Google hit with antitrust complaint in India, report says

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Indian antitrust officials have accused Google Inc. of stifling competitors and favoring companies that advertise with it, opening up the latest front in a worldwide battle over whether the California tech company is abusing its power as a top search engine.

Dating website Bharat Matrimony and the Consumer Unity and Trust Society filed the ...Read more

Bill Cooper steps down as TCF CEO; Craig Dahl to succeed

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MINNEAPOLIS -- TCF Financial Corp. president Craig Dahl will succeed the bank's longtime leader, Bill Cooper, as chief executive at the start of 2016, the company said Monday.

Cooper will remain chairman of the company through 2017.

Dahl, who joined the firm in 1999, has been vice chairman of the TCF since 2012 and was named president earlier ...Read more

Midwest economic index falls in July

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CHICAGO -- The Midwest economy contracted in July, falling to its lowest level since October of 2012, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago said Monday.

The Federal Reserve's Midwest Economy Index fell to -0.12 from a neutral reading in June. A neutral reading indicates the Midwest economy, which includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and ...Read more

Apple-Cisco partnership will improve iPhone, iPad performance in workplace settings

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IPhones and iPads are about to get special treatment at work.

Apple announced a partnership Monday designed to make the mobile gadgets work better on corporate computer networks running on Cisco products. The Silicon Valley networking equipment company sells routers, video systems, conferencing software and other tools and apps to businesses.

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Fiat Chrysler CEO fans flames of GM merger

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DETROIT -- Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, said the profits and savings that would result from a merger with General Motors are too big for the rival automaker to ignore.

Marchionne, in a story published Sunday evening by Automotive News, asserts that a merger between the two automakers could generate up to $30 billion ...Read more

Exelon, Pepco to push for merger, despite roadblock

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CHICAGO -- Chicago-based nuclear power giant Exelon and Pepco Holdings said Monday they will push for a merger despite a ruling last week by regulators in the nation's capital that blocked the proposed $6.9 billion deal.

In a sign that they plan to appeal the ruling by the Washington, D.C., Public Service Commission, the firms issued a joint ...Read more

US stocks slip on uncertainty over China and Fed rate increase

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Stocks on Wall Street opened lower Monday, following markets across the globe, as investors continued to grapple with questions about China's economy and new uncertainty from the Federal Reserve.

The blue-chip Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 157.47, or nearly 1 percent, to 16,485.54 in early trading, while the broader Standard & Poor's ...Read more

Epix movies to jump from Netflix to Hulu in new deal

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LOS ANGELES -- Hulu will expand its library in October as part of a new deal with cable network Epix.

The news came just after streaming giant Netflix announced that it has decided against renewing its agreement in the U.S. with Epix.

Hulu, the streaming service that launched in 2007 and is co-owned by Comcast's NBCUniversal, has a library of ...Read more

Getting Started: Tips for college students opening a bank account

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College students need cash and, just as important, someplace to put those dollars. So this time of year as school begins, many students will be in search of the best checking and savings accounts.

If you're one of those students, here are a few things to consider.

Look broadly. You don't have to limit yourself to the bank on campus. Many ...Read more

Jeff Rose: Money planning in 9 steps

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Everybody wants a solid financial plan, yet more than 40 percent of Americans don't have one. Unless you develop a formal strategy, such as a written plan, you might well find any financial goal elusive. So, here are nine tips for planning:

-- Define your goals. Decide exactly what you need your finances to do and the strategies you need to ...Read more

When to start taking Social Security stumps couple

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SEATTLE -- In the last year, John Kimble has pondered early retirement so that he could spend more time with his wife and end a punishing commute to downtown Seattle. The couple soon learned the answer is not so simple.

They struggled to make sense of the financial implications of the 61-year-old Kimble's options, including whether he could get...Read more

The Journey: Strategies for managing your elderly parent's finances

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Call it the triple-whammy: An elderly parent, a new significant other and an aging bull market.

A reader recently shared his frustrations over watching his elderly father gift a large portion of his assets to a new, much-younger girlfriend. He is his father's designated power of attorney but learned quickly through his attorney that there's not...Read more

Susan Tompor: New chip tech coming to credit cards

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Techies are calling the upcoming shift in how we will use our credit cards at the store something like "dip the chip."

It's not a bad way of explaining things. Instead of swiping our plastic, we'll be able to slide or dip our chip-equipped credit cards at chip-enabled terminals at the register. You might see the new way of doing things as soon ...Read more

Airlines upscaling amenities for high-paying fliers

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First-class fliers can secure their furry friends in a special pet cabin on American Airlines. Delta Air Lines' highest-paying passengers are chauffeured in Porsches and dropped curbside at a private entrance at Los Angeles International Airport.

Not to be outdone, international airline Etihad Airways offers on-board nannies on flights to Dubai...Read more

In Milwaukee, maker of mascot costumes has customers covered

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MILWAUKEE -- Among the unchanging business advantages on which Milwaukee's Olympus Group can count are these:

Our collective inclination to invest animals and inanimate objects with human characteristics runs deep, and so does the capacity of people to do stupid things.

So marketers will always have incentive to at least consider forgoing a ...Read more

Consumer Confidential: Here's why drugmakers are held in low esteem

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Are you befuddled by the cost of prescription drugs? There may be a legitimate reason.

"It's certainly not an efficient market," Jason Doctor, an associate professor of pharmaceutical and health economics at USC, said about prescription drug prices. "If it was, you would see only one price for each drug at drugstores, and you don't."

Worse, ...Read more

Rick Kahler: Retirement reality vs. delusion

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The idea of retirement is surrounded by a host of delusions, false assumptions and fears.

What does retirement mean to you? Here's a brief mental exercise to try: Quickly, without stopping to think, write down what comes to mind when you imagine yourself as retired.

If you're 40 or younger, your answers might well include terms like "future" ...Read more

As revenue declines, power companies lean on surcharges and less on rate hikes

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PITTSBURGH -- As electric utilities grapple with declining revenue, the rigidly traditional method used to determine a customer's monthly bill is breaking apart.

Utility law experts and regulators agree that surcharges -- separate charges outside of the base distribution rate -- have proliferated. They've attempted to cover expenses such as ...Read more

'Straight Outta Compton' wins top spot again; 'War Room' exceeds expectations

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LOS ANGELES -- "Straight Outta Compton" continued its streak at No. 1, but it was the faith-based family drama "War Room" that shook up the box office by debuting at No. 2.

"War Room," from Sony Pictures Entertainment's TriStar label, had been expected to open at $4 million to $5 million. Instead, it launched with an estimated $11 million in ...Read more

Gail MarksJarvis: How to avoid huge losses in the next stock market plunge

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It was a brutal week that finished with a relatively happy ending for people paralyzed with fear about the stock market, but a disaster for some who tried to escape danger at any cost.

Despite a horrifying 1,100 point plunge at the start of the week, and more nail-biting downturns later, by the close on Friday the damage was not nearly as bad ...Read more