Surprise Complaint About Boss Is Risky Even With Proof

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Q: Our regional manager is verbally abusive to my co-worker and me. The difference in the abuse is that the boss says things to my co-worker in front of others in the office, but when she mistreats me, she does it behind closed doors, so there are no witnesses. When my co-worker tried talking to the boss about her abusive behavior, the boss ...Read more

Everyone Does It, but Not at Work

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Q: This problem will sound funny, but it is gross and needs to stop. I work for a very conservative and professional company, so what I'm about to describe is obviously not right. We have groups of auditors at different levels, and we all work in cubicles. Some cubicles house four employees, and some surrounding cubicles have only one person. ...Read more

Injured Worker Uncovers Creative Talent as a Career

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Q: I had a serious accident and permanently injured my back. I had to go on disability, but as many Americans know, no one can live solely on disability. I had back surgery and was in rehabilitation for four years after that. Forget about whether one has insurance. Without a kind, generous and emotionally caring family, which I don't have, ...Read more

Strong Personalities Collide in Casual Company Environment

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Q: I am a hands-on small business owner and need advice. I have an employee who is exceptionally bright, capable, and always innovative. She has worked for me for five years and shown dedication and genius. My problem is that she doesn't get along with certain people and makes her dislike known in an aggressive way. I have never seen her ...Read more

Don't Manipulate Millennials, Just Hire the Good Ones

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Q: There are numerous books on hiring, managing and motivating millennials, but I am not going to read them. I see this generation in action when I shop, go to restaurants or need service at a business. What I see so far are 20-somethings who feel it's OK to finish their personal calls while a customer or client is waiting to be helped. I don'...Read more

Bad Boss -- Good Boss Keeps Workers on Edge

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Q: We work for a man who is two people -- one good, one bad. We don't know who he is from day to day. He says he wants our ideas to improve billing, sales, packaging and the overall process. When he's the good boss, he loves hearing our ideas. When he's not, he shoots down anyone who says anything. When he likes an idea, he changes it to show he...Read more

Beat the HR Screening By Going Direct to Manager

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Q: I got a full-time job at 60 because I looked up the vice president's name and emailed my resume directly to him. I saw a job advertised that was below my skill and experience level, but I wanted to get into the company. I was tired of working freelance and knew that applying online would rule me out, so I found out the manager's name and ...Read more

Preparing to Find Work Over 50

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Q: I am over 50, but people I work with think I look like I'm in my 40s. I have more energy naturally than anyone I know. I am educated and think it's required in this day to keep up on technology. The one thing I do have that's of the old mindset is my work ethic. If I am asked to do something, I do it. I don't spend hours on my cellphone ...Read more

Complaint About Boss Boomerangs

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Q: Frustrated with my new boss who has been with the company for just one month, I filed a formal complaint with our human resources department regarding her lack of communication and her unequal division of work among the employees in our department. The HR mediator was far more sympathetic to my new boss than to me. She would begin to ...Read more

Preparing Oneself in a Corporate Merger

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Q: For more than five years, I've managed a technology department at an international company. The company is merging with another major company and we are being restructured. Two major locations in two states are affected. Some employees have already been assigned new positions in our state, and some positions are being transferred to the ...Read more

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