Body Language Sends Loud Messages

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Q: I just moved to New York without a job, so I'm sending resumes like mad. I have been on several interviews, and so far, I'm not impressed any of the interviewers and their companies. I'm 35, which is not old, but I'm also not a kid.

A 20-something guy couldn't look me in the eyes at all during my interview. He looked down at my resume, and I...Read more

Veterans Know How to Compete and Succeed in the Workplace

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Q: Many articles offer ways to work with the millennials, but there's an important group being forgotten -- ex-military. Transitioning from the military to civilian life can be a culture shock at first, but their potential is outstanding, and HR professionals in the corporate world need to know the many pros as well. Many who enlisted fresh out ...Read more

Want to Own a Business? Here's What it Takes

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Q: I am inundated by emails from people who have started businesses. It's impossible to know who is and isn't successful. I've had a colorful career -- from odd independent jobs to dead-end jobs. I've had no job search guidance and my parents' motto is "do what you have to do." They've had regular jobs all their lives and think of me as their ...Read more

Short Time in Jobs Lessens Chances for New Ones

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Q: Since being laid off several years ago from a management position, I've taken several lateral jobs where I am overqualified. I viewed my first job after the layoff as temporary from the beginning; it was beneath me, but I accepted it just to have something. I left after three months.

My next job was also a lateral move, but management was ...Read more

Reinventing Oneself After 50: Career Transformation

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Q: Recruiters told me to become an entrepreneur and start my own business when I asked about my chances of getting another job in my late 50s. Not everyone wants to be a business owner. I liked working for someone so I didn't have the headaches of ownership responsibility, but I am still as capable as I was 20 years ago, perhaps more so ...Read more

ADHD Stops Worker From Succeeding

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Q: I was recently diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, though I always knew there was something wrong with me that had been holding me back from my goals. I feel better knowing that it's a physical problem, but I also feel worse knowing that it's permanent. My parents just thought I was flighty or immature and wasn't adept at...Read more

What to Do When a Boss Sucks

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Q: I went through a series of interviews to get hired, and it all seemed perfect. I was looking forward to starting and it was my first real job. The minimum wage jobs I had through college don't count. The boss seemed completely willing to let me run with assignments and come up with creative ways to solve the problems.

Boy, was I wrong. He ...Read more

When Companies Circumvent Labor Laws, Create Unique Ways to Get in

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Q: I was laid off from my job in 2014 when the bottom dropped out of the mining industry, which my company mainly worked for. I previously worked for a different branch of the company in a different city, and most of that work was oil and gas related. The oil and gas market hasn't yet recovered, and many former coworkers are also out of work...Read more

Boss Gets Away With Discriminatory Remarks at Work

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Q: I worked in the accounting department as a bookkeeper for 17 years at the same company and was let go at the age of 55. I obviously knew and performed the job well, so I was unprepared for being let go. I didn't want to file an age discrimination charge; I took the positive approach and put energy into finding another job.

I found a job at a...Read more

Vegan Sharing Views Backfires at Work

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Q: I have eaten meat all my life and have felt fine. Out of curiosity, I tried vegetarianism, but after a couple of months, I felt better than I ever have, especially since I thought I was fine before. I was excited at how good I looked and felt, so naturally I wanted to share it with my co-worker-friends. We have a tight group that works and ...Read more

Becoming the Willing but Not Gleeful Informant

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Q: I'm a server at a privately owned restaurant in a "yuppie" area, so I like our location and the type of customers we have. The owner has three locations with three different location managers. Our restaurant manager is not from the same type of group as the people in this area. She is uneducated, unintelligent, uninformed, unsophisticated ...Read more

Bad Jobs are Stepping Stones to Good Jobs: Stay Positive and Develop a Plan

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Q: People think IT professionals are paid big bucks, but this is not always true. I did not have a big salary, and I worked long, hard, hours. My four-hour-a-day commute made it easy for me to want another job. I got one for more money with a one-half-hour commute each way. Nothing else mattered to me at the time.

After several months at the ...Read more

Branding Oneself is Now a Requirement, Not an Option

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Q: My career in sales has spanned over the same major industry, and I've changed jobs each time to make more money. I am not attached to working in this particular industry, but I'm now considering changing fields because my job requires a lot of physical labor. I have to check product in our warehouses and sometimes bring it to customers when...Read more


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