Tech Q&A: Making lost cloud photos accessible once more

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Q: Several years ago, I used the Kodak website to store and share pictures. It's been so long ago that I can't remember my password, but the bigger problem is that the service no longer seems to be available. How can I access my online photos and move them to another photo website?

--Fred Klietz, Brooklyn Park, Minn.

A: The Kodak Gallery ...Read more

Google Chrome passes Internet Explorer as top browser for first time

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SEATTLE -- Microsoft has fallen behind Google in the browser wars.

Google's Chrome Web browser topped Microsoft's Internet Explorer among personal computer users last month for the first time, according to one closely watched measure.

Chrome was the browser of choice last month for 41.7 percent of PC users globally, compared with 41.3 percent ...Read more

Pennsylvania governor, others asks state commission for leniency on Uber fine

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PITTSBURGH -- Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf joined other elected officials in criticizing an unprecedented $11.3 million fine against Uber issued by the state, warning of a "chilling effect" the penalty could have on technology companies and future innovation.

In a letter sent to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission -- which voted 3-2 last ...Read more

Hiring bias study: Resumes with black, white, Hispanic names treated the same

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CHICAGO -- New research on hiring bias found resumes bearing names traditionally held by blacks and Hispanics are just as likely to lead to callbacks and job interviews as those bearing white-sounding names.

The findings, announced last week by the University of Missouri, diverge from the results of a famous study from more than a decade ago ...Read more

ESPN and Vice Media join forces on programming

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LOS ANGELES -- Sports TV behemoth ESPN is going to start hanging out with the cool kids at Vice Media.

The two media companies announced Tuesday that they are joining forces in a deal that will provide each with access to the other's programming.

Vice, which has attracted a strong following among younger media consumers for its edgy ...Read more

Amazon strengthens European fulfillment program for merchants

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SEATTLE -- on Tuesday built another piece of its own version of the European common market, by launching a new service that will handle storage and shipping of wares across the continent for third-party merchants.

Until now, sellers using Amazon's logistics service to distribute products across the European Union could either export ...Read more

McDonald's testing garlic fries in San Francisco area

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CHICAGO -- Fries, with a side of breath mints?

McDonald's said Tuesday it is testing garlic fries in a handful of restaurants, a nod to its efforts to experiment with core menu items and focus more on food quality, freshness and taste.

The "Gilroy Garlic Fries" -- named for Gilroy, Calif., a city famous for its garlic crop -- are offered in ...Read more

Fiat Chrysler, Ford see sales jump as auto industry stays hot

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DETROIT -- Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' April sales were 5.6 percent higher than those seen during the same period a year earlier, and Ford's were up 4 percent, but General Motors posted a 3.5 percent decline as it de-emphasized fleet sales.

GM's retail sales, however, were up 3 percent as the automaker concentrates on more profitable sales to ...Read more

Kmart offers lifetime guarantee on plants, but take a look at fine print

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CHICAGO -- No green thumb? No need to worry, said Kmart, announcing a new lifetime guarantee on certain plants sold at its lawn and garden centers.

Customers who buy a tree, shrub or perennial with a "Plants for Life, Guaranteed" tag can, upon the plant's untimely passing, receive a replacement or store credit if they return the "Guaranteed ...Read more

Mylan profits slump; company appoints new CFO

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PITTSBURGH -- Generic drug giant Mylan saw first-quarter profits skid 75 percent to $13.9 million from $56.6 million in the same period last year as expenses rose.

On a per share basis, earnings fell 77 percent to 3 cents from 13 cents.

On an adjusted basis, earnings per share rose 9 percent to 76 cents, in line with Wall Street estimates. ...Read more

Troy Wolverton: Google is sounding more and more like Microsoft

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Google once famously adopted "don't be evil" as its motto. But the company is now being accused of acting a lot like Microsoft, whose anti-competitive actions gained it the mocking moniker of the "Evil Empire."

European regulators late last month charged Google with abusing its dominant position in smartphone operating systems and announced ...Read more

Trump presidency would prompt US pullback by foreign companies

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WASHINGTON -- Foreign corporations would dramatically scale back their plans to invest in the U.S. if billionaire Donald Trump is elected president, according to a survey conducted in January for global management consulting firm A.T. Kearney.

The election of a populist such as Trump or Vermont Sen. Bernie Saunders would prompt fewer companies ...Read more

Rex Huppke: Let Internet star Blake Vapes help with workplace haters

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If my years of reading workplace advice books have taught me anything, it's that most workplace advice books should be edited down from 300 pages to, at most, a small pamphlet.

It's apropos of the working world, I suppose, that even the best advice gets buried in blah-blah. It's the same reason "quick meetings" wind up taking two hours and "...Read more

Liz Reyer: What to do when little things set you off at work

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Q: Most of the time I'm pretty even-tempered, but some things at work set me off. They always have to do with being called to task for not following rules -- the problem is that the rules are unclear or shifting so that it's hard to keep up with expectations. They're really minor things and I think I'm often overreacting (though my responses so ...Read more

Your Office Coach: Undoing the damage of a toxic work environment

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Q: I recently left a company where the environment was extremely toxic. Management had a group of favorites, and anyone outside the inner circle could quickly become a target. There was absolutely no trust among the staff. Because our behavior was constantly scrutinized, I never dared to voice an opinion about anything.

Fortunately, my new ...Read more

Diane Stafford: Email habits that lose friends at work

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Here's what busy workers don't have time to tolerate:

Any email that fails to include a subject line. People don't go to their inboxes for treasure hunts.

Any email that only says "Hi!" There's too much danger behind that fake friendship.

Any email WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS -- hard to read. Ditto a gray blob of italics or other odd scripts.

...Read more

Balancing Act: Best Mother's Day gift: Paid maternity leave

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When Yalimar Panell gave birth to twin daughters, she felt sore from her Cesarean section, exhausted from running back and forth to the neonatal unit, and oddly grateful that her husband was unemployed and able to help.

Yet, if it wasn't for her employer offering 16 weeks of paid parental leave, Panell says she would have been less grateful and...Read more

Uber sued again over drivers' employment status

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SAN FRANCISCO -- The class action flood gates have opened.

Less than two weeks after Uber Technologies agreed to pay up to $100 million to settle class-action lawsuits in California and Massachusetts in which drivers sought to be reclassified as employees instead of independent contractors, the ride-hailing company has been slapped with two new...Read more

Hulu is developing a cable-like package of channels

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LOS ANGELES -- Hulu is preparing a cable-like digital bundle that would stream feeds of broadcast and cable TV channels, a person familiar with the matter said.

The streaming service, based outside Los Angeles, is the latest media company to get into the so-called "skinny bundle" business, which refers to the idea of creating slimmer TV ...Read more

Small businesses dampen hiring plans as confidence drops

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CHICAGO -- Small-business owners' confidence took a dive in the first part of the year and many say the presidential election is weighing on their minds, according to a survey released Monday by Capital One.

The March national survey of some 400 for-profit small businesses, defined as having less than $10 million in annual revenue, revealed ...Read more