor of "Today," questioned Trump and Clinton at a form Sept. 7.

Critics blasted Lauer for not ...Read more

Trump and Netanyahu discuss border fence, status of Jerusalem

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WASHINGTON ––Donald Trump "discussed at length Israel's successful experience with a security fence that helped secure its borders" during a meeting Sunday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump's campaign said.

Trump's proposal to build a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico to confront illegal immigration has become a ...Read more

Syria monitor reports heavy civilian casualties after cease-fire collapsed

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At least 231 civilians have been killed in Syria's embattled city of Aleppo and its outskirts since a truce collapsed this last week, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

An air campaign by the government and allied Russia against rebels in the city was to blame, the monitoring group said.

The dead included 23 civilians killed in ...Read more

Anti-Islamist Jordanian writer shot dead

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Anti-Islamist Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar, arrested last month for posting a cartoon deemed offensive to Islam, was shot dead in the capital Amman Sunday, the country's state news agency Petra reported.

The attacker, who fired three bullets at the journalist outside a courthouse, has been caught by police, Petra reported without giving ...Read more

British foreign secretary says Russia may have committed war crimes in Syria

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LONDON –– British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Russia may have committed war crimes in Syria, as his government joined four other world powers in warning that patience with Moscow is wearing thin.

"They are guilty of protracting this war and making it far more hideous, and yes, I think that when it comes to instances such as the ...Read more

China begins operating world's largest radio telescope

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BEIJING –– The world's largest radio telescope -- based in a mountainous region of southwest China's Guizhou province -- began exploring space in search of extraterrestrial life Sunday.

Hundreds of astronomers and astronomy enthusiasts attended the opening of the launch of the 1,640-foot Aperture Spherical Telescope, 17 years after the ...Read more

Scope of Trump's lies are unprecedented for a modern presidential candidate

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MIAMI -- Donald Trump says taxes in the United States are higher than almost anywhere else on Earth. They're not.

He says he opposed the Iraq war from the start. He didn't.

Now, after years of spreading the lie that President Barack Obama was born in Africa, Trump says Hillary Clinton did it first (untrue) and that he's the one who put the ...Read more

Colombia's rebels try to rebrand themselves

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YARI PLAINS, Colombia -- After more than five decades of civil war, Colombia's armed guerrillas were preparing for peace.

Big-name bands from Bogota descended on a remote stretch of rebel-held savanna, where the rebels had erected a big stage. Hundreds of arriving journalists were greeted not with rifles drawn, but by a public relations team of...Read more

Steve Lopez: Trump wants my debate advice, no lie

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LOS ANGELES--Donald Trump has been reaching out to me every day, and I'm not lying. All right, I'm exaggerating a little bit, but so what?

Hillary Clinton, I never hear from. Not a peep out of her. But Trump wants my advice on how to handle the big Monday night debate.

"Friend," he emailed the other day, because that's how close we are, "I'm ...Read more

Fears for Mexico's economy grow as the peso nears the 20-to-the-dollar mark

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MEXICO CITY -- The battered Mexican peso has tumbled to historic new lows in recent days, nearing a psychological barrier of 20 pesos to the U.S. dollar and causing anxiety on the streets, at businesses and in the halls of government.

Among other factors, many point to the recent rise in U.S. presidential polls of Donald Trump, the Republican ...Read more

Washington mall gunman captured after manhunt

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WASHINGTON -- The gunman who killed five people in an attack on a busy shopping mall in Washington state was arrested late Saturday after a day on the run, police said.

"Gunman captured tonight by authorities," Mark Francis of Washington State Patrol tweeted.

No further details were immediately available, though local broadcaster K5 said the ...Read more

Keith Lamont Scott: A troubled man whose death ignited a city

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Keith Lamont Scott had been arrested five times and spent more than six years of his life in prison. He was married to the same woman for more than 20 years and was a father to seven. He was a regarded as a good security guard at a local mall, but died at the hands of local law enforcement near his home.

The complicated ...Read more

Activist groups hold rally in Charlotte Saturday over fatal police shooting

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CHARLOTTE, N.C.--Several activist groups gathered to demonstrate in Charlotte Saturday afternoon, united by calls for government transparency and to urge change in light of recent police shootings nationwide of unarmed black men.

The event – scheduled to include the local group The Tribe, Progress NC and the Trans and Queer People of Color ...Read more

Charlotte police chief agrees to release video of fatal police shooting of black man

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CHARLOTTE, N.C.--Police in Charlotte said Saturday they would release two videos of the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, the 43-year-old man whose death after a confrontation with an officer set off violent riots this week.

The videos along with other evidence being released will "explain what I believe are the absolute facts," Chief Kerr Putney...Read more

Police videos of Charlotte shooting do not show victim with a gun

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Videos released Saturday do not show Keith Lamont Scott raising a weapon toward officers nor a gun in his hand.

The videos, from a police dashboard camera and a body camera, captures the confrontation Tuesday in which an officer repeatedly orders Scott to drop his gun.

Scott drew the attention of officers who were trying to ...Read more

Three adults found dead in a Fullerton home after child calls police

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Fullerton, Calif., police found two men and a woman dead inside a home after a young girl called police dispatchers Saturday morning and said her parents had died, authorities said.

The cause of the three adults' deaths is under investigation but the case is being treated as a multiple homicide, said Fullerton police Sgt. Jon Radus.

Two ...Read more

Corbyn crushes rival to remain leader of Britain's Labour Party

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LONDON -- Jeremy Corbyn fought off a challenge to his leadership of Britain's Labour Party, beating his sole rival, Owen Smith, in a party election.

Veteran left-winger Corbyn -- the strong favorite -- won with 313,000 votes to Smith's 193,000, according to the Labour Party's official Twitter feed.

"In our party, we have much more in common ...Read more

The moon, big tides could trigger big earthquakes, study finds

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Why small earthquakes stay small, while others grow into monsters is one of the most enduring mysteries in earthquake science.

A group of researchers offered a partial, but tantalizing answer this month: The moon and big tides.

The scientists zeroed in on times of high tidal stress, which can occur twice a month, during the full moon and the...Read more

Washington state gunman who killed 5 remains at large

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BURLINGTON, Wash. –– A search continued Saturday for the gunman who shot five people to death Friday night in a Burlington shopping mall, and investigators said they didn't know who the gunman is, nor why he opened fire.

Four women were confirmed dead, State Patrol Sgt. Mark Francis said. A man who had been hospitalized died overnight, ...Read more