Asking About Their Budget LOSES Sales

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I was waiting in an unusually long checkout line at Walgreens. Instead of checking email to pass the time I watched the guy in front of me.

He had just a couple of items in his basket.

Then he noticed the “As Seen on TV” rack to our right. You know the one.

His eyes got big. His breathing rate increased.

He stared for a few seconds and ...Read more

Relationship -- and Sales Advice

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While pouring myself a cup of coffee in the break room of a company where I was doing some onsite training, I couldn’t help but overhear two women in a spirited conversation.

“Yeah, he just couldn’t make a commitment.”

“Oh, I hate those kind.”

“What a wimp. Every time I tried to get a definite answer, he would get all wishy-...Read more

Little Things You Can Do That Have Huge Impact and Keep Customers Buying

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A few months back I asked for examples of what you do to get through to decision makers. We got some great ideas and best practices and compiled many of those into a free ebook. (Get that here if you haven’t already).

Not to be overlooked is how to continue building and strengthening...Read more

What I Learned About Sales on a Houseboat

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I recently had an opportunity to really study human interaction. Up close. For an extended period.

I was on a houseboat trip to the amazing Lake Powell with about 20 people… young children, teens, millennials, and every age range on up to high-50’s.

Some of the people I knew well, others I just met, and made some new friends.

When you are...Read more

Donald Trump’s Sales and Success Lessons

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Donald Trump.

Just the name itself sets off a variety of polarizing emotions and opinions.

Regardless of how you feel about him politically or personally–I am keeping my opinion on that completely out of this–there is no denying that he has been a tremendous business and media success.

And regardless of whether you agree with his methods,...Read more

Dumb Prospecting Examples

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I really shouldn’t be amazed, but I still am.

After over 32 years in business, just when I think I’ve seen just about every bad example of prospecting and sales there is—I’m proven wrong.

I have a couple of examples of dumb prospecting I personally received over the past two weeks.

The first one is from—are you sitting down?—a ...Read more

Responding to “I’m already buying from someone”

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An TV commercial showed a real estate agent asking her new homebuyer customers,

“So, have you shopped for your mortgage yet?”

The wife responded,

“Yes, we have a mortgage broker.”

The agent’s response:

“Oh. How do you know he’s getting you the best deal?”

The husband and wife look at each other and sheepishly ...Read more

Assume and Ask -- Don’t WISH -- for the Sale

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I’m having some work done on my house and had a contractor come out to do an estimate.

The woman asked great questions, took notes, made some recommendations on things I had not thought about, wrote up the estimate on the spot, and just handed the clipboard to me with a pen and said,

“You want to go with this, right?”

It was that simple...Read more

What to Do When They are Not The Ultimate Decision Maker

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A training client emailed me with this scenario. Perhaps you’ve run into something similar.

The rep, Kim, had a prospect, Karen, who agreed that her company should use the sales rep’s company for their purchases of computer media supplies The prospect said that she personally didn’t make the final ordering decision (she was the primary ...Read more


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