Create Interest With “Cheap Crap They Don't Need”

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I’ve often written about observing and learning from the beach vendors in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. While there a couple of months ago I saw a novel approach that we can learn from and emulate—in a sense.

One of the 50 or so guys carrying an open case full of jewelry walked by. He was different. His case had a big hand-lettered sign in it ...Read more

Use Seinfeld Techniques to Sell More

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“Hello Newman.”

“No soup for you!”

Double dipping.

“There was shrinkage!”

Man hands.

If you instantly identified those lines as coming from “Seinfeld,” welcome to the huge club. The “show about nothing” was one of the most popular TV series of all time, and still kills it in syndication, with a huge following by people...Read more

Solid Sales Wisdom Does Not Go Out of Style

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I was going through old files in my storage area doing research for a training program. A few minutes turned into a couple of hours as I got consumed sifting through articles and newsletters I had written, notes on workshops I delivered, random scribbles on slips of paper and more.

All dating back to the 80’s and 90’s.

Not surprisingly–...Read more

Little Things You Can Do That Have Huge Impact and Keep Customers Buying

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A few months back I asked for examples of what you do to get through to decision makers. We got some great ideas and best practices and compiled many of those into a free ebook. (Get that here if you haven’t already).

Not to be overlooked is how to continue building and strengthening our relationships with customers.

After all, our best and ...Read more

Recognize Any of These Annoying Communication Habits?

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In today’s constantly-connected and always-communicating environment, why is it that–it seems to me, anyway–communication skills are worse than ever?

Perhaps it’s because of the texting, tweeting, Facebooking, Instagramming, emailing and whatever else people are hooked on, that causes their actual speaking skills to erode, or perhaps ...Read more

Billy Joel and Elton John: Sales lessons from their concert

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I had the opportunity to see the Rolling Stones kick off their US tour in San Diego a few months ago. What was most mind-blowing was how Mick Jagger at 87–or whatever he is now–bounced around stage like he did when he was 30.

Great concert overall. But one of the best ones I’ve seen was in 2009. Billy Joel and Elton John played together ...Read more


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