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Clinton uses GOP Benghazi comments in TV ad

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WASHINGTON -- Hillary Clinton's campaign will begin airing a national TV ad Tuesday featuring controversial comments made by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy suggesting her poll numbers were dropping because of a Republican-led inquiry by the committee investigating the fatal 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

"Everybody thought Hillary ...Read more

GOP is accused of stalling on judicial nominees

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WASHINGTON -- Mary Barzee Flores, a former public defender and state court judge in Miami, was nominated for a federal judgeship by President Barack Obama in February on the recommendation of Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio.

But since then, Rubio, in consultation with Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley, R-Iowa, has ...Read more

Police reaching out to colleagues with fragile mental health

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ST. LOUIS -- Filling out a traffic crash report felt as challenging as a chemistry test to Joan "Joann" Glover Straughter. A call for all available units boomed across the St. Louis police sergeant's radio, but she didn't flinch. Questioned later about why she didn't respond, she exploded in anger, then cried.

Three days before, at a ...Read more

Migrant crisis playing into the hands of Europe's xenophobic extremists

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DRESDEN, Germany -- When anti-immigrant chants echo off the splendid, ornate buildings of this bustling city on the River Elbe, Dresden's residents are, for the most part, mortified.

Many here insist that flamboyant outbursts of fury directed at the wave of migrants and refugees reaching Europe's shores this year are not the true face of ...Read more

Blurring facts, harsh attacks reward GOP's 2016 front-runners

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WASHINGTON -- It doesn't matter these days in presidential politics if you get the facts right or offend big segments of the electorate.

Doing just that has instead become a surefire way to get a bump in this year's polls.

Donald Trump got a bounce when he insulted Sen. John McCain's war record, and again when he suggested that Fox News anchor...Read more

Battle over FCC net neutrality rules may redefine free speech

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The Federal Communications Commission's defense of its rules regulating Internet services in court has a free speech element that could have wide implications for how the Internet should function and for consumers' access to online content.

The FCC faces a challenge to its authority to make the net neutrality rules. But both sides in the case ...Read more

Pentagon warning on consolidating corporate power may be too late

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WASHINGTON -- A Pentagon warning last week about excessive consolidation in the defense industry comes ahead of a multibillion-dollar contract award for a new bomber that, depending on who wins, could make the problem worse, some analysts say.

In other words, the warning may prove to have come too late.

"If the trend to smaller and smaller ...Read more

Analysis: Scorched Senate tactics limiting Ted Cruz's options, top prize excepted

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WASHINGTON -- The questions about Ted Cruz in the Senate no longer start with whether he's got even a couple of friends left among fellow Republicans. The answer, after a public shaming on the floor last week, sure looks like a "no."

As to whether he's bothered by his deepening isolation in the Capitol, that's just as easily answered in the ...Read more

Senate Democrats nearly run table in recruitment

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WASHINGTON -- With New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan's entrance into the Granite State Senate contest, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has secured nearly every top-tier recruit it sought for 2016 -- when Democrats will attempt to net the five seats necessary to regain control of the Senate.

Aside from Hassan in New Hampshire, the ...Read more

Court orders EPA to revise ship ballast discharge regulations

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MILWAUKEE -- The U.S. Environmental Protection was ordered Monday by a federal appeals court to write new rules that regulate the discharge of ballast water of ships in a way that better protects U.S. waters, including the Great Lakes, from the spread of invasive species.

Environmental groups filed a suit against the EPA arguing that a general ...Read more

Jimmy Carter takes on peacekeeping mission, with the King siblings

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ATLANTA -- To settle a long-running ownership dispute over their father's Nobel Prize and Bible, the children of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have turned to a man who knows something about conflict negotiations: Jimmy Carter.

The former president has agreed to serve as the King siblings' mediator in a court battle over whether brothers Dexter ...Read more

War crimes prosecutions are rare in cases of hospital bombings

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Red crosses painted on the roofs of hospitals are supposed to protect the facilities and their patients from the ravages of war under the Geneva Conventions that have sought for decades to impose humanitarian order amid armed conflict.

But across the global spectrum, especially in the lawless and nonstate insurgencies of recent years, ...Read more

Man fired after racist comments target his co-worker's child on Facebook

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ATLANTA -- Social media can be costly.

It cost a local man his job after a photo he posted of himself and a co-worker's 3-year-old son became a target for racist trolls.

And it cost the mother of that 3-year-old her privacy, and her son his innocence, both of which she is trying to reclaim.

"Cayden is a child. He is not abandoned. ... He is ...Read more

Korean student, survivor of Ride the Ducks crash in Seattle, sues

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SEATTLE –– A 21-year-old Korean student who survived the deadly Aurora Bridge crash Sept. 24 has sued two Ride the Ducks companies for not fixing a potentially defective axle on the amphibious excursion vehicle involved in the wreck.

Na Ra Yoon's lawsuit, filed Monday, is believed to be the first lawsuit filed over the crash. It names both...Read more

American Airlines jet lands safely after pilot dies

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The first officer of an American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Boston took over command of Flight 550 and safely landed the plane after the pilot became ill, officials said Monday.

The pilot died, according to the airline. It was unclear whether he died in the air or on the ground after the craft had landed in Syracuse, where it was diverted....Read more

Congress likely to cut failed Pentagon program to train Syrian rebels

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WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration's initial effort to build a proxy military force inside Syria to help fight Islamic State appears on shaky ground as key U.S. lawmakers consider closing a $500 million Pentagon program widely considered an embarrassing failure.

Partly as a result, the Pentagon has proposed a plan to the White House that ...Read more

Cotton blocks nominees after Secret Service Chaffetz probe

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WASHINGTON -- Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., announced Monday he would place a hold on three ambassadorial nominations until there are consequences -- and a criminal investigation -- for Secret Service agents who allegedly accessed a congressman's private records.

Cotton took to the Senate floor Monday afternoon to chastise the agency for, in his ...Read more

US announces details of $20 billion oil spill settlement with BP

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WASHINGTON -- The federal government on Monday announced the details of a record $20 billion civil settlement with the British oil company BP over the 2010 explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch called it "the largest settlement with a single entity in American history."

U.S. District ...Read more

Teen killed as clashes continue between Palestinians, Israelis

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RAMALLAH, West Bank -- Palestinians clashed Monday with Israeli police and soldiers for the second day in a row in Jerusalem and the West Bank, where a Palestinian boy was shot to death during confrontations near Bethlehem.

The confrontations, though less intense than the day before, resumed during the afternoon in several areas. Jerusalem's ...Read more

Motorola bias protest upheld; FBI urged to redo bid solicitation again

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WASHINGTON -- Responding to a vendor protest, the Government Accountability Office has concluded the FBI should for a second time scrap its planned acquisition of a new nationwide two-way radio system because its proposal amounts to a single-source award to industry giant Motorola Solutions Inc.

Lawyers for the GAO, which serves as the referee ...Read more