Norwegian Cruise Line: Takeout from ship restaurants OK after all

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MIAMI -- Don't mess with doggie bags.

That's the message Norwegian Cruise Line got after making a new rule recently that banned passengers from toting food back to their rooms from restaurants.

"In truth, we simply didn't understand how important it was for so many of our guests to have the option to enjoy meals at their convenience in their ...Read more

Mary Beth Storjohann: Ending a bad money cycle

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Living paycheck to paycheck causes obvious stress. Even worse, it puts you at risk for financial disaster when an unexpected expense or loss of income drives you to credit cards and mushrooming debt. Here's how to escape this vicious merry-go-round.

Economists at Princeton and New York University estimate that about a third of all U.S. ...Read more

Late-night Taco Bell deliveries: Coming to a college near you?

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College students may no longer have to leave their dorms to get their late-night Taco Bell fix.

Yum Brands Inc. Chief Executive Greg Creed said Wednesday that the company is looking into testing deliveries for its Irvine, Calif.-based Taco Bell subsidiary, potentially to college campuses.

He said food delivery is a popular customer request, ...Read more

Businesses without employees see big growth

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The U.S. gained more than 4 million businesses without paid employees -- also known as non-employer businesses -- over the past decade, according to a new report from the Census Bureau.

The businesses, which range from home-based bloggers to dry cleaners and family-owned corner stores, grew to 23 million in 2013, from 18.6 million in 2003.

...Read more

McDonald's to stop reporting monthly sales figures

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CHICAGO -- McDonald's is the latest major chain to back away from sharing monthly sales data, a move it is making as it works on a turnaround.

A dozen years ago during an earlier overhaul, McDonald's opted to give investors a closer look at its performance and began issuing monthly sales reports. Now, as the restaurant giant, based in suburban ...Read more

Chevrolet offers Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

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Chevrolet and Hyundai will become the first auto brands to offer customers the option of plugging either Google's Android Auto or Apple's CarPay into the touch screen of their vehicle.

The decision, which General Motors CEO Mary Barra announced Wednesday afternoon in California, gives the technology giants access to deliver services inside ...Read more

Top 0.01 percent of US households gained as income concentration rose

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WASHINGTON -- The top 0.01 percent of Americans -- fewer than 14,000 households -- received 5.6 percent of adjusted gross income in 2012, according to data released Wednesday by the IRS.

That was the biggest share of income concentrated at the very top of the distribution scale since 2007. Those in that group had a minimum income of $12.1 ...Read more

FCC moves to crack down on unwanted robocalls

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WASHINGTON -- Regulators want to make it easier for consumers to stop unwanted robocalls and spam text messages, which have led to a flood of complaints to federal agencies.

The head of the Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday proposed a series of rulings that would clarify rights for consumers under a 1991 law designed to protect ...Read more

Automakers ahead of schedule for 2020 fuel economy targets

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The auto industry is making significant strides toward increasing fuel efficiency and is ahead of schedule in meeting strict federal fuel economy goals, according to a new analysis by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Already, 10 percent of the new passenger cars and trucks on the market today meet their federal targets for 2020 and the ...Read more

Report: Jimmy Johns preparing IPO

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Sandwich chain Jimmy John's is prepping to go public, Reuters reported Wednesday.

The Champaign, Ill.-based chain is reportedly interviewing investment banks to serve as underwriters for an IPO that could come later this year, according to the news service.

Jimmy John's, which has about 2,000 locations, has annual earnings of about $150 ...Read more

Ford recalls vehicles for fuel tank, steering problems

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DETROIT -- Ford has two new recalls involving 423,000 vehicles in North America with potential steering problems and 19,500 Mustangs with fuel tank issues.

The first recall covers some 2011-2013 models of the Ford Taurus and Flex vehicles, Lincoln MKS and MKT as well as 2011-2012 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ sedans and the 2011 Mercury Milan, ...Read more

Munchery raises $85 million in bid to make healthy meals accessible to all

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If meal preparation and delivery service Munchery gets its way, it will be the new default dinner option for Americans alongside home cooking and takeout.

The San Francisco startup recently announced an $85 million funding round, which will be used to expand its operations and further lower the cost of its meals so it's "accessible to everyone,...Read more

Gambling tax proposal would affect casinos and governments

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PHILADELPHIA -- When Mercedes Stephens recently hit a jackpot at Philadelphia's SugarHouse Casino, her slot machine flashed the faces of 12 cartoon buffaloes -- and then it locked up.

Stephens, 47, had won more than $1,200, which meant she had to stop playing and sign an IRS tax form that reports her winnings.

The process took about five ...Read more

VCs bet big on Silicon Valley biotech

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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Companies searching for cures for cancer and testing treatments for crippling genetic diseases are capturing the interest of venture capitalists -- and their money -- more than at any time in the last seven years.

The biotech boom in Silicon Valley and nationwide has led to enormous VC investments into the industry and a ...Read more

CEO of media-streaming company on the necessity of reinvention

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SEATTLE -- Rob Glaser has seen his share of technology booms.

The challenge the 53-year-old executive faces is that his company, RealNetworks, is struggling to navigate the current one.

Glaser spent a decade at Microsoft as the company grew from startup to behemoth. He left to found RealNetworks, a pioneer of music and video-streaming ...Read more

Bing no longer a search-engine blip

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REDMOND, Wash. -- In Microsoft's expensive, decadelong battle against Google's search engine, no detail is too small.

Derrick Connell, a Microsoft vice president in charge of the engineering side of the 4,000-person team that builds the company's Bing Web search, takes work home with him every weekend.

Connell reviews lists of common queries ...Read more

Tech Q&A: Getting a Wi-Fi signal from the house to the garage

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Q: I have a work space in my new garage, but I can't get access to my house Wi-Fi network from there. This is happening even though the garage is only about 150 feet from the house, and I just installed a new Wi-Fi range extender that was supposed to boost the signal. Comcast, my Internet ­service provider, said it can't provide a separate ...Read more

In Ohio, distilleries producing economic benefits along with spirits

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DAYTON, Ohio -- Three years ago, Ohio Department of Commerce officials predicted that an easing of restrictions would trigger growth in the emerging craft-distillery industry, which would in turn create jobs, generate tax revenues and open new markets for Ohio agricultural products.

Turns out they were right.

The half-dozen distillery owners ...Read more

Charter to offer Dodgers TV channel as it moves to buy Time Warner Cable

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LOS ANGELES--The Los Angeles Dodgers TV shutout is about to end for thousands of L.A. baseball fans.

Hoping to build goodwill for its cable TV operations, Charter Communications said it will begin televising Dodgers games to the nearly 300,000 households it serves in the region within the next few weeks. The action comes as Charter moves to ...Read more

San Diego paper lays off 178 workers

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The San Diego Union-Tribune said Tuesday that it was laying off 178 employees, about 30 percent of its staff, in a cost-cutting effort that mainly affected its printing and delivery operations.

The job cuts came five days after Tribune Publishing Co., owner of the Los Angeles Times, completed its purchase of the San Diego newspaper. At the time...Read more