Responding to “I’m already buying from someone”

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An TV commercial showed a real estate agent asking her new homebuyer customers,

“So, have you shopped for your mortgage yet?”

The wife responded,

“Yes, we have a mortgage broker.”

The agent’s response:

“Oh. How do you know he’s getting you the best deal?”

The husband and wife look at each other and sheepishly ...Read more

Assume and Ask -- Don’t WISH -- for the Sale

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I’m having some work done on my house and had a contractor come out to do an estimate.

The woman asked great questions, took notes, made some recommendations on things I had not thought about, wrote up the estimate on the spot, and just handed the clipboard to me with a pen and said,

“You want to go with this, right?”

It was that simple...Read more

What to Do When They are Not The Ultimate Decision Maker

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A training client emailed me with this scenario. Perhaps you’ve run into something similar.

The rep, Kim, had a prospect, Karen, who agreed that her company should use the sales rep’s company for their purchases of computer media supplies The prospect said that she personally didn’t make the final ordering decision (she was the primary ...Read more

Whose Language are You Speaking?

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I saw an article about how golf equipment sales reps visit the various pro golf tournaments every week and try to persuade the players to use the equipment represented by the salesmen.

A rep with a club company said that when speaking with a “technologically-challenged” player he simply says that “Our fairway woods are 10 to 15 yards ...Read more

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