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Autonomous vehicles will alter cityscapes

DETROIT -- Imagine acres of parking decks converted to parks. Picture a ride-sharing app that summons a car with no driver. Envision many fewer fatal traffic accidents.

Self-driving dump trucks and tractors are already here, but autonomous ...

Ford GT to cost $400,000

DETROIT -- The Ford GT super car will cost about $400,000 when it goes on sale in the second half of 2016.

And the automaker will only make about 250 a year, Dave Pericak, director of Ford Performance, confirmed at the Geneva auto show.

Pericak ...

Cheaper all-electric Volkswagen Golf coming

Volkswagen is rolling out a cheaper edition of its all-electric e-Golf hatchback in an effort to broaden the car's appeal and keep up with the rest of the price-conscious segment.

The new 2015 VW e-Golf Limited Edition, on its way to dealerships ...

Southern states making run for Volvo factory

ATLANTA -- This could go down in economic development circles as Georgia's year of the car.

Georgia and other Southern rivals are angling to land auto plants from not only Jaguar Land Rover but also from Swedish giant Volvo.

Multiple people with...

Chevrolet will unveil a new Malibu in New York

DETROIT -- Chevrolet will show a redesigned 2016 Malibu later this month at the New York Auto Show that will be longer and have more legroom than the current model.

The wheelbase will be four inches longer, which will create more legroom and ...