Disappointing Fox film unit crimps earnings at Rupert Murdoch's company

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LOS ANGELES -- Despite a boost from Cookie and Lucious, Rupert Murdoch's empire, 21st Century Fox, failed to hit the fiscal second-quarter revenue notes that Wall Street had hoped to hear.

The Fox broadcast network delivered a strong performance for the quarter ended Dec. 31, with higher revenue for its NFL programming and primetime lineup, ...Read more

Yelp stumbles as CFO quits, results get released early

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Yelp, which has made a name for itself by practically creating the market for consumers to give reviews and recommendations online, heard from its investors Monday after the surprise announcement that Chief Financial Officer Ron Krolik will leave the company.

Adding to the surprise was when the report of Krolik's departure ...Read more

Obama will seek to double budgets for Wall Street regulators

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WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama will ask Congress to double funding for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission over the next five years, bolstering two financial regulators that the White House sees as integral to curbing Wall Street excesses.

Obama will propose the increases in the fiscal ...Read more

Chipotle to invest up to $10 million to help suppliers grow safer food

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Chipotle will spend up to $10 million on an initiative to help its smaller suppliers produce safer meat and vegetables, company founder, chairman and co-CEO Steve Ells said.

Ells made the announcement during Chipotle's companywide meeting Monday morning, parts of which were broadcast on live video streaming service Periscope.

The money will be...Read more

Federal regulator expands investigation into Fiat Chrysler gear shifters

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DETROIT -- The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is expanding and upgrading its investigation into electronic gear shifters on more than 856,000 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles.

At issue is an electronic gear shifter used to put vehicles in park, drive, reverse or neutral.

The NHTSA said it is concerned that the design of the ...Read more

India regulator deals blow to Facebook

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NEW DELHI -- India's telecom regulator on Monday ruled against differential pricing for Internet services, in a move that effectively bars Facebook's Free Basics initiative in the country.

The initiative grants free access to a handful of selected sites, including Facebook, Wikipedia, the BBC as well as weather and health services.

Critics ...Read more

Yellen to balance confidence with caution as risks muddy outlook

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WASHINGTON -- Janet Yellen is preparing to walk a tightrope.

When the Federal Reserve chair addresses lawmakers this week in Washington, she will have to strike a balance between sounding confident on the domestic economy and acknowledging increased risks from abroad. Two weeks after officials signaled interest rates may rise more slowly than ...Read more

Twitter shares tumble to all-time low

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SAN FRANCISCO -- The recent negativity shown toward many Internet companies hit Twitter hard Monday, as the social-media leader's stock price fell to its lowest level ever ahead of its upcoming quarterly earnings report.

Shortly after trading began, Twitter shares fell more than 5 percent, to $14.87, hitting their lowest point since the company...Read more

Peyton Manning wants you to drink Budweiser too

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Step aside, Cam. This Bud's for Peyton.

After winning the Super Bowl on Sunday night, perhaps his last game before retiring as one of football's most accomplished quarterbacks, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning said -- not once, but twice -- that he plans to drink a lot of Budweiser in celebration.

"I want to go kiss my wife and my ...Read more

Hyundai's 'First Date' ad is top Super Bowl spot in USA Today poll

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Hyundai's "First Date" commercial featuring comedian Kevin Hart was the winner of USA Today's annual poll of favorite Super Bowl spots.

The commercial for the new Hyundai scored an average of 6.91 in the survey recognized as the leading indicator of Super Bowl spot popularity. The results are based on the opinions of 19,000 panelists who ...Read more

Chipotle shuts US restaurants for food safety meeting

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LOS ANGELES -- Chipotle closed all of its U.S. restaurants for part of the day Monday so its employees could attend a company-wide meeting to discuss food safety changes and staff could ask questions.

All restaurants of the Denver-based burrito chain were to reopen at 3 p.m. in their respective time zones. As of December, Chipotle Mexican Grill...Read more

Looking for another sign of a weakened China economy? Try the rent-a-foreigner market

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BEIJING -- To take stock of the Chinese economy, you can look at any number of traditional measures: Gross domestic product is growing at a slower pace, the equity markets are plunging, the currency's value is ebbing.

And now there's another indicator of change: The rent-a-foreigner market appears to be weakening, and going downscale.

Just a ...Read more

General Mills' Betty Crocker, Pillsbury cope with baking slump

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MINNEAPOLIS -- For 95 years, Betty Crocker's official portrait has radiated cooking confidence.

She might sprout worry lines if she were contemplating General Mills' baking business.

Sales of Betty Crocker baking mixes, a classic General Mills offering, have been in the dumps for over two years. Another major part of the General Mills baking ...Read more

Inherited IRAs may be factor in filing for bankruptcy

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PITTSBURGH -- Pittsburgh lawyer Ron Roteman recently met with a client who wanted to have about $400,000 in debts wiped clean by declaring a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but after scanning the client's balance sheet, Roteman knew right away he was better off not filing.

The client had just inherited an individual retirement account from his deceased ...Read more

Fewer banks offering free checking accounts

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Free checking accounts are slipping away, with only 46 percent of banks still offering them to their customers.

That's a major change from 2009, when more than 78 percent of banks offered the freebie, according to a national survey done by bank research firm Moebs Services.

Yet most credit unions are still offering free checking, even though a...Read more

On Philanthropy: Program–related investments a key tool for philanthropic impact investors

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Increasingly, charitable donors are interested in "impact investing" with their philanthropically committed capital. They are seeking more creative ways to align their investments with their missions.

In the Tax Reform Act of 1969, the Internal Revenue Code permitted a giving vehicle for foundations called program-related investments, or PRIs. ...Read more

Returning veterans find new careers as sheet metal workers

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MILWAUKEE -- Erik McKenna does not gripe when he's working at an unheated construction site in the dead of winter or if it's too hot in the summer.

He has experienced worse. Much worse.

The fourth-year sheet metal apprentice served two tours in Afghanistan in the 173rd Airborne, earning an Army Commendation Medal for Valor when he helped ...Read more

How McDonald's menu is made — and how it's changing

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CHICAGO -- McDonald's recently reported its best U.S. sales performance in almost four years, and much of it was credited to menu changes.

Plan, test, feedback, tweak, repeat. For the world's largest burger chain in the midst of a comeback, every step is especially vital.

There was a time when McDonald's took years to introduce menu items. Now...Read more

Susan Tompor: Need to slash student debt? Watch out for rip-offs

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Who would have thought you could run into a field of land mines just trying to slash a few bucks off your student loan payment each month?

Borrower, beware.

It's bad enough that many college grads and others who took out student loans find it tough to pay the bills. But increasingly, they must dodge bad actors trying to take advantage of their...Read more

Getting Started: Saving when you're young? You can start small

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When you're young and juggling lots of financial responsibilities, from repaying student loans to saving up for a down payment on a home, you may have only a few dollars left over each month to put away for retirement.

The problem is, you generally need a lot more than just pocket change to invest in the mutual funds that will help grow your ...Read more