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Back to school, the extended version

Nearly a month after students started stuffing their lockers again, many retail analysts are calling this year's back-to-school shopping season underwhelming.

Britt Beemer, founder of America's Research Group in South Carolina, went so far as to ...

Repurposing fills gap for nonrecyclable junk

What do you do with 15,000 feet of old fire hose?

Hammer it onto docks as boat bumpers. Weave it together for jungle gyms. Stretch it into horse fences. Cut it into pieces to sharpen straight razors.

Welcome to repurposing -- finding new uses ...

Implementing smarter milk farming

Walt Moore's 850 cows lounge on beds of soft sand. They are cooled by spritzes of water and breezes generated by fans. They eat a custom-blended diet of gourmet grains that a computer tells Moore will suit them best.

He orders sophisticated ...

7 ingredients make a home irresistible to buyers

It's an age-old real estate scenario: Buyers walk through a home for sale, and shrug. There's nothing wrong with the house, really, they tell the agent. It's just that the house lacks a certain, indefinable "something."

Mary Cook has heard it ...