How to Enter the Workforce After 10-Year Absence

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Q: It's an inopportune time, but I have no choice and have to re-enter the workforce after 10 years of absence. I was involved in raising my children because I thought they were far more important than whatever I would be doing at a company. I'm sure there are well-trained nannies, but I wasn't able to leave child rearing up to a stranger who,...Read more

Is Your Career Your Life?

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Q: I have been married for 30 years to the same man. He recently retired from the informational technology field; I have been a successful artist my entire life. I studied art in college and was able to sell my pieces from the very beginning. Art has provided us with an income, but it is more than that for me. It is who I am. My husband wants ...Read more

Talk About Training and Advancement Before Taking the Job

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Q: I've been working as a general laborer at a construction company for two months now. I cold-contacted the company, asking if they needed construction helpers. I was honest about my basic experience and skills. Since being hired, all I've been allowed to do is sweeping, mopping, demolition, heavy lifting, hauling, picking up, putting things ...Read more

Too Intelligent to Need Training?

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Q: I started a job to help the owner get files set up and organized and to eventually assist in business, scheduling, client contact, billing, and anything that needed to be done since he had no other employees. Up until that point, he had done everything on his own -- even things a secretary would handle. I have a very impressive education ...Read more

Profanity Over Co-Worker Being Fired Gets Loyal Co-Worker Fired, Too

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Q: I was just fired for a comment I made on Facebook. One of my co-workers posted that she was fired. All I did was post a response saying "WTF" and that they were crazy to fire her. The next day, I went to work and got fired. I think I did nothing wrong. I posted it to show solidarity for my friend, and I should have the freedom to say ...Read more

Job Searches for Creative Minds in Creative Times

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Q: I have a bachelor's degree in art, and I do many various creative activities, but my portfolio is mostly from school assignments and side jobs in graphic designs I've done for friends. I know the field is filled with people who think they are creative, and I admit that some are cool and talented, but having seen tons of art projects at ...Read more

Networking: The World Is Your Workplace When It Comes to Good Behavior

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Q: I ride my bike to work every day, and I work in a building that houses several large, important companies. The building offers inside garage parking, both first-come, first-served and paid-reserved spots. Some of the bike spots are on a wall where a person must hang the bike. Other spots are on the ground, but all of the bike parking is in ...Read more

Facebook Can Help or Hurt You At Work

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Q: I have always been active on Facebook and know people who've posted crazy stuff that has come back to hurt them. I know of a girl who went out with co-workers and got super drunk at a bar after work. Someone in the group took photos and posted one of doing some obscene things publicly. People at work identified her, showed it around the ...Read more

Capable Versatility Is a Plus. Market It.

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Q: I was revising my resume and a friend commented on my various types of jobs, saying I looked like a "jack of all trades, master of none." I felt like it was an insult covered by a smile. I am smart, versatile and competent, but I've had office jobs that never focused on just one area. In a small office, I had to be good at everything that ...Read more

Concern Over Social Media Privacy

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Q: My boss asked me for my social media passwords. I was too stunned to answer immediately. After I calmed down, I told him I would never post anything against the company, and I would never post anything of which I would be ashamed. He said he knew I wouldn't, but this was going to be a new procedure. I told him I'd like to think about it ...Read more

Boss Lies in Performance Review: Employee Retaliates

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Q: I've been in my current job for 15 years; our current office manager has been with us for 4 or 5. This office manager is truly vindictive and runs to our medical director (who is her friend) whenever she wants backup. The office manager and I recently had a disagreement. When it came time for my annual evaluation, everything was "...Read more

How to Save a Department From a Bad Boss

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Q: An administrative job opened up in my department, but at the time, I loved my position and didn't apply. A woman who is highly intelligent, capable, pleasant to work for, and always able to see the big picture moved on to a far better job. I can't think of enough flattering things to say about her. That's just the kind of boss she was, ...Read more

Conquering Fears of Job and Lifestyle Changes

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Q: I've been near the top in accounting and financial fields, making big salaries and allowing work to rule my life. As a single, independent woman, I did what any man would do -- I worked my way up and put all of myself into my career. I rose fast (I am as competent, efficient, and talented as they come), but once I got there, I started ...Read more

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