Larry Printz: Much of the newest car technology is nothing new

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You climb into your brand new car. After fastening your seat belt and hitting the starter button, you push another button to put into gear. You adjust the automatic climate control using the screen at the center of the instrument panel. The gas-electric hybrid driveline powers you down the road as traction control ensures that you have maximum ...Read more

Hillary Clinton emails show a friendly face to Wall Street

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Hillary Clinton tried to help one private-equity boss with a visa problem and encouraged another on a project in China. She apologized to the chairman of a big corporation for failing to commit to an event right away.

"So sorry I haven't responded before but I've been hip deep in the rollout of the Afghanistan strategy," Clinton wrote to ...Read more

U.S. economy adds 223,000 jobs in June; unemployment rate stands at 5.3 percent

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WASHINGTON -- The American economy, this month entering its seventh year of recovery, still has some legs: Employers in June added a solid 223,000 jobs across a broad spectrum of service industries.

But the Labor Department report Thursday, released a day earlier than usual because of the Fourth of July holiday, was not entirely glowing. ...Read more

Consumer Confidential: Orwellian-named Fairness in Class Action bill aims to restrict consumers' access to court

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Many companies already forbid you from joining other disgruntled customers in filing a class-action lawsuit, forcing you instead to take your beef to an arbitrator.

A bill making its way through the Republican-controlled House would diminish your legal options even more.

"The backers of this bill aren't even trying to hide their intentions," ...Read more

Lewis J. Walker: Class of 2015, what's next?

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The graduation parties are over. Your diploma is at the frame shop. Now what? What's next in your life transition? College, graduate school, a job, the military? What is your strategy for moving forward with passion and purpose?

In his 2001 bestseller, author John Ortberg detailed a secret to success reflected in the title of his book, "If You ...Read more

2016 Mercedes AMG GT S is built for speed

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The 2016 Mercedes AMG GT S is a hot rod.

More muscle car than luxury car, more American than German, it's a wolf in wolf's clothing.

Sleek, low and lean, it looks fast and it is fast -- zero to 60 in 3.7 seconds, with a top speed of 193 miles per hour.

Climb inside the two-door, two-seater -- because you do have to climb inside -- fire it up,...Read more

Under the Hood: Air control issues have drive hot under the collar

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Q: I have a 1999 Corvette with dual-zone air controls. On three different occasions the controls have gotten stuck on a certain setting, and I've then been unable to get them to move. I bought two new units. They seemed to work for awhile and then the same thing happened. I had the car totally checked out, which cost $1,000. They couldn't find ...Read more

Maureen Crimmins: Happiness before retirement

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People say things like, "When I retire, I am going to be happy," or "When I don't have to work anymore, I will be happy." The truth is, if you don't think you can be happy until you retire, you won't be.

My favorite cartoon character when I was young was Snoopy, so much so that my bedroom was filled with Snoopy. Snoopy dolls, Snoopy quotes and ...Read more

Ground-breaking design shakes up motorcycle helmet industry

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BREA, Calif. -- Bob Weber had a small but simple plan. He wanted to design a safer helmet for dirt bike riders.

The entrepreneur, based here, about 20 miles southeast of Los Angeles, ended up disrupting the $250-million-a-year motorcycle helmet industry and igniting a debate over head injuries that could have much broader impact.

Weber's ...Read more

Motoring Q&A: I can't get out of park

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Q: Our 2007 Buick Rendezvous at times will not shift from park. It seems frozen there. If we turn on the ignition and put it in neutral, then it will let us shift. Help!

A: I'm confused! You seem to be describing correct operation of the shift interlock system. Here's how the system is designed to operate: With the ignition switch in the on ...Read more

The Week Ahead: Can we trust Greek crisis won't spread?

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The currency of modern money is trust. Buyers trust sellers will recognize the value of their money. Lenders trust they will be repaid. Entire financial systems rest on the confidence of consumers in their economy.

That faith has been put to the test in Greece. It will be tested with Sunday's countrywide referendum on whether to accept new ...Read more

Personalities, newcomers are shaping UAW talks

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DETROIT -- Personalities and experience are likely to play major roles in contract talks between the UAW union and the Detroit-based automakers.

Sergio Marchionne, head of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, could again be the wild card. He has shown himself in the past to be a hands-on CEO not afraid to take drastic steps or interrupt the flow of talks...Read more

US design firm puts its stamp on Shanghai skyline

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SHANGHAI -- To grasp the enormous dimensions of the Shanghai Tower, try this simple exercise:

Take the 1,018-foot U.S. Bank building in downtown Los Angeles -- the highest U.S. building west of the Mississippi -- and double it.

Take the $1 billion budget of the Korean Air skyscraper now rising in LA's financial district and triple it.

And ...Read more

Ann Marie van den Hurk: New business books that are worth reading this summer

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It looks like this summer is going to be scorching all over the country. What a perfect opportunity to catch up on some summer reading while sitting poolside, traveling on summer holidays or just enjoying the cool of the air conditioning at home.

Balance your summer reading with some business books to enhance your career and organization.

What...Read more

The Mortgage Professor: Website features homebuyers should look for

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Buyers who need a mortgage to purchase a home are less likely to use the Internet to find one than are existing owners looking to refinance, yet the benefits of online shopping are just as large if not larger for homebuyers. The problem may be that homebuyers expend so much time and energy on finding the right house that they are relieved to ...Read more

Top 25: What corporate America is reading, June 2015

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1. "Aspirational Investor: Taming the Markets to Achieve Your Life's Goals" by Ashvin B. Chhabra, HarperBusiness

2. "Your Strategy Needs a Strategy: How to Choose and Execute the Right Approach" by Martin Reeves, Knut Haanaes, Janmejaya Sinha, Harvard Business School Press

3. "Wright Brothers" by David McCullough, Simon & Schuster

4. "How to ...Read more

Auto review: 2015 VW Golf SportWagen is the perfect antidote for crossover-clogged cul-de-sacs

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Americans have become obsessed with compact and subcompact crossover utility vehicles. These are vehicles that look like SUVs but are little more than humdrum cars fitted with a hatchback body and a few more inches of ground clearance. Originally bought as an outdoorsy antidote to the minivan and station wagon, the CUV now clogs the nation's ...Read more

Real estate Q&A: Tenant can't finish lease after foreclosure

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Q: We are renting an apartment, and the unit is in foreclosure. We keep getting notices in the mail about an upcoming foreclosure sale. We still have seven months left on our lease. Will we have to move out sooner? -- Geri

A: Barring a friendly arrangement with the new owner, you won't be able to finish the entire lease, but you'll still get at...Read more

Saving soles: Shields protect women's investment in pricey footwear

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MILWAUKEE -- Kathryn Jackson operates her business from the most modest of headquarters -- a windowless office in a nearly 90-year-old industrial building that has attracted an eclectic mix of small firms, artists and musicians seeking inexpensive space.

"We kind of try to run lean," Jackson said.

But there's nothing downscale about Jackson's ...Read more

Pair of Pittsburgh ice cream brands expand business by embracing delivery

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MT. LEBANON, Pa. -- The owners of Betsy's Ice Cream in this Pittsburgh suburb have experimented with such ingredients as lavender, candied ginger and lemongrass for their homemade concoctions. Sometimes they've been surprised more by what flavors have worked than which ones haven't.

"The candied ginger didn't freeze too well," said owner Ryan ...Read more

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