Stink at Interviews? Try This

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Q: I have an upcoming interview that's critical. I haven't done very well in the past with most interviews, based on the fact that I haven't gotten the jobs, but I didn't especially care about them. This job is different. I really want it, so whatever I am doing wrong, I need to correct.

Here's what I do that I think is right. To prepare for ...Read more

Is a Startup in Your Future?

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Q: My friend and I have talked about forming a company together so we can work at the things we love to do. We have similar degrees, interests and creative talents, yet we have both always been employees at small-to medium-sized companies. Neither of us have financial backgrounds and never wanted to study math or accounting or even business. ...Read more

Do Bad Manners Make a Company Bad

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Q: I want to tell you how the workplace has changed for the worse, and I don't know why this has happened. I worked in mid to senior management for years in IT and got tired of it. I take action when I'm unhappy, so I went back to school to change careers. After graduating and getting a job in my new field of design, I discovered I had made a ...Read more

Company Wants Employee for Free

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Q: I recently moved to Brooklyn and just started my first business-type of job search after graduating with a degree in advertising. Brooklyn is "the" place to live now, so I'd rather not look for a job New York City. It's actually only 25-minute commute to the city, but it will be easier if I don't have to go that far for work.

I got an ...Read more

Starting Over, Same Job, New Owner

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Q: I started a new job as sales associate this last June and went through extensive training to learn about the product. The company's owners and managers were the most wonderful people I have ever worked for. They went out of their way to offer every type of training available to get me up to speed professionally. I got along with everyone --...Read more

State of the Country Affects Worker

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Q: Everyone at work is affected by the controversial presidential campaign, so much so that it's been hard to keep one's mind on work. People say employees shouldn't discuss politics at work, but holding it in doesn't make us feel better. We feel like the country is up for grabs, but our jobs matter to us, no matter how small they are to others....Read more

The Team that Isn't

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Q: I work on the "new development" team in the IT department for a major university. Our department has three teams and three levels of employees in the department -- the CIO to which the three managers report and three teams of 12 IT workers of various types, of which I am one.

Each team has a heavy workload and we have a lot of meetings, ...Read more

Conviction After A+ Military Record Ruins Job Chances

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Q: I served fours years honorably in the military, but I decided to return to civilian life. I lived in Texas, where nearly everyone owns a gun -- and so did I. When I moved to another state, I drove there and kept the gun. On the highway, a driver got aggressive and started racing and hassling me. He wouldn't stop. I didn't want to race, and ...Read more

Workers Trade Tasks Without Telling Boss

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Q: I work with someone in the same area of customer service. There are two of us because of the load. She is really good with talking to customers, while I am really good with responding in writing to written complaints. We were both supposed to share and handle every aspect of the job. What resulted was we ended up switching and she gave me ...Read more

Not All Lying is Bad

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Q: I am in the process of looking for a new job, and I am getting interviews. The trouble is that I have had many interviews and haven't gotten the jobs. I think I blow the interviews by not knowing how to answer everything and by being to honest, but I'm not sure how to respond correctly to many of questions. I've always thought honesty was the...Read more

Body Language Sends Loud Messages

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Q: I just moved to New York without a job, so I'm sending resumes like mad. I have been on several interviews, and so far, I'm not impressed any of the interviewers and their companies. I'm 35, which is not old, but I'm also not a kid.

A 20-something guy couldn't look me in the eyes at all during my interview. He looked down at my resume, and I...Read more

Veterans Know How to Compete and Succeed in the Workplace

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Q: Many articles offer ways to work with the millennials, but there's an important group being forgotten -- ex-military. Transitioning from the military to civilian life can be a culture shock at first, but their potential is outstanding, and HR professionals in the corporate world need to know the many pros as well. Many who enlisted fresh out ...Read more

Want to Own a Business? Here's What it Takes

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Q: I am inundated by emails from people who have started businesses. It's impossible to know who is and isn't successful. I've had a colorful career -- from odd independent jobs to dead-end jobs. I've had no job search guidance and my parents' motto is "do what you have to do." They've had regular jobs all their lives and think of me as their ...Read more

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