General Mills sells Green Giant

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MINNEAPOLIS -- General Mills sold Green Giant, the vegetable business that began in farms in south central Minnesota and became a symbol of the growing convenience of food delivery in the mid-20th century, to B & G Foods Inc., a food processor best known for Cream of Wheat and Pirate brands.

B & G will pay about $765 million in cash for Green ...Read more

Google launches Street View app with 360-degree images

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Google is retiring its Photo Sphere Camera app on iOS and the Street View feature from the Google Maps app on Android in favor of a new app for both operating systems: the Street View app.

The tech giant announced Thursday the standalone app will let people explore collections of 360-degree panorama photos of locations (both interior and ...Read more

California Wal-Mart at center of labor dispute to reopen

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LOS ANGELES -- Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is reopening a Los Angeles-area store targeted by union organizers and four others across the country after shutting them down five months ago for what the company said were plumbing repairs.

The Bentonville, Ark., company said it would begin hiring for these stores this month and was communicating with ...Read more

Snapchat gets 4 billion video views, challenging Facebook

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In just three months, Snapchat has doubled the number of video views it gets per day to 4 billion, a spokeswoman for the social media app said.

That puts Snapchat on equal footing with social media giant Facebook, which announced it hit 4 billion daily video views in the first quarter of this year.

Snapchat's newest numbers, which were first ...Read more

Consumer Confidential: Deciphering the secret language of phone bills

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Your phone bill can't leave you scratching your head. So says Uncle Sam.

According to the Federal Communications Commission's truth-in-billing rules, all phone bills must feature "clear, non-misleading, plain language describing services for which you are being billed."

So how come phone customers often can't figure out what they're being ...Read more

The Mortgage Professor: Questions about down payment requirements

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Most consumers need to borrow some of the money needed to purchase a home, but lenders will seldom provide it all. Usually, they require that borrowers provide some of the money out of their own resources. This is called the "down payment requirement." The questions about down payments shown below have all been posed to me by prospective house ...Read more

Ann Marie van den Hurk: For small businesses using social media, it's best to have policies in place

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As social media becomes more and more integrated into everyday business communications, the question of who owns social media arises in a couple of different forms.

The question probably isn't meant in terms of which department in your business owns social media, but does your business own its own social media accounts, and what about employee ...Read more

Her startup helps emerging artists, designers to showcase wares

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PHILADELPHIA -- Natalie Vane, 31, founded Coshare, which specializes in turning vacant spaces into vibrant shops until landlords find permanent tenants. Vane, a 2015 Wharton MBA grad, started the company in January and opened her first Coshare shop in July. The landlord recently found a permanent tenant, and Vane is talking with landlords about ...Read more

Top 25: What corporate America is reading, August 2015

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1. "The Power of Relentless: 7 Secrets to Achieving Mega-Success, Financial Freedom, and the Life of Your Dreams" by Wayne Allyn Root, Regnery Publishing

2. "Humans Are Underrated: What High Achievers Know That Brilliant Machines Never Will" by Geoff Colvin, Portfolio

3. "Becoming the Best: Build a World-Class Organization Through Values-Based...Read more

Bay Area residents hope to cash in by renting out their homes during Super Bowl 50

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- We're still months away from kickoff for Super Bowl 50 here, but the vacancy signs are already popping up like mushrooms all over the Bay Area.

They are not, however, popping up at hotels, many of which are already sold out.

Joining what has become an annual tradition that gathers more steam each winter, scores of ...Read more

Real estate Q&A: Is landlord responsible for storm shutters?

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Q: We rent a house, and our landlord told us to put up the shutters in case a hurricane hits. The lease doesn't address this issue, but isn't the landlord responsible? After all, he owns the house.

-- Anonymous

A: Unless the matter is agreed to in the lease, neither the landlord nor the tenant is obligated to put up hurricane shutters. But I ...Read more

Taylor Schulte: Buy or rent a home?

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Do you fork over cash to a landlord in exchange for freedom of responsibility for residential maintenance, or take out a mortgage and shell out monthly for the pride -- and the eventual financial payoff -- of homeownership?

A recent study from Zillow, the online real estate service, shows that homebuyers nationwide face more challenges this ...Read more

In Baltimore, a piece of Frederick Douglass history is on the market

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BALTIMORE -- A piece of famed reformer Frederick Douglass's legacy recently hit the market -- a one-bedroom rowhouse in Baltimore.

The home is one of the least-known accomplishments of the famed 19th-century abolitionist and orator, who escaped slavery in Baltimore to become a bestselling author, newspaper editor, sought-after speaker, federal ...Read more

Hilary Hendershott: How to stop money fights

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Trouble talking money with your honey? Do you just defer to your partner? Money remains a major reason couples split, and here's how you can douse the arguments before they ignite.

As a financial planner, I know that staying in love and managing money over a lifetime can be tricky. As a wife, I'm also aware that my husband and I didn't find ...Read more

Tesla CEO Musk plans Model X deliveries this month, Model 3 orders in March

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Tesla Motors plans to deliver the first Model X electric crossovers to customers near the end of this month at its auto factory in Fremont, Calif.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced Wednesday on Twitter that the first production cars would be handed over on Sept 29. The X is a closely related sibling to Tesla's Model S electric sedan. Including the ...Read more

Steelworkers rally as U.S. Steel, Arcelor Mittal agree to allow work under recently expired contract

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PITTSBURGH -- U.S. Steel and Arcelor Mittal have agreed to allow about 30,000 union workers to keep working under the terms of contracts that expired Tuesday, as the two sides continue bargaining at the end of a summer of labor unrest in the industry.

Meanwhile, United Steelworkers union members and supporters of organized labor rallied in ...Read more

Amazon expands Dash buttons

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Need some Ice Breakers breath mints but don't want to leave your house?

There's a button for that.

Initially thought to be an early April Fool's Day joke,'s Dash Button program is definitely real -- and has added 11 new brands such as Orbit gum, Hefty trash bags and Depends undergarments.

This brings the total of Dash Button brands...Read more

Labor Day travelers to spend $13.5 billion, up 2 percent from last year

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Restaurants, gas stations, hotels and other tourism businesses should have a profitable Labor Day weekend, as U.S. travelers are expected to spend an estimated $13.5 billion during the end-of-summer holiday, a 2 percent increase over the previous Labor Day weekend.

An estimated 35.5 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles for the ...Read more

Hackers attack jailbroken iOS devices, accessing 225,000 Apple accounts

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Hackers have attacked jailbroken iOS devices and obtained access to more than 225,000 Apple accounts, according to a Silicon Valley network security company.

Palo Alto Networks said in a blog post this week that the malware, named KeyRaider, may have affected users from 18 countries including the U.S., China, France, Japan, Canada and Australia...Read more

Uber's expansion prompts a taxi strike in Mumbai, India

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MUMBAI, India -- A taxi strike in India's second largest city spilled into a second day Wednesday as a powerful union protested the expansion of Uber and other mobile cab-hailing services.

Many of Mumbai's familiar black-and-yellow taxis – known as kaali-peelis – remained off the roads, making the notoriously congested city slightly more ...Read more