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Diana Douglas dies at 92; actress, mother of Michael Douglas

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Actress Diana Douglas, whose six-decade-long stage, TV and film career included roles opposite her first husband, Kirk Douglas, and their son, Michael, died Friday at the Motion Picture Hospital in Los Angeles. She was 92.

The cause was cancer, said her husband, Donald Webster.

Douglas was best known for her work in television, going back to ...Read more

Greek government projects decisive 'no' vote on bailout offer

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ATHENS, Greece -- The Greek government projected Sunday that a opponents of a proposed international bailout would win decisively, a result that could decide Greece's financial fate in the short term and potentially determine its role in Europe in the long term.

The Interior Ministry estimated that "no" votes had received at least 61 percent of...Read more

Kerry tempers optimism for deal with Iran

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VIENNA –– U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry tempered expectations that a nuclear deal with Iran is imminent as foreign ministers from world powers rejoined a ninth straight day of negotiations.

While progress continues to be made at the talks, "we are not yet where we need to be on several of the most difficult issues," Kerry said Sunday ...Read more

Scientists readying for flurry of data as New Horizons nears Pluto

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With each passing day, mankind gets a better look at Pluto. And each day, Pluto is showing mankind it has a lot to learn.

First, Pluto revealed itself in a mix of beige and orange, while Charon, its largest moon, appeared gray when the New Horizons spacecraft captured color images of the dwarf planet in early June. Then, scientists at the Johns...Read more

To encourage Californians to conserve, a tweak in wording can help

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Fighting California's drought is a bit like running a political campaign, complete with carefully calibrated messages crafted with polling data.

Even details like colors are used for maximum effect.

Officials at the state's Save Our Water conservation program recently tweaked their "brown is the new green" message, ...Read more

Hope for a less-partisan Congress in Supreme Court ruling

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In last week's Supreme Court decision affirming the right of citizens' commissions to draw political districts, many California Democrats saw a lost opportunity to expand their ranks among the state's elected officials.

One California Democrat, herself a former elected official, saw an opportunity gained.

Ellen O. Tauscher was elected to ...Read more

Mormon voters: A key bloc up for grabs in Nevada caucus race

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LAS VEGAS -- Before Heidi Wixom arrived at her neighborhood high school to cast a caucus vote in each of the last two presidential elections, she already had a steadfast favorite to support.

Mitt Romney's executive experience -- overseeing the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics and then as Massachusetts governor -- appealed to Wixom. So too did the ...Read more

Dalai Lama's 80th birthday invites celebration and contemplation

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DHARAMSALA, India -- To hear the Dalai Lama laugh, his face lighting up in a beatific smile, it is easy to forget the cascade of disasters endured by the Tibetan Buddhist movement over the course of his life.

Yet the list is long, and growing longer, as an ascendant China consolidates control over Tibet.

As the Dalai Lama observes his 80th ...Read more

Why isn't US tougher on Turkey's hesitance to fight Islamic State?

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WASHINGTON -- Last fall, when faced with questions about why NATO partner and regional ally Turkey wasn't pulling its weight in the fight against the Islamic State, Secretary of State John Kerry insisted that there was "no discrepancy" between U.S. and Turkish policy on the extremists and said Ankara would define its role on its own timetable.

...Read more

California continuation schools: Do they work or not

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SANTA CLARITA, Calif. -- Jailine Lopez skipped school more often than not her sophomore year.

Eventually, she fell so far behind that counselors transferred her to Jereann Bowman High School in Santa Clarita, a school for students at risk of not graduating. And that, she says, is where her life began to turn around.

Feeling like her teachers ...Read more

States limiting patient costs for high-priced drugs

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WASHINGTON -- As more expensive specialty drugs come on the market to treat some of the most serious chronic diseases, more states are stepping in to cushion the financial pain for patients who need medicine that can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

At least seven states -- Delaware, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Montana, New ...Read more

Photo wall putting a face to fallen US troops in Vietnam

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SEATTLE -- After graduating from Kent-Meridian High School, David Maclurg enlisted in the Army, serving less than a year before he was killed in 1970 in a helicopter crash in Vietnam.

Spc. Maclurg is one of more than 58,200 service members who lost their lives in that war, and whose names are now inscribed on the black granite faces of the ...Read more

Floods remind residents of Trinity River's potent punch

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FORT WORTH, Texas -- For the third time since 1995, Mary Ford has seen part of her Lake Worth home soaked with floodwaters.

Like many North Texans who live on lakes or along the Trinity River, Ford has faced two flooding threats in the last month.

Despite having 3 inches of water seep into her laundry room and seeing her storage shed flood, ...Read more

Aged and in prison, Noriega tries to draw a 'Get out of Jail' card in Panama

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PANAMA CITY, Panama -- Now in a wheelchair, living his days in prison, 81-year-old Manuel Antonio Noriega cuts a far more docile figure than during his years as a machete-waving dictator. Yet still he evokes passions in his countrymen.

Noriega demonstrated that recently when he went on television to read a statement asking for forgiveness for ...Read more

Fans relish action as Stonie musters upset

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It's not quite Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali, or Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova, but the ongoing rivalry between Matt "the Megatoad" Stonie and Joey "Jaw" Chestnut played out yet again at the Fourth of July hot dog eating contest at Nathan's Famous.

But this year, the tables turned.

Stonie defeated Chestnut, the reigning champion, in an ...Read more

Bakery ordered to pay $135,000 for denying wedding cake to lesbian couple

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The former owners of an Oregon bakery have been ordered to pay $135,000 to a lesbian couple who were refused a wedding cake, in the latest front in the battle between religious liberty and individual rights.

Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian ordered Aaron and Melissa Klein, who owned the Sweet Cakes by Melissa bakery in Gresham, Ore., to ...Read more

Dwarf planet Ceres offers big surprises for scientists

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The closer we get to Ceres, the more perplexing the dwarf planet grows. NASA's Dawn spacecraft has found several more bright spots as well as a pyramid-like peak jutting out of the frigid world's surface.

The discovery is painting an increasingly complex portrait of one of the biggest "fossils" from the early solar system.

"I expected to be ...Read more

For many Greeks, a 'no' vote on bailout deal doesn't mean no to the EU

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ATHENS -- To the leaders of the European Union who warn that Greece might soon be expelled from their midst, Lydia Lenossi has an ancient reminder.

Remember where Europe got its name? From the beautiful princess Europa, a popular figure in Greek mythology.

"The god Zeus brought Europa on his back as a bull from Phoenicia to Crete," Lenossi ...Read more

Drug traffickers in Ecuador hide cocaine in shipments to Miami

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MIAMI -- A package arrived in Miami May 5 containing a large stainless steel mixer.

When customs officials checked the mixer they found a white liquid substance that turned out to be cocaine. In the follow-up, investigators discovered a drug-trafficking ring that intended to transport the cocaine to New York, according to federal court records....Read more

Tunisia declares state of emergency after terrorist attacks

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ALEXANDRIA, Egypt -- Tunisia declared a state of emergency Saturday, eight days after a gunman killed dozens of foreign tourists at a Mediterranean beach resort.

The declaration, which gives the government increased up powers to deal with suspected terrorists but also curtails to a degree the rights of citizens, is an unhappy juncture in what ...Read more